The Ugly Truth malicious attack against my friend and colleague Northerntruthseeker

Last weekend Mark Glenn and his minions at The Ugly Truth website maliciously attacked Northerntruthseeker regarding a statement that he allegedly stated to Charles Giuliani in an email that Glenn had committed suicide by hanging himself.

First and foremost this was “third-party” information that should have at least been verified, but instead of attempting to get the facts, Glenn goes into an egotistical tirade by insulting my friend and colleague with childish innuendo that he is mentally unstable along with several other associates meaning, yours truly.

Glenn’s supporters, of course, come to his aide spreading sorry and pity across cyberspace for something that never even happened.

What did happen is that Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz misquoted NTS in an email.  NTS discovered an article on TUT website which placed Glenn squarely in the middle of the lies and untruths he’s been saying about the Sandy Hook massacre for the past two years since the article put into question whether or not Adam Lanza was the shooter.  Even though it appears now that Glenn did not write the article in question; the fact that the article appears on TUT website places Glenn’s reputation into question.  Glenn is the webmaster and owner of the blog.

So there is a catch-22 here that Northerntruthseeker was questioning and stated to Giuliani in an email that Glenn had “hung himself” by allowing such an article on his site.  Giuliani took NTS’ statement as literal fact and then stated as such on his radio show this past Friday.

NTS and I also did our third episode of Turbulent Times last Friday as well.  Don’t you think if NTS had made such a statement we would have talked about it on the show?  It was never even mentioned in two hours of live commentary between us.

I want to publicly apologize to my friend and colleague for not addressing this sooner and hope he will forgive my lack of fortitude in the matter.  We are both tired of Glenn and his minions attacking us for situations that never happened or were misconstrued by others due to no fault of our own.

NTS is one of the most honest and honorable people in this movement and you will not find a finer or more decent human being anywhere.  I stand behind him to the end and will defend his honor as he is innocent of any and all charges Glenn’s site loves to throw at us both.

Please check out NTS’ site for further information and updates on this matter.

Stay tuned as more is to come.


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