Happy Birthday May 2,1958 babes!

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything.  Most of you know I’ve had a really tough year so far.  I’ve lost another job for no reason that was given and have since not found another except scams and false promises.  Then four days ago I suffered a terrible accident nearly falling through the rafters of our attic so I’m pretty beat up and bruised.  It’s going to take more time to recover from this fall than usual.  When you get older you don’t heal as fast.

Today I turn 57 and don’t have much to show for all those years except the legacy of this blog.  It’s the most important thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.

Whitewraithe at 57

Whitewraithe at 57

Now with the possibility that the authorities might be coming after me and many others like my partner Northerntruthseeker for speaking the truth I can promise they won’t take me except on my own terms.  I will continue to speak truth until it kills me.  In honor of that promise here is Bon Jovi’s video “Blaze of Glory” from the movie Young Guns II.

I will go out of this world in my own blaze of glory when the time comes.  You can bank on it.


So, Happy Birthday to all the May 2, 1958 babies.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday May 2,1958 babes!

  1. Happy Birthday, young lady…

    Knowing you and I are Don Dokken fans, that Bon Jovi “blaze of glory” should be replaced with Dokken’s “Burning Like A Flame”…

    You do look very good for a 39 year old, BTW….. Nice pic, Wraithe…

    Keep up the good fight from your partner in Canuckleheadistan…


    • Well, Burning Like a Flame is about loving a woman unconditionally so I don’t think that song would have been a good fit, which is why Dokken is not well known today. I wrote about this earlier that the Jews had to destroy heavy metal/hard rock because of songs like Dokken’s.

      Although, not a huge Bon Jovi fan his video fit the bill and the message I was trying to convey. I know you get that, dear friend. LOL.

    • Thank you for that video, Tom.

      You know I’ve never been a Bon Jovi fan. I’ve only ever liked three songs from the band and they’re over 20 years old now. But that was nice.

      Then Richie Sambora left and that kind of did it for me never listening to anything they did again. I always thought Jon was too bubble gum hard rock, but I had a lot of respect for Sambora. He seemed a little more serious.

      And at least they’re both Catholics, better than the alternative.

  2. Happy be day Wraithe. If now is not the time to speak up, there never was a time. Remaining silent only assures this nightmare continues. You do something very significant and necessary… you call out who really is the author of all this confusion. Speaking of author of confusion, you also got past the God mythology… well done. I think we all know there is something that is here for us, but it is here for all the created… not just humans, and not just some of the humans… that’s insane.

    A wish is stronger than hope or prayer. Hope and prayers take us outside of ourselves. You have to will a wish into existence… it comes from inside. Wish… Will-ish. May all your wishes become reality. I wish things could be different, none of us want this kind of world, it doesn’t serve us. Maybe this year… maybe it is already happening… we will be the last to know. Have a lovely day… you deserve it. Thank you for all you do. We are making a dent, it remains to be seen if we will make a difference… for sure, failure is not an option.

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