Are the U.S. Troops destroying America or the Jews?

freedom-isnt-free-state-propagandaThis is a guest essay by my friend Jacob G. Hornberger, who runs the Future of Freedom Foundation.  He is a Libertarian and Christian and is very concerned by how America has descended into a police state. He makes an important observation that modern Amerikan state is just like a Communist state.  For whatever reason he uses the word “Communism” and not Judaism, or Jews – which is typical for Christian apologists who are unable to confront the Jewish origin of their religion.

This essay was originally published at his website on January 22, 2015.  I’ve added the graphics but did not modify the text. I agree with his logic that the troops are destroying freedom.  I believe this would be a far better essay if Communism was replaced with Judaism, making it clear that supremacist Jews are responsible for changing America into Amerika, the police state while fighting wars for Israel.


Near the end of the essay he asks rhetorically, “So, how is that that the United States has come to adopt such communist-like programs?”, not making the obvious connection between Jewish rule, AIPAC, the stated goals in the Protocols, Judaism as a front for criminal Jewry, etc.  What this essay illustrates very clearly is the big difference between the Rebel website and Libertarianism, we confront the Jews and Libertarians choose to ignore the elephant in the living room.

So here is Mr. Hornberger’s essay, do you like it or do you think he should talk about the Jews?

The Troops Are Destroying Our Country

Jacob Hornberger

by Jacob G. Hornberger

The mindset that is common to U.S. troops serving overseas is that they are all doing it for America, for us, for our rights and  freedoms, for our safety and security. They’ll all tell you that they are doing it because they love their country.There’s one big problem with that mindset, however. The truth is that the troops, through what they’re doing over there, are indirectly destroying our country, our rights and freedoms, our safety and security, and our economic well-being.

Ever since 9/11 and even before, the troops have been killing and maiming people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and elsewhere in the Middle East. The numbers of people killed and maimed reach into the hundreds of thousands. Only a very tiny minority of those who have been killed or maimed had anything to do with 9/11 attacks. Most of the people killed or maimed just wanted to rid their lands of U.S. troops and U.S. bureaucrats or just happened to be near someone who was being targeted by the troops.

All that killing, maiming, torture, humiliation, and destruction has made people in that part of the world angry at the United States. A certain percentage of them have decided to respond with violence in the form of terrorism.

The hope of U.S. officials has always been that in the process of killing and maiming all those people, the troops would end up killing all those who wished to respond to the violence being inflicted on them with retaliatory violence.

That hasn’t worked out as U.S. officials had hoped, which is why the U.S. government’s war on terrorism is described as perpetual — or at least much longer than the national-security state’s 45-year-old war on communism. The more people the troops killed and maimed, the greater the number of people within that sector of society who desired to respond with terrorist violence. One might say that the troops, by virtue of what they do over there, have become the greatest terrorist-producing machine in history.

So, given the ongoing, perpetual terrorist threat from people who became angry over what the troops were doing, U.S. officials felt that they needed to take steps to keep us “safe and secure” here at home.

And that’s where the destruction of our rights and freedoms comes into play. In the process of “keeping us safe” from the terrorist threat that the troops have created through their killing and maiming people over there, U.S. officials embarked on a program that destroys the freedom, privacy, and well-being of the American people.

Consider the mass surveillance scheme that the NSA has been secretly conducting on the American people ever since 9/11. There is no way to reconcile such a scheme with the principles of a genuinely free society. The NSA’s secret surveillance scheme is what communist regimes have. Just look at North Korea, Cuba, China, and Vietnam. They all spy on their citizens and secretly monitor their activities.

So, why does America have a communist-like program here in our country? The NSA will be the first to tell you: in order to ferret out the terrorists before they can come and do us harm. Those would be the people who are filled with rage over the killing, maiming, and destroying that U.S. troops are engaged in over there.

Thus, notice the critical relationship between the troops over there and the NSA’s destruction of liberty and privacy here at home.

Consider the president’s, Pentagon’s, and CIA’s extraordinary post-9/11 authority to round up Americans as suspected terrorists, cart them away to a military dungeon or concentration camp for indefinite detention, torture them, deny them trial by jury and other procedural guarantees, and even assassinate or execute them, all with immunity and impunity.

Once again, those are all features of a communist-run society, not a free society.

