The Self-Appointed Jewish Leaders Are Really, Really Insane

WW~Notes: More on the insane, psychopathic inbred tribe.

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Jews do not practice democracy in their internal decision making. And, since they have ruled the affairs of Europe and America at least since WW I, you do not live in a democracy. Their leaders are your leaders so you need to understand how the Jews select their leaders. Jews compete with each other in the accumulation of power by laundering money for the sale of illegal drugs and weapons estimated to be a trillion dollars a year. They also launder half a trillion dollars in political bribes which might explain why governments are not very responsive to voters and taxpayers.

The Jew who launders the most money and hires the most assassins is appointed Jewish leader.

The Jews have other sources of income. They run the sex trafficking slavery rings and traffick about 250,000 women and children a year. They also run a lot of organ harvesting. The Jews are…

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3 thoughts on “The Self-Appointed Jewish Leaders Are Really, Really Insane

  1. Dear WW, thank you for your various posts. Just to let you know, there may be a typo in the heading ‘We are 7 Million, they are 20 Million.’ I think it was meant to say We are 7 Billion.

    I can’t talk, every single paragraph of my work has typos 😉

    Hope you are well and coping in the insanity.

    Love Digger

    • I wrote you yesterday. Hope you received the note from Yahoo.

      These days I’m not coping very well, too much family BS going on.

      But that is what having a family is all about, right?

      Love to you in the new year, my dear friend.

  2. “The US has a financial system designed to fail the Gentile which does transfer their wealth to the Jewish men who run it for their own benefit. It transfers our wealth from us to the Jewish leaders who are supposed to share it with their fellow tribe members. After the Soviet Union fell into Gentile hands it collapsed. The servant of the Jews Boris Yeltsin allowed the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Harvard fund and the Chase bank to loot the Gentiles of Russia of 240 billion dollars in state pensions funds and assets. The loot was shared by the Jewish leaders giving Russian Jewish refugees in America $10,000 interest free loans and paying their rent for three years. But those Jews who were not loyal got nothing.”

    On a local level they act by discriminating against others who do not belong to their clique or display visible traces of their Ashkenazim/Khazar/Shephardic racial heritage.
    This discrimination is proportional to the distance or proximity that others have to or from the Jewish racial profile, cultural, religious, social, political, and traditional profile.

    HOW, people may wonder, does this happen?
    A simple answer would be to explain…………..the same way in which white discrimination against blacks is supposed to occur.

    No one doubts THAT overworked paradigm, do they?

    The only thing worse than refusing to admit that white men always discriminate against blacks constantly would be to say that 5,999,999 Jews were burned alive in ovens rather than 6,000,000.

    So isn’t it just as easy to explain how Jews collaborate with one another in order to gain social and economic advantages as it is to explain how white men all over the country manage to “conspire” against blacks in their tireless effort to “hold them down”?

    The real difficulty is comprehending stems from not knowing who it is that controls the news, advertising, and entertainment outlets which convey those notions a bit at a time over many years. Our education about the sins of the white man has been a protracted one, allowing even the dullest simpleton ample time to digest the lesson….”White man BAD”.

    The “revelations” about WHITE discrimination and mistreatment of blacks is taken for granted because of the constant attention and volume of space and time devoted to exposes concerning it.
    At the same time, there is a poverty of stories relating the problems caused by black criminal misconduct and practically a complete lack of such revelations involving Jews.

    How many possible conclusions can be drawn from these discrepancies?

    One might easily assume that the status quo for news and entertainment serves the Jewish community best.

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