UPDATED!!!! A treat for readers and visitors to Pragmatic Witness – 5 books every concerned citizen should read

Books on Generic Tablet Computer - Digital Library ConceptWW~Notes:  Thanks to my unofficial source in the intelligence community I have been provided with five .pdf files that are not in the mainstream.  I urge everyone to study these files to further understand the state of the world. 

CIA – Book Of Dirty Tricks[Team Nanban][TPB]

Dark Alliance_ The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion – Gary Webb(1)

Flow – Psychology of Optimal Experience. Csikszentmihalyi

Howard Bloom – The Lucifer Principle


Postscript from RR’s secretary in France –
Good eve Mlle. Whitewraithe;

RR gave those books to share with Your allies and readers as You wish.

The important thing is to get it to people so they can learn and be educated.

We did what we did to leave it for posterity and nothing more. We made a mistake getting involved with the Truther Movement and Alternative News that took us from our course being flooded by them with inquiries and more.

That will done differently on the new website and there will be no comments space nor contact page. We do not desire contact with them and the Domain is paid years ahead to be left and perhaps updated for the future that will have many seeking answers and what they diss now will be sought when the hand of the fates falls on them all.

When the website goes into effect 2015, we will remove ourselves and there will be NO contact point left. The door closes and disappears.

To answer Your question, I will give You something about RR to watch and consider…

You know his life changed after the Karen Silkwood case in 1979.

All the people on the Silkwood team were blacklisted from the nuclear industry, and pursued for years by Kerr-McGee whose main crime was black marketing nuclear material to nations via MI6/CIA/Mossad to spread nuclear armaments. The Silkwood case effectively closed the nuclear industry in America where Three Mile Island did not.

Two men on the Silkwood team died after the case and it was murder.

RR went on to become an activist against nukes like Rocky Flats in Colorado.

He was pursued and this led to his martial arts teachers, and his two cousins were Green Berets and SEALS in Vietnam respectively. They saw the thug attacks of Kerr McGee and gave RR warcraft like XXXXXXX did with him… finally he left the USA in flight and disappeared and this part was NOT given to Alternative News goons…

It was a five year contract. New name there. The REAL expendables. As I write they are in at least 6 hot spots the media will never see or report.

This was part of RR’s French connection past his allies and friends and one teacher he had in Paris.

Still after it, he was found and set up and his IDOC times. His enemies did not what they had created and he survived it all and was seen as asset by agencies when he left USA in 1992 after the last Bush Sr. crime at Ruby Ridge.

RR missed all the Clinton years to 1999 in the United States. He was in places all over globally. His adopted mother XXXX had long opened Japanese ties for him in one sect of the Ninja also seeing him pursued by Kerr-McGee.

In essence, there is the Military and Civilian Sector, and Intel is either the office personnel and actual field operatives.

His work in music was often a useful stratagem for other activities.

Most people think of UK MI5/MI6 of FBI/CIA and always KGB and Mossad now. But it’s far more complex that that and even US Secret Service is not considered Intel out of the 17 agencies in America.

Enjoy the video. It’s quite accurate and informative.

You’ll know more about RR than all the Alternative News characters that crossed paths in their folly and deception.

Take care and have a nice Holiday Season.