So, how is that that the United States has come to adopt such communist-like programs?

Once again, the justification is to “keep us safe.” Safe from what? From the people over there who are angry over what the troops are doing over there. The more people the troops kill and maim, the angrier people get, the greater the threat of terrorist retaliation, the greater the need to keep us safe, and the greater the infringements on our freedom and well-being.

The troops have convinced themselves that they’re over there killing the people who would otherwise be coming over here to kill us. That’s ridiculous. If people wanted to come over here to kill us, they could easily circumvent the troops and come over here and kill us. The fact is that ever since 9/11 and even before, the troops, through their killing, torturing, maiming, and destroying, have been creating the very danger that U.S. officials have been using to destroy our freedom and well-being here at home.

I’ve got an idea. Let’s bring all the troops home from overseas and see what happens. After all, isn’t “defense” supposed to be defense? Switzerland believes in defense and their troops remain home defending the Swiss people. Interestingly, they also aren’t been attacked by angry terrorists.

I say: Let’s copy the Swiss model on defense. Let’s bring all the troops right home and have them defend America from the people that U.S. officials claim are coming to get us.

The troops would end up being totally bored. Americans would quickly learn that no one is coming to get them, any more than anyone is going to Switzerland to get the Swiss. That would mean that there would be no more justification for the NSA, the CIA, the military-industrial complex, and the entire national-security state and their destruction of American liberty through their embrace of communist-like apparatuses and programs. Indeed, there would be no more reason for out-of-control warfare-state spending, borrowing, and taxing, all of which are also destroying our country.

Everything he says is true, yet like Alex Jones he leaves out the Jewish component.  Once you understand how the Jews operate then everything that is happening to us makes perfect sense, but if you do not include the Jewish cause in your argument then why would Americans throw away freedom?  They wouldn’t unless their was some other seemingly important  reason to do so, like fight the War on Terrorism.

By not addressing that Israel did 911 on purpose, that Israel is financially benefiting from changing the United States into a so-called security state, that Israel is training our police officers, that Israel controls the Congress etc, then the reader is left confused as to the logical cause of our decline.  The Libertarian, like the Christian, live in this bubble of unreality.

So compare this essay to one of mine, reprinted by the great Clay Douglas, who tirelessly works on behalf of freedom just like Jacob Hornberger.  So who is more effective?  I don’t really know, I do it my way and others do it theirs and that is just the way it is.  Haribol.


3 thoughts on “Are the U.S. Troops destroying America or the Jews?

  1. I agree with YOU. The Jews do need to be identified.

    I am always alert to the possibility of crypto Jews infiltrating any organization, grass roots or not which has the potential for gaining traction in the public arena. Obviously, anyone who brings a rational assessment of ALL available evidence concerning Jewish/Israeli involvement in 9/11 is going to be on that list.
    Crypto Jews can be found practically anywhere declaring themselves to be anything but a Jew. Why do think they take so much trouble to change their names and falsify their numbers on the US census?
    If one understands the advantages that are gained over a rival or opponent from concealing ones identity, then it is easy to see why they have done so.
    Their actions are aimed towards promoting their own members, almost always at the expense of non-members (non-Jews). It’s obvious why they should want to hide any evidence of this occurring socially and economically.

    The Jews themselves have incessantly declared themselves to be the victims of relentless anti-Semitism. If we take their word on this, then it makes any explanation of their extraordinary success at obtaining the most lucrative and key positions of power hard to understand in the face of such adversity as they claim to encounter.
    In other words, IF “anti-Semitism” was as rampant and vitriolic as they purport it to be, then how is it that they have managed to attain the highest per capita income bracket of ALL other ethnic groups?
    Wouldn’t that be an unlikely achievement if the majority of people around them recognized them to be Jews and acted to bar them from climbing the social ladder as the Jews have accused them of doing? The fact remains that they HAVE; and in numbers which far outweigh the reported fraction of the total population they represent.

    This discrepancy leaves a statistical improbability which they are then forced to explain away by arguing in favor of their own intellectual and social superiority, something they then deny when are confronted with the charge of being SUPREMACISTS!

