A giant cloud of fear – John Kaminski’s latest

The new reality is grim and there’s nowhere to turn for help. After all, our soldiers have been trained to kill us.


. . . by John Kaminski

Worse than methane, worse than chemtrails, worse than the imminent threat of a world war mushrooming from the bombed out cities of the eastern Ukraine, an overwhelmingly ominous cloud of fear hangs over America, and grows ever more palpable with the passing of each increasingly desperate day. 

Hope for a decent future recedes like a mirage into a history that has never made sense as our government buys up bullets by the billions, then plans massive terror drills to round up dissidents who protest the awful crimes our leaders eagerly foist on us. It has become ludicrous to think about a happy and productive future.

The Internet is abuzz with dire warnings. Talk show hosts who specialize in disaster predictions are having a field day. With their water shut off in large areas, people are leaving California in droves, and for the moment, little earthquakes caused by fracking shake our lives from one end of the country to the other like some distant rumble of thunder emanating from under the ground.

One must wonder when the big earthquakes will begin.

The government’s plan for our future seems best illustrated by the hundreds of dead African migrant corpses floating randomly in the Mediterranean Sea tonight, victims of what the United States did to Libya, when it turned a happy country into a graveyard, a situation which now compels its traumatized inhabitants to gamble their futures upon an unforgiving sea in makeshift boats that often don’t float. These luckless peons are trying to flee the chaos of imposed anarchy in an insane attempt to reach countries that don’t really want them, desperately trying to stay alive in what for many are the final minutes of their tortured lives.

In their headlong flight from terror, we see our own conundrum, from both sides of a worthless coin.

When the coin comes up heads, we are beleaguered property owners trying to protect what we have built throughout our lives from crazed and starving refugees who speak a language we can’t understand and storm across landscapes like plagues of locusts doing whatever is necessary to stay alive. When the coin flips tails, we witness ourselves reduced to frightened animals willing to eat garbage and drink sewage in a terrified world where absolutely no one wants us as their neighbors.

Today in America, we are both defender and invader, trying to keep what we possess, trying to stay alive, and above all, trying our best to understand what is happening to us, all these nightmare forces threatening our lives, but in the end, we don’t understand. Even if we haven’t yet been driven from our homes, we are already on the run. How can we understand why our own government wants to kill us? What did we ever do to it to deserve that?

Besides not pay attention to the evil that has been wreaked in our name.

In moments like these we may reflect upon the notion of charity toward others that we have so often been prevailed upon to practice by our priests and politicians. They urge us to render aid to the less fortunate than ourselves. Taking that thought a little further, we may now ponder how affirmative action, welfare and the notion of equality have led to nothing but disaster for our formerly safe and secure country, which has been deliberately overwhelmed and destabilized beyond recognition by the importation of dispossessed denizens from around the world.

And like those panicked refugees gambling their lives in an open boat at night on the Mediterranean sea, we can’t help but wonder how many more people it will take that we drag into our lifeboat before the boat and us with it sink with a silent finality beneath the ever eroding waves of destiny and political manipulation.

But even worse than that have been the rapacious policies of our country, which we have mostly ignored. We have permitted the criminals who have kidnapped our country to commit crimes against the world, against humanity, and now we have no idea how to stop them. They are out of control, and coming for us next.

The United States has been driven by what is today a clearly revealed Jewish insanity to plunder the planet without thinking, and follow the cockamamie philosophies of superrich psychopaths who are eagerly trying to murder most of the world’s population in order to steal what remains of the planet’s resources for themselves.

This attitude has left all nations in turmoil and most ordinary families around the world shattered. The basic philosophy of the people who have created this situation is not something you would want to teach your children, if you were an actual human being, that is.

Ask yourself the question: What would you do when confronted by a Mediterranean boat person, on the verge of dying, begging you for food and shelter? Then, question 1a. What would you do with a hundred of them? Or a thousand?

Then, question 2b. What would you do if you WERE a Mediterranean boat person, and had just been turned away from the Greek shore and had no place else to go? Would you steal? Would you kill someone to stay alive? You bet your ass you would.

Now the final question, question 3.

You ARE a Mediterranean boat person, or soon will be, especially if you live in California, but even if you live anywhere in the U.S., will you steal, will you kill someone to stay alive, especially if it’s a U.S. soldier who has already passed the Obama test and said he was willing — no, eager even — to kill Americans who have dared to disagree with our beloved president, or even quibble with the head of the Department of Homeland Security, the branch of government that was especially created to protect only Jews?

