Glaring Jewpocrisy: The Obvious Deceitfulness of the Jewish Agenda

Thought provoking article by B’Man’s Revolt on Israel’s refusal to diversify as they expect every other country to do so. What’s fair about that? WW~

B'Man's Revolt

blacks in israel

To me it is obvious, anyway, but not to everyone.

John Friend monitors the Israeli Jewish rags for me, so I don’t have to (thank you, Sir). But it is illuminating because many times these rags tell some truths that you will never see here in America.

One of the major Jewpocrisies they practice is the push for multiculturalism in America and the opposite monoculturalism they push in Israel. Really, its all but a play on words, because the insinuation is that multi-culturalism is accepting each culture as their own and learning to celebrate the differences between us, while the real intent is to blend us all into some brown, nondescript race. All the while the Jews keep their “racial integrity” (as if there is such a thing).


You see how that works, right? The Jewpocrites are pushing the exact opposite here in America than what they are doing in…

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