Updated: ANCIENT BLACK-OPS: The Ghost Warriors

7/21/15 – Watch the documentary from this link – http://watchseries.lt/episode/ancient_black_ops_s1_e4.html

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Germanic Ghost Warrior

The Ghost Warriors, also known as Night Raiders, got their name due to their skills at night raiding. When performing a raid they would paint everything on their body and all their weapons black. This served both to hide them in the dark and to keep any metal weapons from catching any light so as not to give away their positions. The only time an opponent would realise where they where was when they got right into their face and the whites of their eyes could be seen, adding more to the idea that actual spirits were attacking them. Germanic Ghost Warriors were famous for night raids on Roman armies and camps, they got their name as “Ghosts” because their painted bodies and weapons black, so they were virtually invisible. Generally speaking they weren’t fighting in open battles but function as guerrilla fighters disrupting the enemy movements in an area. There were reportedly extremely capable with throw projectiles like Darts and Even Stones, and Roman even reported the Germanic Warriors could Throw a dart or spear as far as a bow could shot and arrow, although there is a reasonable explanation for this, small strands of leather or rope can be used like a small atlas, allowing for darts to be thrown farther. Germanic Warriors were, as a general rule excellent spear fighters. Unlike other warriors, such as the Greeks, who generally used spears in formation fighting, the warriors of Germania used spears is single combat. Rather than straight forward thrusting, the Germans used large swing circular motions, spinning them around their head, while slowly letting the spear slide further down their hand. This gives them the advantage of catching the enemy off guard by allowing the spear to strike further out than than they originally thought. In addition to their spear German warriors carried large oak shields to protect their body. While an effective companion with their spear, it works well with the Germanic short sword, which was basically a slightly larger version of the seax. This sword had a thick back allowing for a sturdier blade, bit also a very fine point, allow for stabs into armor gaps. Because of the blade short length when used the Germanic shield. Their shields were so effective that even the Romans tried to copy their shields. Germanic Warriors were trained at the youngest possible age, similar to Spartans, Samurai, and other warrior cultures. Their clubs were hardened in such away that they could not be cut in half, not at all.


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Ghost Warrior
Weapons Germanic Long sword, Spear, Dart, Double Handed Axe, Framea and Fire hardened club
Origin Germania
Activities Fighting and Raiding
Service 6th-9th century
Gallery Gallery
Battle Status Victorious over Ninja. Defeated by Hashashin. Will fight Thracian, Dacian Warrior, and Celt in four way battle.

Source: http://deadliestfiction.wikia.com/wiki/Germanic_Ghost_Warrior

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