Request for small donations……and other news from Whitewraithe

pen and paperDear Readers,

In case you have not heard I was finally able to secure employment, at least for the time being.  However, I will only receive one day’s pay on 1/23/15.

A full weeks pay is not until 1/30/15.

In the meantime, I would be extremely grateful for small donations like $5 or $10 just to get me through the next two weeks. 

Since enough donations have not come in to retrieve my domain that is my next big project after I get my car fixed. 

I had to take it to get the tires rotated and discovered that wires were hanging out of the two front tires on the inside – so mom had to charge for that expense.

Then I took the car in for the 2500 mile oil change and I knew I was hemorrhaging oil due to the leak in the garage.  Come to find out the oil pan, seals and gaskets are in desperate need of replacement.  But what can you expect from a nearly 18-year old car.  The only major repair I’ve ever had was the replacement of the water pump about 10 years ago.  But then something unexpected popped up.  I needed a new drive belt (serpentine) and in the next few months I’ve got to get the timing belt replaced because it’s time.

All in all the car repairs were approximately $404.00, but it’s still better than a car note, but I have to pay it back as soon as possible.

I’m gathering new posts for today, but still have not finished the article I’ve been working on.  Still trying to get my groove back as they say now that I’ve obtained full-time employment again.  

I know this is going to sound strange coming from me, but this job was sent from heaven, God, whatever.  It came out of nowhere and I’d actually been praying for full-time employment (yes, I pray occasionally especially when there is no where else to turn).  I talked to a lady last Wednesday about job openings anywhere in Jackson and she knew of one.  I got the application that day and turned it in the following day and called immediately for an interview on Monday and was hired the next day on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience during my trials and tribulations.


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