Veterans Truth Network Ousts Gordon Duff for the liar and shill that he is!

Published on Apr 29, 2015

Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer, Dean Henderson, Gene Tatum, and Bruce Campbell come together in this 3 hour special to give the proof that Gordon Duff is a lying fraud that only wants to try to control the alternative media so he can put out his known lies. Gordon Duff has put out lies such as vaccines are good for you, Jade Helm is no big deal, Jesus never existed, he protects Lee Wanta, he runs security for Africa and that he would never censor his writers!

Jim Fetter puts out some really disturbing information that must be investigated. As soon as the mutiny began on Gordon Duff and all the real patriots began leaving and moving over to, two radio show talk show hosts were targeted for murder! Stew Webb was run off the road last Saturday night – the same assassination team that has tried to kill him before were involved and he was chased at speeds of over 100 miles per hour! Jeff Rense was targeted on the same weekend when he was about to put on Jim Fetzer and Dean Henderson that were going to expose Gordon Duff’s censorship!

Gordon Duff told Stew Webb that he had “called off” the assassination squads when Stew joined VeteransToday and then as soon as he quits he gets targeted for murder! So it appears to me that either Gordon Duff is directly involved in the attempted murder or at the very least made the call to his “controllers” that I’ve lost control of Stew Webb and Gene Tatum and so they were again targeted for death! This is insane! I need all truth warriors to spread the word about Gordon Duff in this HUGE interview. He is never to be trusted again and VeteransToday is nothing more than a “limited hangout” disinformation hub that tried to gather really good writers to control them. Those great patriots are now leaving VeteransToday in the biggest mutiny in alternative media history! This is actually a very good thing as Gordon Duff is fully exposed and we will NEVER be fooled again. He’s fake and was put there to control people and tell people to relax in the warm pot and that Jade Helm was no big deal! Get the word out now!

All patriots and veterans should now go to which is 100% uncensored and run by patriots who have been blowing the whistle and taking action for DECADES! I will never trust ANYBODY but Stew Webb, Gene Tatum, Jim Fetter, Don Fox, Dean Henderson, Bruce Campbell and all the others joining this incredible network! We are united and we won’t be fooled or controlled again! I supported Gordon only because he promised arrests and had stopped killers from taking out Stew Webb so I thought he had power. I was wrong. I correct mistakes when I make them. Gordon Duff promised action, arrests and no censorship – he lied! He’s a total fraud and Stew Webb reports that two sources say he is directly working for new world order pig Zbigniew Brezezinsky which I do believe. It appears to me that Gordon could very well be directly or indirectly linked to the attempted murder of Stew Webb and Jeff Rense when they went off his reservation of lies. Why did killers try to kill Stew Webb and Jeff Rense right after they began putting people on the radio telling the truth that Gordon Duff has lied, censored and failed to take the actions he promised?

5 thoughts on “Veterans Truth Network Ousts Gordon Duff for the liar and shill that he is!

  1. I could not bring myself to trust Gordon Duff. Not that I trust all these other guys completely, Duff always rubbed me the wrong way. His incessant defense of Obama was disturbing, in face of what this country has experienced.

    But more than anything is the fact that Duff is a gigantic blow hard. Worse than Fetzer or any of the others listed. Fetzer is brilliant, but has an ego problem. Yet Duff is far worse because he spouts so much bullshit that one can barely believe half of it.

    It is one reason I have a hard time linking to anything at VT.

    Unca Gordy is toast (I wonder if Rense will continue to interview him).

    • You did know that Rense was in a terrible car wreck last week?

      Makes me wonder if he actually is on our side, although, for many years I’ve been apprehensive to that stance.

      • Yeah, but Rense is ok (he put up one of my DC Dave posts yesterday).

        Fetzer seems to think that Duff is involved somehow. I dunno if Duff really has the kind of power/contacts that he brags about. Frankly, I wonder if he tells the truth about anything involved with his life, including his real name.

        I’ve wondered about Rense, but listen enough to know that he isn’t afraid to call out the Jew. How far he goes, depends upon the guest’s stance, I think. Can he be fully trusted? Don’t ask me, I don’t trust anyone implicitly (most of my closest confidants are now dead).

      • Yeah, mine too – like Edgar Steele. What a true-blue patriot. You know the ones who are really important – they murder.

        We found out that Duff’s real name is Bob Foote.

        Just goes to show you can’t trust a Jew even if they say they’re on our side.

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