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Why are we still celebrating a Christian holiday and tradition known to be pagan? Also, comments on the state of the country.



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  1. ….with respect to the date, Dec. 25, it is likely that this date was implemented during Constantine’s reign in attempt to consolidate many of the believers of Messiah in with the multitudes of paganistic heathen which Constantine is credited in subjugating, the heathen being enamoured to a god of revelry who is customarily honoured during the winter solstice

    the universal church, or church of idolatry, does seek to authenticate the ancient placation arrangement ——> it is noted that Simon Magus, the sorcerer of Ma.asei(acts)8, is the Simon Pater of the institution that has brought to renoun saint peter’s cathedral, and that it was by the influence of a practiser of magic (who astounded the people, claiming to be someone ‘great’) that, by papal bull, and then by council edict, codified Dec. 25 (in seeking to change times and Law) as the commemorative day of the earthly arrival of the One Who was ‘sent’>>it is this “Shimon,” represented by the statue of jupeter [ ju peter ] in the cathedral, that most western heads of state bow to and kiss the feet

  2. Thanks for the “Christmas Card”. It was the only one I got!

    Like yourself I have been black balled. (an interesting term with a history of it’s own)
    I have been aware of Saturnalia for many years. It was my understanding that the early Christians hijacked Saturnalia by celebrating Christ’s birth instead, partly to not be distracted themselves by the Pagan holiday and partly as a means of luring the Pagans away from their Paganism.
    There are many stories alleging that the story of Christ was patterned after this Pagan deity or that one. I can’t remember all of them. I’ve checked out a couple and found that there has been some intellectual dishonesty associated with them just as there has been among some 9/11 “Truthers”.

    I say “truthers” parenthetically because as we know, some of those stories like the “no planes” theory, Judy wood’s “dustification” theory, laser weapons from outerspace, alien involvement and heaven knows what else, have flooded the internet like so much flotsam and jetsam to prevent people from getting at the truth. (Those of us who have spent enough time and effort know that there was prior knowledge and some facilitation for the attacks by Zionist elements at a minimum.)

    Some of this disinformation is not deliberate in the sense that it is the product of lesser minds more interested in spreading tabloid sensationalism than anything except perhaps making a buck. But without a doubt much of it has been deliberately designed by disinformation agents working on behalf of the Zionist Occupational Government.

    Similar things can be said about less than honest “historians” and archeologists with political and social agendas who falsify and distort facts to fit the conclusions the wish the public to draw.

    The historicity of Christ has been confirmed over and over. No serious historian would stake his reputation on attempts to debunk it except in a society where academia and the publications industry is controlled primarily by Zionist elements and where the perks and penalties associated with espousing or contradicting accepted Kosher doctrines are understood by those seeking to rise on the social and economic ladders of that society.

    You are right in questioning whether we should even celebrate Christmas at all. For there is no biblical mandate for observing it given whatsoever. There IS however instructions given to commemorate the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ on the first day of each week, something which a majority of organized “Christian” denominations are wont to ignore.
    Otherwise, I think the celebration is harmless. If anything it has served as a means of presenting the Christian message heralding the coming of the Lord and one of “It is more blessed to give rather than receive.”
    The fact that Christmas calls attention to this fact in the minds of an increasingly secularized, “humanized” (Marxist), and Judaized (Paganized), over commercialized society is what gives so many Zionists so much grief.

    Just as they have been steering the scientific society towards acceptance of the designation “Before Common Era” and “After Common Era” rather than the TRADITIONAL and UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED Anno Domino and Before Christ designations, the same Zionist elements wish to expunge the mere mention of Christ’s name from the public vernacular. They’d much prefer to eliminate it altogether, even if meant resurrecting Saturnalia.

    That’s just how much they detest it!

    They know that every time a historian or scientist or anyone else uses the AD, BC time reference, they are making a tacit declaration of the FACT of Christ’s birth and thus putting to flight the ridiculous attempt to create doubt in the minds of ignorant people whether Christ even ever existed. They KNOW WELL THAT HE DID!