    In the state I live in, our state representatives have one member of the Cohenim, another hailing from New York, New York, claiming to be Catholic, another claiming to be Episcopalian, and at least two more which are in all likelihood of Ashkenazim/Khazar extraction. At least a fourth or more are crypto Jews!
    What they SAY they are, and what the REALLY ARE are not necessarily the same thing. The only difficulty I have here is in proving it. Nevertheless there is no doubt in my mind based upon my own experience in identifying them, and I have a plenty of it.

    SO, it does not surprise me in the least to see moles entering by the back door. This has always been part of their stock in trade. There is nothing anymore sacred about “White Nationalism” than there is in the name “Democrat”, “Republican”, or even “Christ”.
    People often use that last name in vain, even from the pulpit. The only thing that makes that less common is because there are more people swearing in the streets than in churches on Sunday. One might argue however that to preach a false doctrine in the name of Christ is far more damaging, and consequently damnable, than simply swearing out loud in an obviously vulgar manner.

    My point is this. The Jews are NOT stupid. They are going to do what they have always have done. In doing so, they will always leave themselves an avenue of escape.
    Anyone arranging a hit and run attack is going to do the same. Having a scapegoat helps to, which incidentally you would admit is a Jewish invention going way back.

    Recently I overheard a radio news report about some unpopular political maneuver in which it was suggested that a consistent pressure applied over a long duration would be more effective than an all out frontal assault that would likely be met with resistance.
    I can’t quite recall the words which were used; something to the effect of “a modified pressure aimed at small concessions extended indefinitely………”PUSHING THE ENVELOPE” …….was the way they described it.

    In other words, the Jewish agenda is modified and disguised by various means, eg giving questionable things ambivalent or misleading names, and introducing these things by INCREMENTS small enough so as to not raise objections or call too much attention to the changes.
    The progression of “liberality” on TV has taken this course. Now it’s almost to the point of “in yo face” with whatever.

    These PRINCIPLES of operation are applicable to politics as well as society if you have the means to introduce or a vehicle to carry them to the target audience.

    It should be obvious that ANY ZIONIST OBJECTIVE which would be detrimental to the WASP population would not be well received if it were presented as such. If they want the public to swallow the bitter pill, they will candy coat it. If they want the fish to bite the hook, they will put it in the plumpest worm they can find.

    What better way to DIVERT attention, and DEFLECT the blame (discovery of the source) than to introduce other “patsies” into the mix in advance of any full blown public revelation?

    Oswald exclaimed, “I’m a patsy.”

    A child gets caught in a lie and suddenly says, “Look over there!”

    So let’s blame the Republicans, let’s blame the Democrats, but for heaven’s sake don’t mention the ZIONIST NEO-CONS!

    You can contrast the way in which the media and all the “civil rights activists” like Bob “Zimmerman” Dylan et al treated the subject of Vietnam to the way in which our “Warriors” are “glorified” in the theaters.
    So let’s now blame all those young men who jumped at the opportunity to bask in that light.

    Let’s forget about the Jewish connection to communism the same way we have forgotten about the “Domino theory” which we were given to excuse Vietnam.
    A generation was raised being told of the downside to COMMUNISM. We were warned about the Gulags. Now our Representative Cohanim tells us there’s no such thing as FEMA camps.
    We were urged to give to “Radio Free Europe” and told stories about how freedom of religion, Christianity in particular was repressed in communist nations.
    We were warned that Marx created an unrealizable vision of a utopia that can never work. Yet behold, we have elected a self professed Marxist Prez and hardly anybody bats an eye!

    Now we are called “conspiracy nuts” to suggest that the national news, radio, and press are controlled by people with biases and agendas of there own.
    We have heard the Nazi minister of propaganda vilified by people who have adopted his very tactics.

    If the White Anglo Saxon race is so malignant to be given the acronym “WASP” by the Marxist social engineers whose mission it is to undermine them, then by all means, there is no shame in naming the Jew as being the well spring of communism.

    They boast of Marx and Freud themselves while they attack the Founders of the US and the authors of it’s Constitution. Why should we be forbidden to join in the chorus?

    Hell, they attack every institution that doesn’t bear the Kosher seal of approval.

    Why shouldn’t they be exposed to criticism?

    Don’t worry, They’re all thick skinned macho men. They ought to be able to take at least as much as they dish out. Are you afraid they will go cry on their Mama’s shoulder? Or are you afraid they might resort to some underhanded backstabbing?

    Lay it on ’em thick.

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