If you’re not willing to kill the soldier who has come to kill you, you must be planning on dying at exactly that point, which each day, seems to become a more likely possibility.

So this is what Obama and Bush have given us, this is what the Jews have given us — permanent, irrevocable destabilization, where the soldiers must kill the people or the people must kill the soldiers. Just what the Jews always wanted, what they have wished for and installed in every country in which they have wrapped their diseased and demented hands around the throats of its people, and they have squeezed those throats without remorse until they have forced every last penny from the hands of those emaciated corpses, corpses that are soon to be ours.

This drill they are about to hold, this Jade Helm exercise? Is it real? How can it not be? They have been preparing it for years. Each of the false flag episodes that started with the Oklahoma City bombing, the massacre of innocents at Waco, the murder of Vicki Weaver, and finally the demolition of the World Trade Center towers and the bombing of the Pentagon, have all been prelude to the mass murder of the American people and most of the people in the world, all because some rich Jews acting in concert with British royalty have decided the world needed a radically smaller human population, and now the systems are in place and the engines are running to make it so.

As I have written before, when the psychotic Jewish braintrust that runs America has had its fill of carnage overseas, after it has subverted, exploited and prostituted every country it can, it will turn on itself and destroy itself in an orgy of self mutilation. You can already see the foreshadowings of this in the tattoos and piercings of Gothic youth titillating themselves on the borderlands of vampiric homicide. But before these Jewish inspired freaks kill themselves, they will kill us, just to prove they can.

This is what the vampire movies are all about. And this will bring the era of peace that Jews and their Talmud brag about, as Hitler rightly predicted, the silent peace of a totally dead planet.

A giant cloud of fear spreads across the deteriorating landscape. This is the result of human hands. No gods or aliens at work here, just human hands, extremely evil human hands.

Until we take steps to eliminate the Jews who control us, and the stranglehold they have on the collective throat of humanity, we have no future at all.



2 thoughts on “A giant cloud of fear – John Kaminski’s latest

  1. I have promised Wraithe that I would explain one fact that John is wrong about.. And that is of course the so called “methane” scare…

    Here it is in a nutshell.. Methane, chemically Carbon surrounded by 4 Hydrogen atoms in a covalent bond is prone to breakdown rapidly by either solar radiation photons hitting its bond and breaking the Hydrogen away from the Carbon in the Methane molecule readily, or by the interaction with Oxygen (O2) which is actually very corrosive in our own atmosphere and reacts readily with most molecules and especially Methane… Methane basically dissolves very rapidly in an Oxygen rich atmosphere…. Earth’s atmosphere is very Oxygen rich (21 percent) and very close to its parent star, Sol, and therefore Methane does NOT last long at all…. This is why Methane in our present atmospheric makeup is almost non-existent..

    That is one factor that should put the methane scare to bed, but the other factor is the constant promotion by the Global Warming frauds that Methane is being released in the Arctic due to the Arctic melting (!),,,, That is also a fraud due to the simple fact that the Arctic is absolutely NOT melting, and if anything the ice shelves in the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic Ocean are increasing….. Then we have the Permafrost line that few people understand that should put the Methane scare promoters out of their misery, and I will explain here why…

    Across northern Canada, there is a line where the ground north of the line is permanently frozen underneath the surface, while south of the line, the ground thaws and is not permanently frozen.. This is called the “permafrost” line…. Now comes the kicker.. If the Arctic was “melting” and therefore releasing its bottled up Methane gas, the Permafrost line naturally would be moving north to match that melting… However, I took the time well over a year ago to ask someone here in the Provincial department of Natural Resources and Conservation to have a buddy of his that lives in the northern part of this province to let him know if the Permafrost line has been “receding”… If the line was indeed receding, or in other words moving northbound,then Global Warming was real and the Arctic was melting… It took a while, but I finally got an answer… The line was NOT receding, and I was informed that all indications showed the line was actually creeping every so slowly southbound… Which is a definitive sign that the planet is not warming as the Global Warming scumbags promote, but is actually cooling… The ground in the northern part of this province was freezing up and the Permafrost line moving south was a sign that we are heading into a cooling stage…..Absolutely no global warming, and no chance of a “methane gas” release, period…

    The bottom line here is simple… John is wrong about this “methane scare” that he has been falsely led to believe to be real…. The “methane scare” is just more of the same fraud fear mongering by the Global Warming scoundrels that want to use that fear to have people be foolish enough to support their lies and their equally fraudulent carbon taxation plans…

    Methane gas is the least of our worries…. And those who continue to promote it are indeed just blowing a lot of hot air!


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