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just_a_note_to_say_blue_feather_pen_card-rc9460a9e99d44a8fbe51669a42a06677_xvuai_8byvr_512Hello, everyone,

I don’t how to begin to write this post except to just let the thoughts and words flow.

About a month ago, I attempted to explain that I required donations to keep operating the blog, (meaning spending the time necessary to update it,) and to do major updates like re-acquiring my domain PRAGMATIC WITNESS, or, I would be forced to delete the blog. 

Donations have come in and I’ve recorded them on the menu link above, however, without employment I’ve had to use the funds to just survive using the money for personal expenses, prescription medication, fuel, and other expenses – even food.

Since I’m nearly 99% positive that I’ve been blacklisted by DHS or the federal government not being able to keep a regular job due to the politically incorrect content of this blog; I’m taking matters into my own hands while I still can.  I say “screw them” as freedom of speech has not been completely outlawed at this moment.

While I have the extra time during the holidays I’m preparing to re-open a business I had over 20 years ago, plus selling high-end vintage, professional clothing and accessories on EBAY.  I’m still applying for jobs online but it’s going nowhere.  The internet is the absolute perfect area to discriminate against anyone.

But, also, to these many employment problems that I cannot seem to resolve, there has been a total breakdown within our family unit and I am no longer able to see my grandsons because my daughter and I have a difference of opinion on the way these children should be nutritionally nourished.  She’s placed them on this fad gluten-free diet and I believe it’s causing irreparable harm since neither child has an allergy to wheat or has Celiac Disease.  The children are 6 and 4. 

Monsanto has caused this problem because they’re spraying the crops with Roundup before harvesting which makes the wheat toxic, but my stupid daughter refuses to investigate the situation.  As a grandparent I have no rights to even report the problem to the authorities as to the harm I believe she’s doing to my grandsons.  Their losing weight, tired all the time, suffering from lethargy, sleep problems, and I believe their growth will eventually be stunted, not to mention both children are extremely intelligent and have high I.Q’s, which will no doubt be impaired.    

I’ve taken care of these children since they came into the world because of my availability due to lack of work, and being close by.  The oldest grandson and I had a very special bond that brought so much happiness to my rather unfulfilled, unhappy existence.  Due to this event, I’m suffering a type of depression I’ve never dealt with, especially when you go to bed and cry yourself to sleep every night.  I haven’t seen the little guys in a month and I miss them desperately, nor will I see them on Christmas this year for the first time in their lives.  I feel like I’m sitting in a prison cell waiting for a death sentence.

Right now, I’m attempting to lead somewhat of a normal life by at least taking care of myself, like eating, keeping clean….you know, the usual while fighting this exhausting depression feeling like I’ve suffered two deaths in my family. 

I’ve heard from my unofficial source in the intelligence community and will be posting some unknown in the mainstream news from him.

With working on establishing an independent living I’ll do the best I can on keeping the blog updated.  Right now, more small donations would be greatly appreciated.  I have all of $23.00 in my checking account and that is the honest truth. 

I wish I had happier news to report, but I’m losing hope that I’ll ever be happy, even moderately.  Maybe the truth of the world and fighting this evil U.S. government has taken its toll and changed me more than I ever thought possible.  Thankfully, I still have a good soul and wish no harm or malice to anyone.

Have a safe and warm Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in 2015.  


5 thoughts on “Personal Note from Whitewraithe

  1. Hey you… You know where I stand when it comes to your daughter and her abhorrent attitude and absolute hatred of you…. It is especially troubling considering it is Christmas time and this is the time of year that you would dearly have your grandchildren there….

    But remember that she is using those innocent children as “weapons” against yourself figuring that eventually you would give in to her tyranny… I am glad that you and your mother have stood your grounds and not given into her evil ways…

    Have a safe and wonderful Christmas, and you know where to reach me when you need a logical and stable voice of reason to talk to…

    Your friend in Jewish occupied Canada


  2. Merry Christmas, Whitewraithe. Having a personal understanding of such heart ache on Christmas, I know it is the worst time to be apart from the ones you love. But Christmas is also the one time of year that “miracles” can happen. I hope and pray that you get time with your grand sons AND your daughter. If only for Christmas, but my hope is that you can reconcile with her and work things out for the boys.

    • Thanks, BMan for your kind thoughts.

      However, I can assure you that there will be no reconciliation with my daughter. There are past years of hurt and pain between us before this happened and basically, I’ve disowned her for my own protection. It’s hard to believe this child came from my loins. She’s one of the worst people I’ve ever known and that’s pretty terrible for a parent to admit. I feel pity for my grandsons because she’ll ruin them too. I’m not celebrating Christmas this year, maybe never again. It means nothing to me.

      • I have one child, a 10 year old girl. She is the light of my life, so I cannot, even for a second, begin to understand where you are coming from. On the other hand, my Dad gave me up and has had virtually nothing to do with me since I was 6. If it weren’t for my Grandmother (his mother), I don’t think I would have made it to adulthood.

        I’m sorry you are going through all of this. Truly.

      • When my daughter was 10 years old she also was the light of my life. I never dreamed that things would turn out the way they have. I raised her in a decent, Christian home and I was a doting, loving mother who did anything for her.

        But, at the age of 14 when puberty hit she decided to take a different path; drugs, alcohol, liaisons with any boy that would pay attention to her. She turned into a shrew, literally. At the time, I was very ill with this chronic pain problem I’ve endured all my adult life so it was difficult to reign her in at times and just say NO.

        Well, it never ended. She is now 32, self-absorbed, selfish, and controlling; she is the classic narcissist, which is why this last break occurred between us. For her, there is no room for constructive criticism, or compromise. If something isn’t accepted her way by the family, then we all are her enemy.

        My oldest grandson the most loving, compassionate of the two boys is scared to death of her. But she is in complete denial about it.

        I would not wish this on my worst enemy and especially a friend. I hope you never have to suffer this kind of grievous situation with your own daughter.

        She was my only child and she is lost to me.

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