Happy Winter!

West Tennessee is having the coldest winter in six years and I am absolutely loving it.  We’re even having a few flurries as a I write this.

Just wanted to share this wonderful video with one of my favorite composers, Vivaldi.

I should have some new posts up later today.


4 thoughts on “Happy Winter!

  1. Taking walks through the snow in rural areas is a magical delight, day or night.
    Bright moonlight glittering on new snow is an enchantment.
    “Warmest” wishes.

    • Thank you, NM or Tom. 🙂

      It’s been a while since I’ve experienced those wonderful winter pleasures living in the southeast. And I love winter more than any other time of the year. Fresh powdered snow just seems to make the world a little cleaner and brighter and the air smells so clean and crisp. Yes, it is magical.

      But wait, did you hear that Jacksonville, FL. got snow and ice????

      Unbelievable! 😦

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