    So whether one regards the story of Christ as pure myth depends upon how earnestly they wish to dismiss or ignore the overwhelming abundance of evidence which supports the historical veracity of his birth and his life.

    The REAL impediment to the CENSORSHIP of Christ remains, not the ignorant beliefs of child like minds who just as easily accept the story of Santa Claus, but the task of debunking the death and RESURRECTION of said Christ.

    THAT is the REAL Crux of the matter.

    As earnestly as the debunkers have tried, they still have not succeeded in dispelling that widely held rumor. For there is much reason to accept the stories authenticity.

    Although we may disagree on this point, there is still no reason as far as I am concerned that we should become enemies over it, NOT at least from MY perspective.
    This is because neither of us has the ability to alter the facts, whatever they may be. We only need be willing to follow them where they lead. That’s IF you can find them in this sea of lies and half truths.

    One who wishes to persuade me to believe otherwise must first present evidence powerful enough to override those evidences which I am already familiar with. So far, no one has been able to do so.
    Likewise, before I would be able to “make a believer” out of anyone else, I would have to present enough evidence to persuade the most reluctant or recalcitrant mind to reconsider their position.
    This would take a LONG TIME and require a LOT OF SPACE to do so depending on the extent of disbelief or tendency to reject it before a proper hearing.

    That being said, it’s really no wonder to me why so many people have gone sour on “organized religion”, even to the point of lumping Christ in the same kettle as all the hypocrites and pi$$ poor representative of his word.

    Admittedly, these very FALLIBLE (sinful if you please) HUMANS have that universal tendency towards selfishness which characterizes the human race at large. Indeed, the admission of this fact is one of the first prerequisites of becoming a Christian, aside from admitting that Christ did indeed once live and die on earth.

    Other folks may not be so willing to admit as much, not if doing so would put them in the same basket as that motley crew they have come to abhor so much. I’ve found it useful to place other people, along with myself on one side, and Christ in another uniquely His own.
    This helps me overcome the kind of aversion I might feel the way I did at having to hold a girl’s hand during phys-ed in elementary school. (She might have cooties.)

    It’s unfortunate for the human race that no one as of yet has succeeded in producing an algorithm which when applied can result in the kind of love and understanding that would make all human affairs run smoothly and transform the world into one big happy family.

    A lot of man made systems have proposed to do so, not the least of which is Marxism which arguably only resulted in even MORE bloodshed and misery.

    The coming “New World Order” or Mashianic Age which the Zionist political faction is working to impose upon the world now, also purports to offer “peace on earth and good will toward men”.

    You and I at least would agree on the folly of that!

    In contrast, the true doctrine of Christ only offers us the HOPE of life everlasting, something that no other religion does in quite the same way, not even the Judaism of the Pharisees or the Islam of Muhammed. (Talk about crass materialism!)

    It remains something of a puzzle to me why so many would so vehemently object to others embracing this hope except for their desire to preach it to others. In fact, it was this compulsion to “tell it on the mountain” which got eleven out of twelve of the apostles murdered, some of whom by the State! Go figure.


    Me believes the primary dissatisfaction that folks have with Christianity is not that it offers the hope of eternal life but that it gives in no uncertain terms the order that to attain it we must first “TAKE UP OUR CROSS” and BEAR IT daily.

    This is something which a world intent on believing in (or finding) a Santa Claus who will give them everything they want is reluctant to accept. They certainly don’t like the notion put to them that in order to be pleasing to God they must obey Him and be willing to follow Him REGARDLESS of whether they receive any EARTHLY PLEASURE or GIFTS in exchange for their service. They are forced to accept something of a rain check.

    This God which Christ represented doesn’t appear to be satisfied Himself with the kind of service that only comes from those who will respond to nothing but threats or bribes. In short, they have to believe in something more than either of these.

    There seems to be some other ingredient involved that I have not yet quite put my finger on. I only know from my life on this earth that when you receive an order from a superior you had best obey it or there will be consequences. That’s the way this world operates.

