TURBULENT TIMES with Whitewraithe~ solo show #2

My second solo outing without my dear friend, Northerntruthseeker. I covered mostly current affairs and a variety of esoteric information not widely known.

I’ll be working on another show over the weekend.


4 thoughts on “TURBULENT TIMES with Whitewraithe~ solo show #2

  1. A parable about Amerika 2014…

    Post 9-11 Human Herd Animals: Amerika the Stupid

    Published on Nov 12, 2014

    Whether wild or domestic…
    ALL herd animals see in 2D flat images their eyes in skull spread apart.
    And mass media indoctrinates YOU seeing MOVING FLAT PICTURES a hidden agenda to make YOU see in 2D flat moving images like these herd animals.
    The media blitz began after WWII when Nazi TV was confiscated by the “Allies” who created WWII, to manufacture cheaply so anyone and their dog could afford an indoctrination mind control device TV from 1948 on.
    But to see real wild herd animals in wild turkeys is like seeing wild Amerika in 2014… oui?
    Nations globally KNOW more about the TRUTH of 9-11 Treason than most all Amerika.
    Now WHY is that?
    MA$$ MEDIA indoctrination from the cradle perhaps???

    PS ~ Nice video. Loved the sermon. Thumbs Up. Keep on keeping on.


  2. Hi Ww liked your second solo. Don’t stop. You are bang on with the shooter engineered incident, USA is just like Russia 100+ years ago, constant provoked societal turbulence. On the second attempt USA is going down. 1905/9-11 didn’t cut the mustard but paved the way for the second coming.

    Anyway the Rixon item you’ve blogged about and you mentioned here, jogged my memory. I’ve been anticipating what he describes however I think the “special” weapon is already in place and has been for a very long time. I hope I’m wrong. I wrote about the scenario a few years back.



    • Thanks, and I fully agree with your assessment of the preplanned placement of the nukes.

      I too blogged about this scenario some years back, when it was thought that Chicago could be the next ground zero for a FFA.

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