Us Jew Wise are our biggest stumbling block



“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”…… or whatever exactly that quote said…….

WHAT A CROCK OF BULL that phrase is.

We’ve all heard, read and said it countless times. I’ve ignorantly said it, however like so many classic phrases for a very long time I’ve thought it was incomplete. Its like the well known classic “ignorance is bliss”.  It should be “ignorance is bliss until it prematurely kills you”. Much closer to the real meaning of that phrase don’t you think?

The first phrase should read something like “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it because those seeking history rarely mention that the jews are psychopaths and intentionally force our history to repeat”. Not quite as catchy as the original but much closer to the real meaning of that phrase don’t you think?

So why is it exactly the REAL meaning of the “doomed to repeat history” phrase is ultimately lost?

The problem lies solely in the lap of the so called JEW WISE community and you really do deserve the accusation and responsibility.

When you embark on becoming JEW WISE you rarely if ever realize that is exactly what you are embarking upon. You’re basically just a person who doesn’t buy what you have been told, things don’t add up, you have countless unanswered questions, maybe someone points you in the correct direction along the way, what you’re seeing is starting to piss you off, the world appears to be run by a bunch of true psychopaths…. whatever the reason is you actively start looking. You go down many wrong roads purposely placed in front of you to go down, we’ve all been through it. It’s the Illuminati, it’s the reptiles, it’s the Jesuits, it’s the global elite bankers, its us for allowing this to happen, it’s the masons, it’s the zionists…. but you are a strong minded person with diligence to spare and finally….. it’s the JEWS.

Target found.

It’s the JEWS.

Now it all makes sense.

Except for the realization these people are LITERALLY psychopathic because that will never make sense to us sane people.

So now you are jew wise whether you like it or not and you can’t un-see it.  What you should be realizing at this point is you are part of a sizable global group, a group that is growing everyday. A group also with a long history. This is what I and others call the JEW WISE community. You’ve nailed who the psycho’s are.

Now when you research the EVIDENCE just falls in your lap because you know where to look. It’s like a mountain crushing down on you there is so much provable “non-corrupt” court of law evidence you couldn’t possibly wade though all of it and you couldn’t possibly retain every detail. It’s also hard to stomach much of it because it’s extremely ugly and sickening, even heart breaking. Certainly angering. It should be angering to you, actually, MUST BE ANGERING. How can it not be ???

But above I slapped the JEW WISE in the face and said you deserve it. Aren’t JEW WISE the “special forces” of the truth seekers? Aren’t we a lot more informed and possibly a lot smarter than the brain dead sheeple masses?  Maybe. Maybe you’re not quite as smart and informed as you think you are.

Here’s the two main problems…. and they are very BIG problems:

First is when you become jew wise it’s almost like an addiction. Finally, FINALLY you’ve essentially figured out what the hell is going on in this insane world. You can make some real sense of it once and for all. You read everything you can, watch countless you-tube videos, communicate with others in this community, post comments on jew wise blogs, possibly start a website yourself in an attempt to make others aware, possibly start prepping, possibly train for a more formidable resistance.

(Problem  >  screw around  >  can’t find the solution).

Second (and this is the bigger problem of the two by a long shot) is you didn’t take the psychopathic realization seriously at all because you have been desensitized to the real meaning of the word. If you took the psychopathic realization seriously if would be plainly obvious there is only ONE real way to deal with a true psychopath.

(Problem  >  solution).

The first point is a good thing though isn’t it?

Sure it is, at least your now awake, but your not yet finished with your growth and awakening and therefore your efforts to properly inform others. You haven’t learned one of the ultimate lessons of history and why we repeat it.

What the vast majority of you did is unintentionally turn this new found pursuit into a form of time consuming entertainment for yourself. If we’re honest it’s even become of form of distraction for ourselves from the insanity. How ironic, becoming jew wise can and usually does easily turn into entertainment and distraction.  Come on, be honest, you know exactly what I mean by that, no need to debate it.

And how does that happen exactly?

The main lesson you jew wise HAVE NOT LEARNED:


You don’t quickly cut through the bullshit and get to the damned bottom line point of just about anything. You like to hear yourselves speak. You like to debate. You like to squabble over the finest of ultimately non-essential details.

I’ll prove it to you with the “doomed to repeat history” notion.

Eventually as a jew wise person you stumble across the information that the jewish community have been kicked out of over a hundred countries, or over a hundred times from a very long list of countries for a very long period of history.

I’m not a betting man but a bet I would take is it probably goes back a hell of a lot longer than 250 AD so it’s possibly several hundred times and possibly many more thousands of years back than most of us will ever know. Yeah yeah, we all know they have not called themselves JEWS the entire time, we don’t need to hear your little jew wise historical corrections of what they called themselves throughout history. We both know EXACTLY who we are talking about at any time period of history no matter what they called themselves. Their ACTIONS always give them away. You can see their psychopathic pattern through all of history. Get to the damned point remember? What is the bottom line?

