11 Atlanta teachers convicted of felony racketeering for cheating

Atlanta Teachers

Atlanta Teachers

From Top Conservative NewsTeachers in majority black public schools are under intense pressure to close the racial gap in standardized tests. This means they have to get black students to achieve test score closer to the white average. Majority black schools typically receive extra funding from the Federal government that is directly tied to black test scores. These schools can lose their bonus Federal dollars if test scores are not improved.

No school district in America has been able to significantly close the black/white academic gap. Facing pressure from administrators, many teachers resort to cheating. Cheating scandals are popping up at majority black school districts all over America. Sometimes even administrators are accused of being in on it.

Atlanta is one of the school districts that is suspected of widespread cheating. Teacher’s received bonus pay if their students performed better on standardized tests. This makes cheating an even more serious crime in this school district. At least 35 teachers have been indicted so far. Many more could be charged. It is believes that over 180 teachers were involved in cheating.

Eleven of the Atlanta suspects were convicted of felony racketeering yesterday. They face up to twenty years in prison. Sentencing will occur on April 8th.

Have teachers been assigned an impossible task? Is it realistic to say that all the races should be able to perform at the same academic level?

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3 thoughts on “11 Atlanta teachers convicted of felony racketeering for cheating

  1. Blacks will never catch up with whites. It has been proven, by a Nobel Prize scientist that blacks average I.Q. of 80 with white average I.Q. of 100. This cheating has been going on since the late 80’s. My exhusband was a school teacher and was told day one not to fail any student because it would take away federal dollars.

  2. All the faces we are looking at are black. I wonder if there isn’t a deeper story here… if they aren’t trying to stir up some racial tension. Blame whitie and all. I am seeing that all over the place, i am one of the few who steps in to point out who is the real perpetrator of slavery, who owns and controls the message, etc. I think they are trying to over-ride the arguments that point to their complicity.

    • Wanda, I could write a dozen articles on this issue because I’ve witnessed it all from the beginning when I was growing up right when this started.

      America was desegregated and they threw blacks and whites into the whole mix of American society, but the one thing TPTB will not admit is that there is a huge moat between black and white culture. And that’s just the way it is. Blacks have their ways and the mainly White Europeans have theirs and as the blacks used to say they don’t “jive.” Then with the inclusion of describing American blacks as Africans (which they are not) and the black ethnical way of speaking described as Ebonics the moat grew even wider. TPTB do not want blacks and whites to have a cohesive existence because in order to do so both sides would have to compromise to make society tolerable for both races and if it hasn’t happened already it never will.

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