BREAKING: The Unofficial Truth about James Holmes and the Aurora, CO False Flag

WW~Notes:  This report was forwarded to me 12/19/14 from RR’s secretary in France.

Good evening Mlle. Whitewraithe;
RR said to forward this report to You and said You’d understand the arcane meanings and import he’s getting across.
He was summoned to Denver and had a long haul to Rapid City to Denver flight and quick run to Lincoln St. downtown at US Secret Service field office for conference concerning Aurora and James Holmes again.
He gives the Year ahead for 2015 from the Elites’ view as they will conduct events like this 2014 Year of the Yang energy Wood Horse the Trojan Horse year as it has been that he said it would be in 2013.
Pray for the family of Holmes who is innocent and his family under fire.
A great tragedy. RIP to the many victims of this false flag event in 2012.

Denver and James Holmes today and 2015

Good Evening;

It’s after hours in freezing Denver and conferences concerning James Holmes’ fate hang in the balance and I have fought long to put the truth out about the Aurora incident false flag.

I had to drive 405 miles from Wyoming and the links below are part WHY.

It’s not over and the city wants a memorial there for the victims, and many want to murder Holmes who was abducted and drugged on Scopolamine when he was found there stoned out of his mind and his place had been rigged with explosives and weapons that he did not even know how to use much less a close quarters kill zone taking out 72 people with a semi auto AR-15 and a .40 calibre Glock that sets out this was Homeland Security Gestapo that did this, and the fact the area was crawling with DHS thugs dressed as Denver cops on the night of July 20th, 2012.

Holmes was set up to silence his father over criminal DARPA and other activities in Court testimony, and now they are pleading for their son’s life to be ridiculed and insulted all over the comments section in the Denver Post.

This is Mob Rule that is being instigated like other false flags in the United States.

This was what effectively killed my old website after that call I got coming back from Summer NAMM in Nashville coming back out west when I was called by a former classmate in the US Secret Service who called Doc to contact me and said a critical false flag had happened and he wanted help from someone not in the area he could trust and see it all go down and go through it and get the shards and shrapnel for positive ID on weapons and ballistics, which we did.

It was NOT all shot up to ruin like the mass media said. The “witnesses” were paid actors groomed to boo-hoo and talk shit to the cameras over and over after midnight that night.

About like the fraud Sandy Hook was later.

They have kept James Holmes well drugged and clouded whether they destroy him with MK trauma or execution and kill him that the public is screaming about all stirred up.

NO single man with a semi-auto of any kind can squeeze off rounds that fast to take out 72 people in literal seconds moving from theatre to theatre in that building like a strip mall.

That was a four man death crew from DHS and likely tied to Blackwater/Xe thuggery back from Iraq and practice in mass murder on the little brown people there using high tech.

See the parent’s grieved and brown-hearted letter and You know they are sincere and destroyed as the Elites wanted the father silenced and using his son as pawn to keep his mouth shut.

It’s been a long day and night and my Diplomatic Immunity was re-enacted by the US and France as result, but my LinkedIn account was pulled and shut down in the public sector.

Faceless again.

There are inter-agency wars and it’s not over and damage control is going to be a hidden war with strange elements there on the sidelines watching as referees of the game in Interpol and the Legion. This is not new. As I write I can tell You offhand that the Legion is in 6 hot spots globally that will never see the news nor alternative media either.

2015… WHAT will it be this year?

This last year was the Yang Energy Wood element Horse meaning the Trojan Horse and has it not been as I said in 2013 what was going to go down?

According to the Chinese astrological Years and their soothsayers…

WW~Notes: Check out the arcane meanings of the five Chinese Elemental Energies before reading further – and remember the information below is being followed by the Elites.  But, in order to understand “them” you have to comprehend and understand what “they” believe.

Feb. 19, 2015 will be the first day of a year of the Sheep/Goat.

2015 is the Yin Energy Wood element year of the Goat as in Judas Goat and Baphomet Goat of Mendes. It will be more subtle than 2014. Ranking the eighth position of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac, Sheep (Ram or Goat) represents solidarity, harmony and calmness.

