Grand Jury rules no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson

noindictmentwilsonI am overwhelmingly happy to report this news as I had dreaded the worst.

The crime scene unit and the three autopsies performed on Michael Brown conclusively confirm that Officer Wilson was abused by Brown during his attempted arrest, and that Wilson did everything within the law so as not to take his life.

The prosecutor also stated that it was mainly African-American witnesses that said Brown continued to charge Officer Wilson forcing him to keep firing.

However, CNN reports that the Brown family will file a civil suit against Officer Wilson for the “wrongful” death of their son.

CNN also reported that Officer Wilson will resign from the force due to the threats from the Ferguson community.  This man’s career is basically over at the age of 28.

Although, I believe justice was served in this case, the accused police officer will never be able to escape the events of Aug. 9, 2014 all due to the unfair race relations in this country.

Like I said, if Brown had been white the story wouldn’t have sparked a murmur in the media.  Even the Prosecutor said St. Louis officers were forced to kill many white perpetrators, so – where are their stories?  Why haven’t we heard about them?  The answer is staring you in the face because White Americans no longer matter.


8 thoughts on “Grand Jury rules no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson

  1. I don’t trust any police. Nor do I trust the system. Nor the media which lies continuously trying to brainwash us.

    In this case, it was obvious that the cop was defending himself and I must say that this will take the black movement backwards because they jumped on the wrong donkey. But blacks didn’t just jump. They were told to jump. where. And when.

    Many were just thugs looking for a free TV. Others are reared to believe that all whites hate them and want to kill them, especially white cops. They are brainwashed.

    I am not angry at them, as much as I think they are blithering idiots.

    I am pissed at the ones washing their brains… the Jews.

    All that said, in many, many cases, the cops are but thugs who wantonly kill and ruin lives, breaking the very laws that they kill others over at times. Cops are going too far all over this country. There are far too many people arrested and imprisoned for victim-less crimes.

    I understand not trusting the cops. We have every reason not to and THEY brought it on themselves due to their own criminal activities and brutish, steroid laden superiority complexes.

    But in this case, had a 300 pound MAN come at me as the witnesses and autopsy prove, I would have filled him full of lead, too.

    Just sayin’. And it ain’t because I hate black people.

    I have yet to look at any news and I dread what has been provoked by the Jew since the announcement.

    I know one thing, there better not be any blacks (or anyone else) rampaging around my place. I learned a lesson from Wilson.

    • I could not agree more, BMan, with your assessment of this horrible situation.

      The media mainly in-sighted the black frenzy to retaliate against the establishment, and I was shocked when FOX News even admitted that on national television last night.

      Also, several facts that keep being overlooked are that Mr. Brown was not shot in the back by Officer Wilson (that would be murder), and that he had just robbed a convenience store right before he was killed, not to mention, that he resisted being arrested at every turn. But, the most damaging evidence against Mr. Brown, other than the DNA evidence from three autopsies, were the testimonies by AFRICAN-AMERICAN witnesses that stated unequivocally that Brown charged Officer Wilson on at least two occasions.

      I don’t trust the police forces or the military, either. Mostly, they are a danger to every American, but in this case I believe you had an honest young cop trying to do his job but because he performed his duty and being white he’s been vilified and scapegoated as a “bad” police officer.

      But, it’s not enough that this officer’s career is over and that he’ll be forced to leave the community for his own protection, the blacks would prefer that he be imprisoned or that Michael Brown had achieved his aim of murder.

      • Not that I am surprised, really, but I read Steve Lendman’s recent article on the deal and he falls all over himself blaming the cop and regurgitating the false testimony of Brown’s accomplice (as if a cohort in theft and other illegal activity wouldn’t lie about what happened). One Jew I thought might tell the truth is jumping on the Alex Jones bandwagon. (Gag me with a maggot)

        And basically, the main thrust of the black racists’ proof is the testimony of a punk that was just involved with the giant that stole the cigars. He is now entrusted by the media (and his Daddy, Obama) as the carriers of truth.

        Also notice that the black witnesses that testified that Wilson was just defending himself are forced to hide from the very black crowds incited by Jews.

        None of this is about justice.

        Its all a farce on its face.

  2. Who woulda seen that coming? This verdict is a wonderful way to usher in nation wide looting, riots….and of course, the police state. All that military equipment and a billion rounds of ammo stocked by the DHS….is just itching to be used.

    • Oh, but it’s better then to sacrifice an innocent man’s life and career?

      If the Blacks and the other minorities living in this country choose to act like Michael Brown, and like many others in the recent past, they have to be dealt with for the sake of law and order, otherwise you would be living in total anarchy.

      A police state is unwarranted tyranny against EVERY citizen not just a few sects of society.

      Look at what happened in New Orleans during Katrina. A good majority of the Black population rioted, looted, and killed anything that moved. So what happened – police and the troops moved in stripping everyone and I mean everyone of all firearms – even the rich. Their brutality was aimed at all races not just blacks, but the blacks had caused the problem in the first place and the entire community suffered for “their” misdeeds.

      Haven’t you all realized that when the Blacks and other minorities cause trouble, it affects everyone around them??

      I’m tired of appeasing these people, it’s past time to stand up to them and let them know that they cannot always have their way, which is usually wrong.

      • *I’m tired of appeasing these people*, it’s past time to stand up to them and let them know that they cannot always have their way, which is usually wrong.

        Rofl, what? You ARE one of ‘those people’, you’re a peasant like the rest of the U.S population. It’s almost a double-think is it not? One minute you pretend to be a form of superior over some other group; the next you cry foul when another group dominates and claims superiority over you, like the Elites you whine about on this site.

        If you don’t have to “appease” those people, why on Earth should the Elites “appease” you or treat you with any equality of being? Why should the Elites let you have your way? Why?

      • Misinterpretation. I never have or will say that I am ‘superior’ to any other human being.

        I am not pretending to be something that I am not, but it’s obvious, that you’re here to cause trouble.

        Finally, you’re comparing “apples to oranges,” since the ordinary or in your words ‘peasant’ African Americans and middle-class Caucasians are not in the same class as the Jewish Tribal Elites.

        And really; “having my way”?? Doing the right thing for a moral or ethical reason is not anyone having their way, it’s usually much more severe. Why are we debating this when it’s actually far worse.

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