A Pictorial History Of The World’s Governments

WW~Notes: If this incredibly, researched article along with the images doesn’t make you just a bit sick in your stomach, then rock-on with Jewish America. I thought the images were absolutely disgusting just seeing how inundated the U.S. government is with Jews. How can Americans still think they care, or represent us. The only thing Washington represents is its Jewish interests. Also check out THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (LINK) in the first paragraph.


Due to the overwhelming popularity of A Pictorial History Of The United States Government (LINK) I thought it prudent to present a pictorial and historical escapade into the infection of the rest of the world by this tiny but powerful bloodline minority. For until we can see, all of our cultures and heritages shall continue to be perverted and uniformly eroded as planned and foretold for centuries.

Please note that this more advanced essay is an integral part to the comprehension of my upcoming multi-part series on the founding of the United States and its Constitution – the Masonic origins of America – and why the fervent desire to build and support Israel (Zionsim) at all costs is so prevalent in our collective set of world leaders. Today’s presentation includes photos, quotes, and my own commentary to help put the puzzle pieces of the past together in their…

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