The Charlie Hebdo Shooting HOAX: WHY Are The French And British Suddenly Giving Special Treatment To The Jews ONLY?

WW~Notes:  Northerntruthseeker over at had some interesting commentary in addition to Jim Stone about this false flag attack on free speech in Paris.  This is a compilation of three articles.

The  Charlie Hebdo “shooting” is most definitely a hoax… I will state the  obvious right here in that NOBODY died in that absolutely false flag event…. The good people of France have now been suckered in by massive hoax much like the Americans have been treated as gullible fools by the fraud Sandy Hook “shooting” and the laughable “Boston Bombing”….. It is just too bad that with the Jewish control of the French mainstream BS media that most people in France will now be hoodwinked and suckered into the false belief that this fraud attack was caused by “crazed Islamic terrorists”, and France will now go in lockstep with both the US and Britain into the equally fraudulent ‘war on terror’…..

But I am troubled…. For there are a few reports that have come out since this fraud shooting where suddenly there have been “security” concerns about possible follow up “terrorist” attacks in France which could indeed happen… However, strangely, according to this report from the Jew spew NY Times Online, it appears that over “5000” French troops have now been deployed to protect of all things…. “Sensitive Sites” that are all Jewish!  First, I have the link to that report here for everyone to see for themselves:

This is especially shocking, considering that these sites are absolutely and exclusively Jewish only… What troubles me is that everyone should be alarmed and asking the hard question: “WHY are only Jewish sites being protected?  What about Catholic? Protestant? … Or even Islamic as well?”…. Why the hell are the Jews being selected out of everyone as being so privileged?

That is bad enough, but today I came across the following report from the Daily Stormer website that absolutely sickened me and has raised a serious alarm bell that something more diabolical is about to happen that goes beyond this Charlie Hebdo fiasco… First I want to present that Daily Stormer article here for everyone to see for themselves:

Jewish Police Cars Patrol London After Paris Attacks

Published On January 12, 2015 | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

So a few Jews get killed in another country and the Jews are allowed to send out special Jewish police cars into London? Meanwhile thousands of White girls got raped in Britain by crazy mud people and nothing happens?  Does this not show how much power Jews exercise in host nations?  We need to purge these parasites from White European nations immediately.  Send them on
From Daily Mail:

Extra Jewish security patrol cars and police were out in force in North-West London yesterday following the kosher store siege in Paris.

The cars look very similar to police vehicles and bear the security group’s name ‘Shomrim’ – Hebrew for ‘guards’ – along the sides and back.

The Orthodox organisation, which works closely with the Metropolitan Police, tweeted: ‘Following events in Paris we will have on extra patrols throughout NW London over Shabbos [ the Jewish sabbath].’ 

NTS Notes:  This has raised warning bells with myself and it should with everyone else… I do suspect that something much much bigger is about to happen (Economic collapse?) and the perpetrators behind the impending disaster, the so called “chosen ones” are getting their so called “security” forces and their puppet regime government forces in place to protect their own people from the fallout that will definitely occur..

The fact is again that the Charlie Hebdo “shooting” was indeed a hoax, but these actions by the British and the French governments to “protect” their masters’ people should be a wake up call by everyone….

I have long suspected that this fraud shooting in Paris was a setup with the result being a loss of personal freedoms and liberties for the fraud of “security”…….Now it appears that the shooting was also being used to cover for the forthcoming economic collapse and our controlled governments moving their forces into place to protect the perpetrators behind that crime against humanity….  If someone has a better and more logical reason for this sudden push to protect “Jewish interests” exclusively, then I am all ears…

More to come


The Charlie Hebdo Mossad False Flag Attack: This Single Video Shows Proof Positive It Was A Hoax!

I came across this one video that shows clear evidence that the shooting is indeed a staged event… I know that many have already seen this one and I might be a bit late in getting this one to this site, but I want to present it right here for those who have not had the luxury of seeing it for themselves or are still stuck in the false sense that this shooting was somehow real…  Here is that video, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I can see now WHY the criminals over at Google, and all the Jew spew media outlets and our own governments want this video deleted or supressed… Clearly we can see that the “police officer” that was supposedly shot by the “gunman” has absolutely NO BLOOD anywhere, period… And to top it all off, the “gunman” shoots the “policeman” at point blank range with what is supposedly an AK-47 assault rifle…. At that short range, a normal AK-47 7.62mm bullet would have blown the “policeman”‘s head wide open and would have splattered blood EVERYWHERE!   But again, we find none, no blood, zip, nada!!!

This one video reminds me of the “Robbie Parker” video from the fraud “Sandy Hook shooting” that called that false flag into question…. It does seem again that the perpetrators behind this hoax constantly get careless and hope that the gullible public does not pick up on their fraud….

