Another MUSIC BREAK: Don’t Lose Your Head by INXS

Don’t Lose Your Head” is the third single from the album Elegantly Wasted by INXS. Released in Europe (Germany and The Netherlands) and Japan at the end of 1997. No official release for this in USA. The song was written by Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farriss and recorded by the band in Dublin during the summer of 1996.

Although it was never officially released as a single in USA, INXS released “Don’t Lose Your Head” as a promo tie-in with Paramount’s 1997 film Face/Off starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. A Radio Edit version of the single was remixed by Tom Lord-Alge to clean up the opening lyrics; “You wake up in the morning with a starfuck for a friend” to “You wake up in the morning with a dealer for a friend”.

Michael Hutchence was a powerhouse and he loved being a celebrity and his music was a phenomenon.  It was fresh and new like nothing no one had ever heard before. Michael loved life and his new baby daughter Tiger Lily – he was not ready to die and I don’t believe he sexually asphyxiated himself as was claimed.  Hutchence, a Gentile, I believe was murdered by Jew, Sir Bob Geldof or his agents because they both loved the same woman and she wanted to be with Michael.  Ironically, his life was also cut short the same year as Princess Diana’s in 1997.

Anyway, this song from the movie Face/Off was one of INXS’ best cut with clips from the film.  Enjoy……..WW~

Michael’s words have so much meaning and passion……


You shot your mouth off like a kid
Who’s scared to have a heart
You’re losing grip of what really matters
‘Cause you don’t know where to start

You wake up in the morning
With a starfuck for a friend
The things you do are so in tune
With what you got in head

What’s giving you the will to live
Is looking for revenge
The only laugh that you’ve got left
Is hiding from the pain

What must have happened to your soul
Is skinnin’ you alive
The thing you fear the most is love
And that’s buried deep inside, yeah, so deep inside

Don’t lose your head
‘Cause I can’t do the time
Don’t lose your head
If you can’t pay the price

The heart you’re building out of rock
Is turning into sand
‘Cause you never took the time to think
What it means to be a man

You act like you got the answers
When the question’s never asked
I’ve been to where you’re coming from
But the postcards weren’t so bad

The knife I carry’s been sharpened
On the mouth that won’t keep shut
I’ll stab at you in the darkness
‘Cause I’m trying to shed some light

Your point of view’s so meaningless
If you ever had one at all
Well, all you seem to care about
Is who’s gonna take the fall
Who’s gonna take the fall for you

Don’t lose your head
Now I can’t do the time for ya
Don’t lose your head
If you can’t pay the price


Don’t lose your head
‘Cause I can’t do the time
Don’t lose your head
But can you pay the price?

Don’t lose your head
You can’t do the time
No, don’t lose your head
If you cannot pay the price
If you can’t, you pay the price

Don’t lose your head
No, I can’t do the time, yeah
You know we’re bit too late
Don’t lose your head

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