If anyone wants this blog to continue, I must have help……..

Since putting up a donations link I’ve not had one person donate a measly $5.00.

I lost my last job and I cannot give you a reason why.  No one will tell me and I have no idea what or if I did anything wrong.

I’ve probably ruined my reputation with this blog because most likely I’ve been labeled a dissident.  It’s my belief now that companies are being ordered to end my employment.

So, if no one wants to help me stay alive then why should I spend countless hours searching for worthwhile articles or writing my own?  Believe me, I have to find a way to earn a living and I cannot do that on this blog unless people donate.

I apologize that I’m not the most diplomatic person in the world, I tend to tell it like it is which most people do not want to hear.

I’ve put a lot of hard work into one of the most information rich blogs out there regarding the truth of this nation and of the world, but apparently that’s not enough.  Plus since losing my domain readership has suffered poorly.  I needed donations to reinstall the domain.

At the end of November unless things change, I will be deleting the blog with over 2000 articles, attached videos, including links to books that everyone should read and a wealth of knowledge that you will not find elsewhere.

I won’t rant any longer about this issue.  It’s your choice.



5 thoughts on “If anyone wants this blog to continue, I must have help……..

    • BMan, I don’t have a choice.

      If I can’t work it then everyone suffers and I feel very guilty not maintaining my usual standard to the readers.

      But, it’s obvious the outside world is not going to allow me to keep employment.

      With 500 to 1000 readers a day, if everyone donated a $1.00 I could stay afloat and improve the blog, which is what I really want to do.

      At this point, it’s up to fate. So, we’ll see.

      If people appreciate this blog and the information it contains I just hope people will make small donations to help me.

  1. Sorry to hear about that. I wrote a reply some time ago regarding a similar topic in which I mentioned my own experience of having been “black-balled”.
    Enumerating all the details leading up to that development would require far more space than is permitted by space and etiquette. Most people don’t have the time to hear “other people’s problems” especially if doing so requires more than a minute to read about it.

    I for one would not be surprised to learn that you have indeed been targeted. Considering the content and subject matter that you write about, it would be more surprising to me if you didn’t experience any repercussions.
    Unfortunately, the majority of folks out there will be disinclined to accept your “suspicions” without “proof”, and even less inclined to sit still long enough for you to present your case.

    Therefore, the majority, whether they are aware of “the Jewish problem” or not, will react to your pleas mostly with indifference.

    In my case, I am not indifferent to your plight despite the fact that we may disagree on some points. However it just so happens that I am in the same boat. What else do you think would cause me to regard your suspicions seriously?

    The part of this story that distresses me perhaps even more than what shall become of folks like you and me, is that our nation seems unaware that in the future the same fate is likely to happen to many more
    Though a growing fraction of the pubic is increasingly aware that something is drastically afoul with our government , the majority of them have no real idea where the problems originated.

    When a pack of wolves surround a herd of cattle, they will stalk the herd until they can pick off the most vulnerable stragglers.
    Through coordinated effort, the Jewish networks are able to pick off their opponents the same way.
    Ask Richard Nixon. Ask Billy Graham, Ask Marlon Brando, Ask Billy Carter. Ask “Brave Heart”. These are only prominent figures who are deemed newsworthy and who have the kind of profile which allows them to be seen.
    Politicians in general KNOW what opposition to Zionist factions can do to their chances of winning and holding office just as members of the intelligence community know what pursuing Zionist espionage and organized crime can do to their careers.

    If Jewish networking can bring down even the President of the US, then who in the US political scene can avoid their social, political, and personal attacks?

    The reason why these patterns of social and economic assassinations are not commonly realized is because when the “tribe” does a “hit”, they don’t make a public announcement of it. They pursue their prey in silence and dispose of the carcass on the sly.
    Surely you can see the advantage of doing so. Making it known would cripple their ability to continue doing so. By this method they can “pick off” opponents one by one.

    There are lots of ways to accomplish this. A person can become socially ostracized by a campaign of character assassination. But most often, I believe that the most effective and most employed tactic is to either punish them in some monetary fashion or disable them economically.
    They can search for ways to impose fiduciary penalties, to create debts by some means, or “fine” them if you will.
    Otherwise they can block and/or hinder attempts to acquire and obtain employment.

    You can imagine many ways in which this could work.

    For example, if certain “Chosen Ones” happen to occupy the seats of judges or civic officials with various offices, they can bring those forces to bear.
    Their brethren in academia and elsewhere may be in positions to give bad references or ‘put the word out’ on a person.
    People in the health fields, like lawyers, and some other professionals have to answer to different types of boards and committees whose powers often extend across the entire breath of the US. What happens if someone on one of those boards or committees has an ax to grind?

    The main reason why we “little people” don’t experience this kind of thing more often may be because we may never associate or even suspect the cause for some of our “misfortunes”.
    (I’m not saying they would stoop to slicing your tires or burning down your barn, But the principle is the same> They’re more sophisticated than that.)

    Mostly, the majority of us are just too small and unimportant to matter to them. They have bigger fish to fry.

    So if you have indeed been the target of a Jewish hit, then at least you can be proud of the fact that you were at least considered a big enough nuisance, if not a threat to them, to merit some action.

    The plus side to be socially small is that most of what you say and do will simply be brushed aside by folks who have their attention focused on bigger things.
    If a “little person” gets into trouble, he doesn’t have the money and friends necessary to buy himself out of it.
    But the advantage is that he presents a very small target. Smart thieves are unlikely to bother with someone who doesn’t weigh favorably on the risk versus reward scale.

    Good luck to you.
    Maybe I’ll see you on the street somewhere in the coming Mashianic Age and we can perhaps share a cardboard box to escape freezing.
    That’s unless we both wind in a FEMA camp for reeducation.

    Don’t worry. These people won’t bother to rub you out as long as you don’t dip your fingers into their pie. If they haven’t done anything yet, they will probably be content knowing that you remain unemployable.

    The people I am more concerned about in a physical way are the “road rage” kind of lunatics and others who don’t have sense enough to weigh the consequences of their actions. They’re impulsive and liable to do anything over the stupidest issues regardless of cost even to themselves.

    If it’s any consolation to you, I’ve been thinking of retiring also. The longer this drags on and the closer the US gets to an overt totalitarian Marxist regime, the more I think that further complaining about it is in vain. If people aren’t listening or don’t care, they probably deserve what’s up ahead.


    the Nobody Man

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