Turbulent Times on-air tomorrow night 4/10/15 @ 7:30 CST

turbulenttimesbannerThere have been some very significant current events in the past week that North and I will be discussing on the next show.

Then in the last hour we are presenting our report and commentary on the documentary THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD about Adolf Hitler and his presence in the first two world wars.

Mainstream history overseen by Jewish academics the world over has purposely obscured Hitler so that the world would hopefully never realize that he was the only person in living memory who had a pro-active agenda to end the threat of Jewish world domination.

It’s akin to the lies about the official version of 9/11; well, the official version of just who Adolf Hitler was and what he represented to the benefit of humanity has also been a ginormous perpetual lie of such tremendous magnitude so elaborately orchestrated by the tribe that it was believed their treacherous planning and obfuscation of their involvement would ensure that the world would never become aware of the actual truth.

Thankfully, in those days there still was honest journalism and honor among men, which is the reason mankind is extremely fortunate that ethical interpretation of the actual historical events remains available for the opportunity to learn the truth about the turbulent years of the first and second world wars.

Take the time to watch the video then tune in to the show or better yet call in to share your opinion.  We would love to hear from you.

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