Can a Gnostic army fix the world?

WW~Notes:  This is extremely interesting, but keep an open mind while you read and listen.  I believe nothing is impossible in this world and a miracle at this point to defeat our enemies is much needed.

Can a Gnostic army fix the world?

John Lash invents Kalika War Party, a blueprint for a new warrior class

If Madeleine Albright thinks nothing of killing 500,000 children, 

why shouldn’t I think nothing of killing Madeleine Albright?

— John Lamb Lash

Somehow it seems wildly appropriate that a theologian famous for castigating the world’s major religions as the embodiments of evil would draw up a recruitment plan to confront these same powers that are wrecking the world with their endless false flag deceptions and atrocities.

So if you share in the frustration that nobody knows what to do about this epidemic of malevolent manipulations imprisoning our world in a constant state of war and poverty, John Lamb Lash’s Kalika War Party might just be the job opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Best known as the author of Not in His Image (2006), a thorough demolition of monotheistic religions, Lash’s latest brainstorm was unveiled on a recent edition of Red Ice radio <> and outlined in considerable detail on his new website <>, on which he urges in no uncertain terms the “elimination” of all those people responsible for raping the world.

As he explained to Red Ice host Henrik Palmgren, Lash said, “The world needs a warrior class to counterattack those who do harm to others.” Lash made a special mention of the need to ‘eliminate’ those of the world’s corrupt leaders, a stipulation that cheered those (like me) who have long believed that the honest and sincere people of the world need to become much more aggressive with the smug tyrants who are thoughtlessly destroying every living thing on Earth.

The other side of the story

For most of the 70 years of my life, I’d been looking for a book that could tell me who this God character really was, and why his savage sanctimony ruled everyone’s lives and closed their minds with preposterous stories that made no scientific or emotional sense. I could never shake the feeling that we were being hosed by these stories, and still can’t.

The observations that came flowing from the pages of Not in His Image seemed to me like sentences I’d never been able to finish during my own decades of searching for the truth about our history and our troubled condition, so the phrases that came out of this book seemed to be like thoughts being completed from inside my own brain.

We have departed from the proper course of our evolution as a species and are on a course for self-annihilation.

Or this one.

The human future depends on the destruction of the three monotheistic religions, which are nothing but sadistic mind control devices leading the human species toward extinction.

Both of these shocking statements are reflections of the Gnostic perspective, recently sharpened by Lash during his extensive study of the Nag Hammadi Codices, which value veneration of the Earth as a much more useful goal than an imaginary free pass to eternal life.

“In the off planet spin of the redeemer complex they (the Gnostics) saw a delusion, a deviance from humanity, even a sign of madness.”

“Pagans regarded Christianity as a bizarre plague.” Rather than worship an all-powerful tyrant with no regard for the Earth or its lifeforms, worshippers before the coming of these totalitarian monotheistic religions preferred to venerate Sophia, the wisdom goddess, a powerful force from the universe who had given her body to animate life on Earth.” <>

Today we might better recognize her as Mother Nature, someone who is constantly belittled or ignored by the misogynistic memorizers of holy programming. In any case, according to Gnostic legend, simultaneous with her arrival on Earth came a fleet of elementals, who came to be known as archons. And from this nest of inorganic cosmic lice emerged the one known as Yaldaboath, later to become Yahweh, whom Lash IDs as the Demiurge, or false god.

In his 2006 tour de force, Lash hammers home the main points that organized monotheistic religion has used to maim civilization.

“Christianity was forced on people. Salvationist religion is an ideological virus (inspired by) a demented pseudo deity who works against humanity.”

Lash constantly talks about the victim/perpetrator bond that condones domination, and is the guiding principle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam — kill all those who don’t believe!

“Millions have suffered in the name of divine redemption. The persecution suffered by Christians is paltry compared to the persecution of pagans.”

Faith in the redemptive power of suffering carries the sanction to inflict suffering. This annihilation theory obliterated gender harmony and resulted in the domination of nature and the domination of women.

Through his study of the Nag Hammadi Codices, which were only discovered in the Egyptian desert in 1945, John Lash has created a unique platform from which to view human history, and reestablished the pre-Christian mystery religion as an accessible source of ancient wisdom far more accurate than the Christian propaganda that has stunted humanity and plagued the world for two thousand years.

“Nag Hammadi is the other side of the story,” Lash writes. “Gnosticism not an alternative religion, it’s an alternative to religion itself.”

What is the problem with worshipping Mother Nature? Can you think of a more natural thing to do? Or do you prefer the cold tyranny of a coercive mass murderer from outer space?

A remedy for our present troubles

Lash’s assessment of our own times is this: “What is happening in the world cannot be stopped unless the people running it are stopped.”

