Pockets of Ferguson, MO. erupt in violence after ‘no indictment’ announcement

Locations of Violence After the Announcement

protestblurbs-ai2html-460Solid red circles: FIRES

Empty red circles: VIOLENCE OR LOOTING

13 businesses were either burned down, set on fire or looted in the aftermath. 

1 As news of the decision spread, protesters surged forward, throwing objects at officers in riot gear. The sound of gunfire could be heard.

2 Police officers used tear gas and smoke to disperse people who were hurling rocks and breaking the windows of parked police cruisers. A vehicle was set on fire.

3 At least a dozen buildings were set on fire around the city, many in the vicinity of Ferguson Market and Liquor, the store Michael Brown was in before he was killed by Officer Wilson.

A Little Caesars Pizza shop was in flames. There were shattered windows at a UMB Bank branch. Thick smoke poured from the busted front entrance of a Walgreens pharmacy. Men stepped in but quickly stepped out, complaining that it was too difficult to see anything because of the smoke. The sound of gunfire occasionally rang out in the distance, and the acidic smell and aftertaste of tear gas filled the air. One man exited the Walgreens store and jokingly asked aloud if anyone wanted cigarettes.

At the intersection of North Florissant Road and Hereford Avenue — “Ferguson, a city since 1894,” reads the sign at the corner — firefighters worked on putting out the Little Caesars blaze, but there were no police or fire officials at Walgreens. The fire inside continued to burn. Spectators drove up to the store, as did news crews. All the while, the pharmacy’s high-pitched security bell echoed, the soundtrack of the evening’s drama.

“Not often you get to see anarchy, huh?” one man taking pictures outside Walgreens said.

WW~Notes: While on a podium Michael Brown’s step-father yelled “BURN IT DOWN!”


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3 thoughts on “Pockets of Ferguson, MO. erupt in violence after ‘no indictment’ announcement

  1. Do you remember the LA riots and the Asian people who owned stores standing on top of the stores with weaponry? Their stores didn’t get burned down.

    Amazing how that works.

    • Absolutely, which is what white Americans should have done all along. But they’re so scared of being called a racist they would rather sacrifice their lives instead of standing up for what is right and just.

      I’ve been watching black anarchy play out across this nation since the Civil Rights Movement and in nearly every case (not all cases) they protest for justice against a criminal(s) of their own race. In other words, it’s okay in their minds to arrest or kill white and other minority criminals, but black criminals should be allowed to run rampant and cause whatever destruction they desire with no consequences.

      Well, I severely disagree with that warped opinion. I know the justice system is completely infiltrated with corruption, but the basic premise is that every American should be judged equally and fairly. It used to be if you did the crime, you do the time.

      So, what we have now is that the tribe robs us blind, while the blacks and other minorities commit most of the other crimes and destroy the nation’s infrastructure.

      Isn’t America great.

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