    Merry Christmas (for whatever that’s worth)

    Nobody Man

    • You’re entitled to your opinion as am I regarding the philosophical fallacies of organized religion especially Christianity.

      Once mankind believed that the world was flat, however, through arduous seafaring exploration that theory was proven incorrect.

      Although raised in the Christian faith I have never witnessed the existence of this invisible entity called God, or know of any secular writings in the ancient world that unequivocally documented the presence of Jesus Christ on earth.

      The gospels were written decades to a century after Christ’s alleged death and resurrection.

      Then, not to mention, Jesus himself was not recognized as “divine” for over 300 years until the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. decided that he should be so acknowledged and also the Son of God.

      For me, the discrepancies are glaring that something nefarious occurred within the organized ranks of Judaism, who was responsible for the Christan faith.

      But what more can I say that would not be taken as a moot point?

      • ” I have never witnessed the existence of this invisible entity called God, or know of any secular writings in the ancient world that unequivocally documented the presence of Jesus Christ on earth.”

        There is more documentary evidence available to support the historical existence of Jesus Christ than many of the evidences for other historical events which are accepted without question.
        As I said, no serious historian would stake his reputation on denying or even attempting to refute that evidence among other serious historians and archeologists.
        These kinds of “developments” and stories of “new findings” only get over in the press because of the people who control the press and publishing houses. Academia is littered with Secular Humanists, atheists, and other scholars and professors who toe the Kosher line and know better than to transgress against it.
        If all of the Carl Sagans and Isaac Asimovs of the world could have disproved or sufficiently debunked the story of Christ they would have done so by now.

        Matthew 16
        16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

        17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

        18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

        In addition, the Council of Nicaea established nothing as far as authenticating the records which were already extant and well established within the community of believers. All they did was reconfirm what was already known.
        This is especially true with regard to which books were accepted as canonical.
        It’s noteworthy that the Jews accept NONE of the books of the New Testament as canonical and regard every single one of them as the works of heretics to Judaism.
        It’s always seemed strange to me how so many so called “Christians” can so easily and willingly accept the judgements and follow the orders of a bunch of people who denounce Christ as a bastard if they acknowledge Him at all, on the grounds that they are “G-d’s Chosen People”.
        These are the same people who claim to be the heirs of the Pharisees who DID in fact, and ACCORDING TO THE RECORDED HISTORY, arranged to have Christ crucified.

        It was for this reason that Christ prophesied that Jerusalem was to be razed to the ground in 70 AD, a prophecy which even according to the Jews themselves DID occur, but one which also resulted in the destruction of the temple records which permanently erased any evidence that any of them have to base their claim of lineage to Abraham.

        Aside from those problems, the Jews also fail to explain how so many of them can be atheists and still call themselves Jews, while at the same time maintain that being a Jew is merely a religion and has nothing to do with race.

        I agree with them to the extent that Judaism today is scarcely more than a quasi-religious Socio Political UNION of mixed Ashkenazim extraction which maintains itself for the economic and political benefit of it’s members.

        If is wasn’t for the financial gain which results from their ritualistic networking, and racially oriented religion of bigotry, the tradition would have collapsed by now.

        The fallacies of the Popes of yore belong to the Catholic tradition. This has nothing to do really with the doctrines of Christ any more than Charles Manson has to do with the angels in heaven.
        I am what the Jews have referred to as a White Anglo Saxon Protestant.
        Furthermore I am male, American, and southern,

        So far as they are concerned this ranks me as public enemy number one on their list, a position I am proud to maintain.

        Miracles, along with the laying on of hands, went out with the Apostles, so I wouldn’t waste time looking for burning bushes if that’s the kind of “evidence” I needed to convince me that the universe has an intelligent conscious designer.

        Now days the onus of responsibility for our salvation falls on our own shoulders. The process of learning and discovery about those matters is no different or more miraculous in nature than the learning of something like calculus or any other subject.