The Kalika War Party is a planetary strike force comprised of men and women volunteers who self-select into 17 bands. A common aim unites the warriors in the Party: to strike offensively against all variations of the evil and corrupt System that works against life, truth, freedom, beauty, sanity, and the spirit of mutual aid. To this end, Kalika warriors are prepared to neutralize or eliminate the key agents who run the System at the executive levels, as well as their minions and accessories, when necessary. In this way, the KWP intends to bring down the System and prevent its recovery, once and for all.

This is a working design for a warrior class to be deployed across the planet. The exact nature of your participation in the KWP is something that you decide. You are answerable to no one, but a voluntary code of honor guides KWP participants.

Anybody can join, as long as you’re heterosexual, with certain exceptions for exceptional women. “The KWP requires that homosexuals, gays or lesbians, or other gender variants such as transsexuals stay clear of the Party. This is a strictly heterosexual adventure with the marginal exception of bisexual women who can also love men.”

How can you know which is your true vocation in the search for universal justice? Your likely answer is in the Thunderbird formation page <>

A set of ranks and bands are all laterally aligned; each band has its own weapons, assignments and targets. Tantric spells include the lethal strike or killing spell. Typical assignments include destroying the hypnotic effects of advertising, attacking GMO production and shattering the networks of institutionalized pedophilia.

Lash presents the Kalika War Party as a method for eliminating psychopaths and enemies of life from the world. Its purpose is to go on the offensive against whatever evil you think is most important to address.

“Kalika warriors are prepared to neutralize or eliminate the key agents who run the system at the executive levels, as well as their minions and accessories, when necessary. In this way, the KWP intends to bring down the System and prevent its recovery, once and for all.” This is a noble goal that sounds almost too good to be true, but anyone who has perused the current condition of our world knows how necessary it is.

Those who inflict suffering in the world are now marked for elimination.

The KWP is a counter-terrorist elite strike force using shamanic magic and other weapons to attack all aspects of social evil. Kalika warriors profile terrorism on the planet today by its initial historical source in religion (the “Z” factor) and its current hydra-type expression in the corporate politics of the State. Kalika warriors stand up against many lies, starting with the mother of all lies in the modern world: “The State protects the people against terrorism.” They act directly on the brutal truth that can no longer be hidden: the State is the primary source of terrorism against all peoples of the world. Countering terror requires striking against the State. It means frontally attacking and taking down the “authorities.”

Some Kalika bands attack agendas, policies, and propaganda based on gender issues—such as sex education to normalize homosexual marriage, promotion of gay rights over more important and far-reaching issues affecting the entire population, and gender neutrality policies.

  • Who can you find to share this experience with? Who have you been talking to in recent days? Start a conspiracy of two and let it grow.

An insane, demented god

By Lash’s estimation, the Demiurge of the Old Testament is a jealous off-planet deity who obscures the sacredness of the Earth. Afflicted by a deep insecurity, this petty tyrant of a god is a fraud with a life-hating attitude, whereas Divine Sophia, the inspiration for the Gnostic gospels, is nature deified. Whom would you rather serve?

“Like Philip K. Dick’s metaphor of the Black Iron Prison, the Archons represent the metaphorical entrapment of the human spirit in self-contrived delusions.”

“We may never comprehend what we lost when the mysteries were destroyed,” Lash wrote.

Gnostic teachings describe Sophia as the goddess who became the Earth, and whose informing presence is recognized by initiates as the milky white light of knowing.

Yaldeboath is an archon, unable to initiate anything on his own whose thirst for power threatens all life on Earth with his sick desire to rule everyone and everything.

Gnostics taught that human sapience, the wisdom unique to our species, is corrupted by obedience to the impostor deity, the counterfeiting spirit  . . .

If you ever asked yourself how life on this planet came to be, consider the two choices: from a wrathful god who ordered his followers to rob and kill their neighbors, or from a goddess who became the Earth and dreamed humanity out of the cosmic plenitude.

The message of Parsifal

Lash sees himself as heir to a tradition of comparative mythology established by Joseph Campbell and Mircea Eliade and stresses that all his work orbits around a romantic novel written in 1170 AD, Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parsifal. Lash calls it “the supreme guiding story of the Western world”.

About the hero’s quest for the holy grail, Lash told Palmgren, “The holy grail is the organic light, the light of the Earth itself. The story of Parsifal is the Grail question — the question everyone must ask in order to be fully human.”

That question, Lash said, is “Who did that to you?” That meaning, who did these awful things to you that has left the world in such a dilapidated and tragic condition. Who is the author of your oppression?

“The world needs a warrior class to counter attack those who deliberately harm others. Eliminate is the operative term. To eliminate the enemies of life, using occult and esoteric methods.” That is Lash’s formula for restoring moral balance to the world, a balance that has been wrecked by an impostor god who has ruined the Earth.