Please take this one video and pass it around for everyone to see for themselves… As I said before and many times, they will continue with these false flag attacks until we stop them in their tracks!

More to come


The Charlie Hebdo Shooting Hoax: I Knew This Was Coming – Criminal European Rabbi Wants European Union To Pass Laws To Allow Jews To Carry Guns!

The Charlie Hebdo “shooting” was indeed a false flag attack where NOBODY got killed… It was a sham and a disgusting propaganda exercise conducted on the French people, where the result will be much the same as what has happened here in North America… Removal of peoples’ personal rights and freedoms…

But there is another more sinister aspect to this fraud “shooting” that I first questioned two articles ago, when I asked the question as to why the French and the British are suddenly putting security forces into place to protect the Jews ONLY…. To me, this alone shows how truly diabolical this sinister tribe of “chosen ones” truly is in that they think they are so privileged over all other people and religions…. It has been shocking that there has not been any real outcry by this move at all!

Now, it appears these criminal Jews are pushing these “security” concerns one step even further.  For according to this report from the Jew spew online news service, the “International Business Times” out of the United Kingdom at, it appears that the criminal Jews are now going to call on their puppets in the European Union to pass new laws to allow Jews and Jews alone to carry guns in public for their “protection”!    I have that disgusting article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Let Jewish people carry guns: Top rabbi urges EU to pass law ‘for essential protection’ following Paris attacks

paris kosher supermarket

Relatives of the four people killed in an attack at a Paris kosher supermarket embrace upon the arrival of their coffins at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport(Kobi Gideon/Reuters)

A prominent Jewish rabbi has urged the EU to pass legislation giving special licence for Jewish people to carry guns.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin – director general of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE) and the European Jewish Association (EJA), which is the largest federation of Jewish organisations and communities in Europe – sent a letter to the governments of all the EU countries.

The letter, obtained by IBTimes UK‘s sister publication Newsweek, reads:  “We hereby ask that gun licensing laws are reviewed with immediate effect to allow designated people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons for the essential protection of their communities, as well as receiving the necessary training to protect their members from potential terror attacks.”

The call was made a few days after France was rocked by terror attacks, one of which targeted a Jewish grocery store in Paris in which four hostages were killed.

Amedy Coulibaly, the gunman who was later killed by French police, allegedly told a French journalist during the siege that he had targeted the store “because it was Jewish“.

During an interview with Newsweek, referring to the rise of increased anti-Semitic attacks throughout Europe, Rabbi Margolin said they “have revealed the urgent need to stop talking and start acting” and there are “warning signs of anti-Semitism, racism and intolerance that once again threaten Europe and our European ideals”.

He then explained that a license to carry a weapon would make the Jewish community feel more secure as “right now Jews do not feel safe”.

“We are threatened on a daily basis,” he explained. “People are afraid to come to synagogue. People are afraid to go to Jewish schools.”

“[The police] are not doing enough, for sure. We just need more. The best solution is having at least two police officers at each Jewish institution, 24 hours a day. Until that happens, we need to be able to feel secure in other ways.”

He added weapons would all be registered: “We will be under the supervision of authorities. It would be completely controlled in the most professional way.”

On the type of weapon, Rabbi Margolin said: “Even just a gun. I’m not referring to tanks, it’s not about heavy weapons. It’s just that everyone would have something in their pocket.”

Rabbi Margolin, who criticised Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for calling for French Jews to “come home” to Israel, said he is arranging meetings to discuss the campaign in the following weeks.

He said: “The Israeli government should not make people panic. Immigration is not the solution to the terror.”

NTS Notes:  THIS is one heck of a wake up call for everyone… These disgusting creatures are now demanding that they be allowed to “protect” themselves from the fraud “terrorists” above and beyond everyone else… They are falsely claiming of course that this measure is necessary due to the “4 Jews” that were (NOT) “gunned” down at that deli during the Paris attack…. We now know that since nobody died in this Paris shooting, then the “4 Jews” gunned down at that deli was also part of the hoax….

I have to again ask why in the hell these people are suddenly so “special” that they be allowed to have exclusive rights to arm themselves…. But watch as the Jew controlled nations of Europe now pass these laws to allow these criminals to openly carry guns…. Considering how truly psychotic these criminals are, to give them guns would definitely allow them to kill all those who oppose them without any warrant!

I called it right when I said in the last report that there is more to this than meets the eye… These criminals are indeed using the fraud “Charlie Hebdo” shooting as a pretext to now arm themselves from the Gentiles that are now waking up to their criminality against all mankind….  I said in my last report that this arming is now necessary due to the fact that full economic collapse of the entire world is now at hand, and with that collapse the people will be out in the streets and going after these criminal Jews for being the cause of our demise.. It is no wonder these monsters are now demanding that they be armed to protect themselves for their criminal actions…

Wake the hell up, everyone…

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