        With so much misinformation and so many ways provided to be mislead and deceived one may scarcely know where to begin. Nevertheless people do take the time to seek out those things which their hearts truly desire without having to be ordered to do so.

        My own apprehension over my inability to uncover all the clues I did and to piece them together correctly is somewhat assuaged by the encouragement “Seek and Ye shall find”.

        I’ve been doing so for a long time now. Many of the lessons I learned along the way were acquired at a heavy price. It’s been called “the school of hard knocks”.

        At least we might agree that the Jewish community as well as their Marxist and Secular Humanist, New Age allies, agree that Christianity, like the white middle class, represents one of the foremost obstacles to establishing Global Zionism.
        Of the two, I would say that Christianity is the most formidable because it can be applied to ANY race, creed, or nationality. That is to say, any person may reject or embrace it without regard to the circumstances of his birth or how other people lump him, figuratively or literally.

        To give the devil his dues, they do seem to have been making progress in this area in the US as far as getting the whites to abandon their Christian traditions and heritage.

        I recently read an article by some Rabbi or another who practically boasted about this coming “Mashianic Age” with the words “Who is going to stop us?”,
        To which I would concur; it certainly won’t be the white folks who are on their payroll or stand to profit from sweetheart deals they’ve made with them.

        The lord of lucre still rules the world.

        What else is new?

      • So, what evidence are you speaking of? (this is why my mother told me never to discuss religion and politics in the public spectrum)

        And I don’t believe in the devil either (watching you shriek back in utter disbelief…..)

        The only evil I see looming from this chunk of rock in space are the heinous abominations men are capable of. And the devil didn’t make them do it. If God exists, remember he gave man free will – to do ANYTHING.

        God, Jesus, Angels, Satan/Lucifer/the Devil, if these entities are real why do they not show themselves, make their presence known?

        GIVE MAN PEACE ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!

        And lets say, AGAIN, this god exists, what’s he doing right now???

        Watching the human race suffer under the thumb of a tribe of other humans that want to annihilate them while he sits back and does NOTHING.

        There is nothing you or anyone can say to change my current beliefs. Been there – done that.

        Praying will not change the world, only man’s innate spur to action to protect himself and the ones he loves will make any difference and hopefully put things right.

      • Even the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus writes one minor paragraph about Jesus, but never refers to him as divine, yet he does refer to him as the (Christ), which has many translations.

        In his Antiquities Book XVIII he writes:

        3. Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man; for he was a doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drew over to him both many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles. He was [the] Christ. And when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him to the cross, (9) those that loved him at the first did not forsake him; for he appeared to them alive again the third day; (10) as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him. And the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day.

        The word “Christ” is a Greek translation of the Hebrew messiah, meaning “the anointed one.”

        Josephus refers to Jesus as a wise man, a doer of wonderful works and a teacher, but not a GOD, or the Son of God.

        Anyone at anytime during their lifetime can write or say whatever they want including creating fanciful fictions as Josephus stated the divine prophets claimed. That does not make it true.

        By most historical standards men of great knowledge and power such as Jesus was said to possess are heralded in writings, books and other documents of the time. But the great historian Josephus only provides one tiny paragraph about this man in all his prolific journals.

      • …..some believed, even then, but the remnant still do, even now ~it will help the ‘seeker’ should they find the narrow gate, to inquire within the bounds of nomenclature within His Name ~try inquiry to Yahushua, rather than the heathen, j-word, and remember the passages in the first and last chapter of Romans alluding to Belief-Obedience ……also in James ~”so you see, then, that one is saved by works and not by belief alone”
        Strive to enter thru the NarrowGate, for there be few who find it