Simply stated, focus on getting rid of them, at all times.

Anyone in any country can join the Kalika War Party. What is happening in the world cannot be stopped unless the people running it are stopped. The goal is to take down the psychopaths and the enemies of life.

The power of the rage of the planetary animal mother herself animates every rank and band of this party, says Lash. Kalika warriors fight with her power and protection.

The Kalika War Party offers a powerful reason to do what is right for anyone who wishes to do so. And it definitely requires a mighty fight to overturn the evil legacy of the archons which threatens to destroy everything anyone ever imagined as good and healthy.

Read the news on any day and you see the deceitful blackness that has been forced upon everyone, and think long and hard about the goddess of the Earth that has been belittled and suppressed. Then ask yourself, who would you rather work for — the hateful psycho who promises you an eternal life he can’t deliver, or the gracious force that has given you your life and all the wonderful things in it?

So, can a Gnostic army fix the world? If you believe that it can, it will.

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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John Lash has been a regular guest on Red Ice Radio since 2008, sharing the discoveries of his collective studies in the fields of directive and sidereal mythology, naked-eye astronomy, precession, the World Ages, belief systems, and his radical revision of Gnosticism. He has also delved deeply into the sacred story of Gaia-Sophia and introduced the term Archon to the discourse of humanity. Mr. Lash returns to the program to announce the formation of the Kalika War Party, a band of self-selected men and women volunteers whose goal is “to strike offensively against all variations of the evil and corrupt system that works against life, truth, freedom, beauty, sanity, and the spirit of mutual aid.” John explains how his exploration of the Parsifal myth and the Holy Grail question, “What ails thee?” led him to conceive of the KWP entity. We consider the wounded species of humanity and the suffering caused by the psychopaths who are leading our world to demise. Then, John describes how the use of magic and shamanism will shape the operations of the KWP, and reminds us of the true abilities of the shaman, which can be to heal as well as eliminate. Later, John gets into the social evils of mind control, the domestication and pacification of humanity in the name of Christianity, the elite’s control of the narrative, and the gruesome, murderous, destructive attacks that have been carried out by the USA and those who control it, against all living beings and the earth itself. Then, John talks about the meaning of the Thunderbird Formation, the symbol for the KWP, and the reemergence of the Warrior Class. At the end, we examine the true violent tendencies of man, the popularity of war games, and the inevitable downfall of feminism.


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  1. I notice my comments were removed. Since to post these I have to provide a link to Facebook which exposes me to the entire internet, I would like to make it public also that I regard the above article as so much hooey which I in no way endorse, but not for the reasons one might imagine.

    Indeed , the strangle hold of Jewish hegemony needs to be broken, but not by the means or in the manner described above.

    If anything, that sort of drivel is exactly the kind of thing which serves the Jewish interests best. As long as they can frame all serious political, social, and religious opposition to Jewish domination of government, press, and society as coming from so many Space Cadets, they can continue on their way without any substantial resistance.

    Sometimes I really doubt the sincerity of those who claim to object to Jewish domination.

    As I said earlier, there are so many contradictions inherent in that guys theme, that he would either have to have written them with his mind disengaged or his pedigree should seriously be examined.

    • Tom,

      I looked through all the comments from your various email addresses and Facebook and can find nothing that was deleted.

      I don’t know what happened because I know I did not delete your comments. You’re one of the most rational minded and clear-headed people that takes time to comment on this blog and I truly appreciate it.

      Now, about John Nash, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you should be aware that I post opposing views to the Jewish problem mainly because I like to present both sides. I agree, Nash is a bit out there and probably delusional to some point, however, he has some very relative points, as well.

      The occasional bizarre stories definitely get the attention of those that need awakened and at least thinking.

      In the meantime, please send the comment again that you said was deleted and I will post it.

      My apologies for the confusion.

  2. This comment is from L. in Canada –

    John Lash’s KWP is really Bruce Campbell’s “American Defence Party” for a different demographic.

    …… and thats exactly what’s needed.

    We are going to see more and more of this type of leaderless resistance call to arms.

    Its simply time to break the necks of these psychopathic jew f***ers and their minions.

  3. Thanks for posting this WW.

    Mixed feelings about this theme; even though I posted John’s essay myself.

    Either it is a VERY clever distraction, or it is the spiritual solution we are all looking for??

    The problem is we are all so very desperate and seeking solutions. But this also makes us vulnerable. Well we all do need to brave up (become warriors). And we all know in our hearts these destroyers of life need destroying. So why would this not be the solution…..come at the appropriate time.

    What I/we do know – is we have to ACT NOW!!

    Thank you for all you do WW.

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