Gaza death-toll close to 200,000 souls

WW~Notes:  Jim Stone has reported basically the same information that NTS and I were very skeptical of; the number of deaths coming from Israeli and American sources were extremely conservative and untrue.  Below is the latest information on the Gaza tragedy.


Hard Proof Gaza Death Toll was Far Higher Than Admitted

gazabombingDuring the Gaza conflict, I reported that the Gaza death toll had to be right around 200,000 and now that a relief worker from Australia has finally gotten a hold of me after being blocked for months (the contact came through someone else) it is confirmed, My numbers were far more accurate than anything Israel would admit to.

During the war, Israel “prided itself” in how they would drop a small bomb first to warn people a big bomb was coming. According to this relief worker this did not work at all, and the Israelis knew it because Gaza was so crowded there was no place for people to run to after the first small bomb. My own observation also, after watching a lot of videos, is that the first bomb would kill everyone anyway, it was not a small bomb, it was a big bomb followed by an enormous bomb.

Early on, when Gazans were still able to get video out, I found one where the “small bomb” blew out every single window of an apartment building and caused every balcony to fall off, and within a minute the huge bomb came and turned the building to dust. That, in my opinion, is not any sort of attempt to save lives because any bomb that hits the inside of a building, blows every single window out and knocks every single balcony off is a bomb that will kill everyone in the building. People are softer than concrete, that is all there is to it.

Now, this Australian who finally got through to me via a middle man has confirmed what I have said all along – the Israeli account of things is absolutely phoney. When Israel was claiming they only killed 600, this relief worker stated that the death toll was well into the thousands and that it could not possibly have been lower than multiple thousands, far higher than the final admitted to death toll of only a little over 2,000.

He got out of Gaza when the admitted death toll was 600, but based upon what he witnessed, the actual minimum final death toll, and I mean minimum, would have to be between 20,000 and 50,000 and my guess is that it was much higher than that even. Israel never admits to the numbers of fatalities they cause, they usually divide by at least 100. This was true in Jenin, where a man on the ground there that I was in contact with specifically cited incidents where the Israeli soldiers lined up hundreds of people in the streets face down and shot them all. His guess was over 5,000 dead, and with that as a reference for “Israeli math” which ultimately concluded 57 dead in Jenin, one could extrapolate 200,000 deaths in Gaza.

Gaza is such a mess now that we will never know what the real numbers are, but there is one thing you can be certain of, Israel lied, the Israeli controlled Palestinian authorities lied, and the next census in Gaza is going to come up amazingly short.