MUSIC BREAK: Dokken – “Empire” released 2012

Final Update: 4/16/15 WW~ well, I can’t seem to get anything right today, so let me attempt to correct my errors – again.

Okay, I’m off The Cult kick for awhile and turned to another one of my favorite bands from the 80’s and 90’s, DOKKEN.  If you’ve never heard of them I’m not surprised, the only way I heard about them in the early days was through underground radio stations in Memphis.

The original lineup of Dokken circa 1986, Don is second from the right. Original members from the left are Mick Brown-drums, Jeff Pilson-bass, Don Dokken-vocals/guitar, George Lynch-lead guitar.

Dokken is one of those bands that the Jewish oligarchy has to destroy regarding the WASPs.  Don Dokken is a Gentile first and foremost, however, I believe some of the members of his initial band were Jewish, like lead guitarist George Lynch, and they had a Jewish manager (what else is new in the music business.)  Anyway, they got a small chance in Germany, then returned to America and did pretty well, but they were overshadowed by other mega-groups like VanHalen, etc. and the other big greats of the era.  They definitely did not get their due because they were too rock melodic which produced some beautiful love songs.  They weren’t just hard driving heavy metal.

Anyway, Don wrote or co-wrote most of the songs which reflected the love between a man and a woman.  Well, we know the Jews in the music industry had to crush that notion, which is the main reason they destroyed heavy metal because it was definitely a reflection of white masculinity in every respect.  Listen to some of the songs on any of the Dokken albums and you’ll always find a beautiful, respectful love song about a woman.

For now, I want to present a song I just discovered about what’s happening in the world.  You know these older heavy metal musicians are not stupid idiots; they see what’s happening to our world and in their small way since they get no radio air play or MTV exposure they still manage to get the message out for those willing to listen.

Dokken circa 2009-2012, original members Mick Brown and Don Dokken are in the middle.

Dokken circa 2009-2012, original members Mick Brown and Don Dokken are in the middle.

This song EMPIRE (I know reminiscent of Queensryche but not related) from their 2012 album BROKEN BONES jumped out at me because I knew the meaning of the song.  Don was 59 when this album was recorded and like many greats of that era in music history he keeps rocking on.  I for one, commend him.


I Stood Alone And Watched Below
As They Burned Their Cities Down
The Fire And The Rage I See
A Prophet Never Found
A Thousand Years- Still Nothing Learned
The Prophets Speak Their Words
Now Nothin Left
But Ashes On The Ground
What Will You Rule In The End
A Burnin Empire
Do You Believe When Blood Is Lost
That It Justifies The Means?
A Child Only Sees The Gun
As The Trigger Of Disease

A Thousand Years Still Nothin Learned
The Prophets Speak Their Words
Now Nothing Left
But Ashes On The Ground
What Will You Rule In The End
A Burnin Empire

A few thoughts: whose Don speaking to?  Is it spiritual in fact?  Which empire will be in ruins in the end?  WW~

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