UPDATE: The Rosetta Mission

Rosetta Mission Update | The Rocky Comet

I have a lot of subjects I am interested in that I seldom write about here, but I wanted to share the following because at some point, this will become significant in our lives.

I’ve been interested in the Electric Universe theory for quite a while and have followed their videos (The Thunderbolts Project) for the best updates. The video below is the first in a series of Rosetta Mission updates which focus on the European Space Agency’s project to photograph comet 67/P. Their predictions pertaining to structure and physical l characteristics of comets and asteroids in deep space (and their origins) turn the standard theory upside down. The standard theory predicts a “dirty snowball” but the description of comet 67/P is “dry as hell”. Also, the structure is, as predicted, more reminiscent of plasma or electric arc strikes.

Actually, this theory turns the entire science on it head. No black holes, no dark matter (which are simply ways to bullshit what they really don’t understand). With the Electric Universe theory, none of that garbage is necessary. The understanding of the formation of the universe, even what we understand about gravity and its much lesser significance in how planets are formed (or a universe, for that matter) are all different than what we learned in school.

Rosetta Mission Update | The Rocky Comet

Published on Nov 25, 2014

This is first in a series of Rosetta Mission Updates with Wal Thornhill. In this brief video, Wal offers a preliminary assessment of the Rosetta Mission to Comet 67P. Look for timely updates to follow.

If you are unfamiliar with this stuff, you can get the fastest explanation in the following documentary:

I don’t know if NTS will read this, but I am interested in his take and how this might coincide (or possibly negate the theory about manned space flight mission to the moon)… not that the Rosetta Mission is manned.

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One thought on “UPDATE: The Rosetta Mission

  1. Most everything promoted by the so-called “scientists” at NASA, major Universities, is pure disinformation. Last evening on the supreme disinfo radio show, Coast to Coast, George Norry had a guy with major credentials from NASA as a guest. First off, his entire rant was from a 100% athiest viewpoint, talking down to us ignoramus drones. He kept referring to the “Big Bang theory” as if this was written in stone; George asked him to explain the theory in, since he was an “expert.” The clown never said anything of merit, except that the universe, which suddenly happened from a pinprick size something, is expanding, and all this was of course billions upon billions of years ago. He finally added that “we don’t yet understand all the details!”

    This kind of never ending nonsense clearly shows the whole thing is a stupid game of words, and phrases so beyond common sense, that people assume the scientists, in their vast knowledge must know.

    There are thousands of highly paid “scientists, professors, consultants, who have learned to talk “newspeak”; they ignore what conscience they might have, because the MONEY is damn good, and it works. It is also classic “the Big Lie” technique, described in classic detail by Adolh Hitler so well, in Mein Kamph.

    One of the truly great minds in science, and technology was Nicola Tesla, who did not BS, or posture with grandiose words, and mathematical symbols on a chalkboard. He produced many inventions that changed the world forever.
    Tesla is on record, back in the 1930’s, saying the jew fraud, Albert Einstein, nothing more than a bushy haired crank, who drew equations on a chalkboard nobody could understand, or prove.

    College professors praise Einstein to the sky to this day, although the historical record proves 100% he was a liar, plagiarist, taking other scientists work, and publishing it as his own. MLKing, known Communist agent, fraud, liar, pervert, did the same exact thing, and was granted “Sainthood” by the media and government.

    John M

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