Donations page updated……THANK YOU!

thank-youI want to thank each of the contributors that have kindly donated to my support over the past few months.  You cannot imagine how just a little bit goes a long way and I appreciate every dollar with a sincere and earnest heart.

I hope and sincerely pray that my new job is long-lasting because I intend on some big changes at Pragmatic Witness.  Right now, NTS (Brian) and I are working on becoming hosts at BlogTalkRadio and we’ll have a call-in number with a live broadcast.  And I am going to get my domain back this year if it kills me.  Just kidding.

I just want my friends at this blog to know how much you’re appreciated and to think we’ve never even met.  You really know who your true friends are when times get rough and you guys have helped pull me through when the real world couldn’t care less.  I am so grateful to each of you for your support.  You will always have my sincere gratitude.