Okay, so once you know that various goyim communities throughout the ages in an attempt to survive have “dealt with” these psychopathic jews you should have observed what methods have been taken to try and deal with them.

Some countries physically kicked them out best they could. Some rounded them up temporarily while trying to deport them as far away as possible, others  like Russia gave them 20 % !!!  of their country and even built them villages…. (we are so sick of your behavior you can have this much of our land, we will even build you villages… just stay away from us you psycho’s !!)  Pale of settlements. We all know the jews took revenge for the Russians move eventually and killed off millions of them under the most brutal of governmental control. Should make you realize the origin of the phrase “beyond the pale”. Should also bring new meaning to it too. Some countries tried violence against the deserving jews, some allowed them to remain in their country but passed very specific laws not allowing a jew to be in any position of influence. Who would want a psycho in a power position?? A pitifully small handful of courageous holdout countries are still trying today. There were more methods taken but you know all that. No longer any need to detail it for other jew wise.

More importantly you should by now have realized NONE of the methods taken have ultimately worked. Read that sentence again and let it sink in real deep. Not one method ultimately worked. Yes, that is the more important thing to realize so far in this essay and your development, but there are more realizations to come…

Sometimes you just gotta form a gang.

The jews are ultimately nothing more than an extremely cohesive, extremely organized, extremely ruthless and brutally violent crime gang when we cut through all the crap. A GANG of psychopaths….. LITERALLY. Its that’s simple. Now that’s truly terrifying.

Read the short paragraph immediately above over and over and over. Read it s-l-o-w-e-r each time until you FINALLY get it.

So….. we gotta form a BIGGER gang….. and beat em down.

This is a numbers game. We have always out massively numbered them and we all know this is why they spend tremendous efforts to divide us with every type of division program they can dream up.  It’s self evident than that there is no more necessary and noble rallying point for all goyim to coalesce around than the complete elimination of the jews and their protectors. You simply cannot rehabilitate a true psycho and its time to face the effects of allowing them to stay on our planet. We’re way beyond a little slow to realize this.

The most important realization:

There is only ONE method that has not been taken to deal with the jews and you should have realized this by now from your historical research, but you obviously have not.

Enough of us goyim around the entire planet ultimately have no choice but to go after these insane psychopathic jews with extreme violence and kill every damned one of them off including their non-jewish psycho minions and protectors. It’s the ONLY way this insanity will begin to end. This method HAS NOT been done EVER throughout our planets history.


It comes down to US or THEM. 

Us SANE vs them PSYCHOPATHS.  Pretty simple dividing line to understand because everyone knows what a REAL psychopath is.

Now I don’t want to hear your jew wise garbage of “OK smart ass, how do you propose we accomplish this feat”, or “OK hotshot, go kill some jews”.  “So just how many of us do you think we need to get it done”? I’ve heard it all.

The point is YOU MUST FIRST COME TO THE REALIZATION THIS IS THE ONLY OPTION LEFT OPEN TO US. There is no other. It’s all been tried, it’s all been debated to death…. our death actually. You want to build our plan around a past failed attempt? Really? If you have not FINALLY realized this is our only option you ultimately haven’t learned a damned thing about history and you most certainly cannot truly call yourself jew wise or every one of you jew wise would have written this essay by now. You would be saying the same thing on all your blog posts.

Start with this realization or we will NEVER accomplish the necessary goal for humanities survival. Face the position we have been forced into. Face the final realization you have no choice but to face…. and quickly.

Six plus billion people is a lot of potential brain power. Have no doubt of our ability to figure out how to do it. That is not the biggest stumbling block. The biggest stumbling block is accepting our total lack of option. That starts with the jew wise themselves accepting we can no longer allow psychopaths to live. YOU, yes YOU jew wise are the biggest stumbling block. You’re the ones holding this back, you’re the ones screwing up all our efforts.

No one said this will be easy, no one said this will be with little to no risk, no one said you are not going to get blood on your hands, no one said you are not going to have to do ugly things, no one unless a fool said this was going to be legal. No one said others are going to fight this war for you.

Whether you like it or not us jew wise are LEADERS.  But here’s the problem, YOU SUCK AT IT.

More to come….. if you can handle it.


Who am I ?

A very pissed off goyim who’s more jew wise than you.

A sane person who has not forgotten how dangerous a true psychopath is and what must be done with them.

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  1. The jews have already created a machine/serve a machine that counterfeits the human mind. Google gang stalking and electronic harassment. There are many fake accounts put there as these guys are grade A criminals; but they have already replicated mass synthetic consciousness designed to make humans slaves and cut them off from God. No joke.

    As for the jewish banksters and their jewish brethren manipulating and deceiving others’, well, the middle-class jews are more accessible and have more power than the orthodox ones on welfare, so kicking/assembling against these unGodly middle class jews is the way to go, as well as waking other non-jews up as to the shared enemy of God and the human race.

  2. Well this writer certainly knows what’s going on.

    and very funny BMan !! Even potato sticks are smarter than sheeple.

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