More on Donations and thank you to those that have……..

CG64_Just_a_note_of_thanks_cardRecent donations are now thankfully and graciously recorded on the DONATIONS PAGE on the MENU.  Thank you, again!

With the moderate amount of readers I still have which is between 500 to 1000 a day, just 10 readers donating $10.00 on a weekly basis would keep me afloat and help me achieve everything I want to accomplish to make this a better blog.  Not to mention that I would not feel guilty spending the time that I do here instead of seeking work in the outside world only to put myself in a situation for another job loss.  I can tell you it’s taken quite a toll on my mental health and self-esteem.  It would on anybody.

I’m not asking for a fortune, just enough to get by for the moment in the precarious situation I am in meaning I cannot afford to care for myself without living with a generous caring parent. 

If the donations keep coming then I can keep this blog going and expand it as I’ve always wanted to do.  As I’ve said there is a wealth of knowledge here that you will find no where else and it’s extremely user friendly.

Today, mom is changing over to high-speed internet and returning to cable after a disastrous experience with DirectTV.  I’ve also got webcam problems which I am attempting to resolve.

Articles and updates are on their way and I will appreciate your patience as always.  

Please consider making a small donation anytime.

Peace and blessed be.

Stay frosty – I’ll be back soon.


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