Like the rabbit, the sheep/goat are also a kind of docile animals.

They have low combat effectiveness and ask for nothing but live with the green grass peacefully. So, they are usually attacked by other animals. In the flock, they observe the discipline of the leader sheep well and hold the leader in the greatest esteem.

The sheep/goat are mild and close with the human. Especially in the Middle East, the people rely on the sheep/goat to survive greatly. The sheep/goat can coexist with the humans peacefully and migrate with them on grassland. So they have remarkable endurance and assiduous spirit. These are also the characters of the people born in the year of the sheep/goat.

Besides, the sheep/goat people have a strong vitality. There is an iron will and enterprising spirit underlying their soft and fluffy façade. When dealing with tasks, they are not impulsive but always considerate, analyze carefully and complete satisfactorily. In interpersonal relationships, as they are gentle and cultivated, they are liked by others. In terms of business, they are always wonderful hands. But, things can be made terrible because of their strong heart.

The people under the sheep/goat sign are most flexible and have bright body. The men may look sissy, while, the women are a devilish charm to the opposite sex, as they are mostly beautiful, plump, clear in skin and slim in waist.

The Sheep/Goat people born in the morning are passive, conservative, and lack the ability of independence. The advantage is reliable.

They will not handle things proactively but only step forward when others press them.

So, they are not fit to be directors. The women usually remain in their proper sphere.

They are conservative and reliable, centering their lives on the family. They are fond of studying cooking, flower-arranging, decoration and usually handle the home affairs well.

The Sheep/Goat people born at noon are irritable and unstable in character. Once there are small achievements, they will get over excited.

While meeting small setbacks, they will become seriously upset. So, there are always ups and downs for their fortune.

Like the Sheep people born in the morning, those who born during the night are conservative.

They are not fit for pioneering works.

They Work hard in a large company or in the executive branch of the government step by step to be promoted.

As they are unskilled in social intercourse, keeping a fixed post instead of changing jobs frequently for their better.

For the Sheep/Goat people, 2015 which is the year of the Sheep is their Benming Nian (one’s year of birth considered in relation to the Twelve Terrestrial Branches).

In Chinese culture, it is said that people in Benming Nian are easy to offend Tai Sui who is the legendary God in charge of people’s fortune. So, the fortune for the Sheep may fluctuate in 2015 in all aspects.

Once they have any new ideas or plans, they won’t be in dread of the negative influence of Benming Nian. Just carry them out boldly.

They may obtain unexpected harvest.

Disputes and troubles are unavoidable for the Sheep/Goat in this year, reminding themselves to face them rationally and tolerantly to avoid harm.

Wealth: There will be ups-and-downs in terms of wealth for the Sheep people in 2015.
They’ll  manage your money properly as there may be much unexpected spending.
Businessmen and investors will learn to control the risk well, grasp the market rules, and listen more from professional persons instead of acting arbitrarily.

Career: There are many uncertainties for the Sheep/Goat people in the sheep/goat year.  So, although they have many new conceptions and ideas, they won’t carry them out immediately unless they have made a comprehensive plan. Or they will encounter unexpected blocks which disrupt their plan greatly. Beware of the villains and never seek the limelight excessively.

Also, for yourselves, try to be modest even though you get good marks in order to avoid being envied or framed by others.

Relationships: Great changes will happen in relationships for the Sheep/Goat people in 2015. Singles may find a suitable match, people in love may say good-bye with each other and couples may live apart or get divorces…All these changes will test their emotions more than usual. They will maintain carefully and communicate with each other more. Believing that their emotions and life will return to normal soon. NOT.

Health: Physical conditions for the Sheep/Goat people this year is less optimistic. They are easy to encounter accidental injuries such as getting injured by a fall, incised wound or difficult labour. So they will care more about their health and take extra security precautions.

Pregnant women should nourish the fetus well and carefully but won’t thus have countless abortions.

For the drivers, they will pay more attention to the trafficking safety and never ignore the risk for seeking a moment for a happiness quick fix.