        remnant are a tenth ~see last passage of Isaiah 6

    • …..”the celebration is harmless” ?? ~where is the harm ? ~the harm lies in the obsfucation of the True commemoration of the earthly arrival of the One Who Tabernacled among us, and has not left us as orphans, for He has imparted the Spirit of His Father, the Almighty Most High, to His believers . . . to celebrate the pagan heathenistic holiday, xmas, is to elevate Baccus, the lord of revelry, but to intermingle such with the Spirit of Truth is to advocate an abominable admixture ~falsehood and Truth do not mix>>it is to compound error to try to do so>>>remember the Feast of Tabernacles, beginning with Trumpets, then Atonement, and then the Festival ~the mere attempt to be complicit with the Truth will fortify one’s steadfastness ……to resist the false, the wrong, the lie, the filthy>>>>light is not diminished by falsehood ~not until that DAY which is approaching when even the sun & moon are ashamed to shine ~by then, a remnant will have returned …..in returning and rest you are saved; in stillness and trust is your Strength, with Strength be clarified in Tehillim(psalm)59:9,17
      final quote from Yeshayahu(isaiah)30:15b

    • The Nobody Man,

      So long as Gods people are not willing to see and believe the truth. there is no way for Gods Children to understand why this corrupt and evil system has gained control over them, and has them settled in an easy to “go along to get along” seat of comfort and corruption that the God of Abraham hates.

      EDOM hates ISRAEL! EDOM has trained, lead and GUIDED true ISRAEL to be Idolators and SPIRITUAL FORNICATORS! MY GOD is still a jealous GOD
      Those that believe that the so called “JEWS” are ISRAEL, have bought into the very LIES that are necessary for the enemy of of ISRAEL to bring reproach from God upon ISRAEL again, just as it happened when the God Of Jacob/ISRAEL sent them into Assyrian captivity…. Give that some thought! Why did God send the ten Tribes into captivity? Wasn’t it because of of the CULT of NIMROD? IS the cult of NIMROD the the Catholic Church? I KNOW that it is! And Doctor True Ott’s research agrees with mine.

      It was EDOM that perverted the Remanent of JUDAH with the Babylonian TALMUD! It was EDOM that has PERVERTED Christianity with the Traditions of NIMROD!!!

      I thank the God of Abraham every day that HE sent to us the MESSIAH!

      Yes it is Christ-MASS ‘season’ and most Christians will be stumbling and tripping over themselves to defend their adoration of the cult of NIMRODS mixing and mingling of Paganism with their Christian Faith. All of their arguments are based on emotions, while calling themselves “Protestant’ they are still in bondage to the Traditions of the Catholic Church. ALL Biblical accounts points to SEPTEMBER(FALL) as to HIS Birth. Also if WE, as Christians, believe that ‘life’ begins at “CONCEPTION” then doing the math, shows the the MESSIAH was impregnated in Mary in the month of December!

      Lets consider that OUR enemy wants to lead us in the ways of BAAL, and did so long ago… And NIMROD is at the root of these traditions…

      Gods word tells us not to involve our self in those traditions. It was those very things that caused the Ten Tribes of ISRAEL(today’s western NATIONS) to be carried into Assyrian Captivity. Baal Worship, Idolatry, aka. Spiritual Fornication! The Traditions Of NIMROD! Christmas and Easter goes back to NIMROD! Look into it…

      Long before EDOM created the Catholic Church, Paul warned the early Christians NOT to engage is such behavior…

      Galatians 4:8-12 Howbeit then, when ye knew not God, ye did service unto them which by nature are no gods. But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage? Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain. Brethren, I beseech you, be as I am; for I am as ye are: ye have not injured me at all”…

      …”which by nature are no gods”… little “G” gODS. they ARE observing “SEASONS” “Seasons Greetings”

      Verse twelve …”Brethren, I beseech you, be as I am;”…

      Philippians 4:9 Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you”…

      Now, are we to follow the Cult Of NIMROD or PAUL? Remember, our GOD is a jealous God! What fellowship hath Light with Darkness?

      EDOM knows how to separate us from God! EDOM hates us because we are True ISRAEL, and EDOM also hates all of ADAMS seed, but hates Israel because it is through ISRAEL that the Messiah came to put down EDOMS fathers rebellion to GOD once and for ALL!

      Understanding EDOM is key to understanding the New World Order.




      “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”

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