Pragmatic Witness will no longer continue after July 1st.

Northerntruthseeker and I will be doing a few more shows on Turbulent Times for the next month, however, I will no longer be posting blogs.

For over eight years I’ve given my time, my very soul to this blog attempting to open the minds of people who are in the dark about the country, the world and the true rulers of this world.

Less than one-tenth of those readers or visitors even care.  They would rather be left in the dark.

I’ve also politely requested small donations and only three people have ever sent me enough funds to survive on a monthly basis while I continue to remain unemployed not by choice I might add.

I need $150.00 a month to pay for medicine and doctor’s visits.  But those funds are not forthcoming on a consistent monthly basis.

And Northerntruthseeker is spending money out of his own pocket to pay for our show on Blog Talk Radio.

Up until my life took such a turn for the worse I would never even ponder begging for money and the whole experience has left me feeling inadequate that maybe what I’ve done all these years is not worthy not even for the small amount I’ve asked for.

At this point, why should I spend countless hours and sleepless nights surfing the web for extraordinary news to bring to my readers for nothing in return?  Nothing in life is free, eventually.

I’ve done all that I can to bring the truth to anyone’s front door but nobody is listening and no one wants to take action to change the status-quo.

And with all the laws that have since been implemented continuing on with this task will eventually be labeled as sedition and treason.

Pragmatic Witness had a good run and at one point reached its pinnacle when I had my own domain.  But thousands of visitors per day ended a long time ago.

I dare say I won’t be too missed, and eventually forgotten.  Besides there are thousands of great writers with the skills that hopefully can reach the masses.



P.S.  A new TT show will air tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. CST. 

19 thoughts on “Pragmatic Witness will no longer continue after July 1st.

  1. I am so sorry, WW, about your terrible and painful situation. You are shutting down on my birthday. I am older then I want to be and younger then expected.

    You must concentrate on your health and well being. Come back when you are fully restored.

    And yes, it’s exhausting fighting, not the jews, but our own idiot people. We are running out of time.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years and I’m so sorry that circumstances are such that you must move on. I wish you the best of luck with your health and with your job search.

    Before you close shop, there’s been one questions that has plagued me that I’d like to hear your thoughts on, and if any readers would like to comments I welcome that too. Here goes:

    Sure, Jews run the media, the banks, Hollywood… Anyway who doesn’t accept that is blind. But that’s just the tip of the Goldberg (pardon the pun). For centuries, Jews have been at the forefront of medical innovation, scientific exploration, art, philosophy… I mean the list is endless. Much has been written about the Nobel prizes that have gone over 20% to Jews, while their percentage of world population is like one fifth of one percent. I have Swedish family on the Nobel committee and I’ve discussed the process with them. I just don’t buy any conspiracy theories here, as the decision makers there are roundly non-Jews.

    So to the question: how do I reconcile my anger over the Jews outsized claim on power and wealth with the very FACT of their dominance across almost all areas professional life? While you and I lament our joblessness, they thrive at the highest levels. I sometimes feel that my anger is nothing more than petty jealousy – that conspiracy theories and the like are just my way of coping with my own, and collectively, our Christian, failure to thrive as well as the Jews, not just today, but for centuries.

    I mean, crackpot theories aside, our own lord Jesus was Jewish. The king of kings. Yet I’m going to continue to complain about the Jews? Am I not pointing a finger at the son of God?

    I apologize for my bluntness. I am lost. Stuck between anger and confusion. Perhaps it would have been better to be born Jewish and bear the brunt of the worlds hate from my big house with my great job. It’s a horrible thought.

    Could you please tell me your thoughts on reconciling all this nonsense. My heart tells me that my animosity towards all things Jewish seems justified, but my head is telling me that they win enough races, perhaps they deserve their medals.

    • Jesus was not a Jew. He was a Hebrew Nazarene. What the Hebrews believed 2000 years ago is as wide as from one galaxy to another.

      Remember, Jews have been very secretive about their beliefs for centuries and the truth is only now coming out. Even their own people state they were invented like Schlomo Sand.

      We may never have all the answers but we do know some things:

      1. Jews never work and profit from other people’s means and ideas.
      2. They live by three codes; lies, stealth and war.
      3. They are the most notorious liars on the planet.

      • hmm, so many are deluded with for self serving reasons or believing Jew lies. I just answered a bunch of Fitzpatrick comments defending jews. Sorry again Whiteraithe, was not born with much tact. Come see me at BLindlight and would love to publish any articles not promoting goy on goy wars, my main censoring preoccupation- cheers! 🙂

        that’s an RSS feed

  3. Please White Wrath get onto the Comfrey herb consume raw about five or six large leaves a day or as much as needed to relieve the pain it will fix you right up in less than two weeks , back pain takes so much out of you in so many ways you don’t realize until it’s gone & has a great deal to do with self support.
    After a work accident I suffered for over 20 years of pain to the point of not even being able to tie my own shoe laces.
    Folk names miracle herb or bone nit.
    It is a suppressed herb so there is allot of false negative info out there to ward you off.

  4. Pardme Whitewraithe, you are watching the folks too much that fight the Jews for a living or in other words make a living off fighting the Jews. This post is whiny and self-serving and is the 1st post I came across in checking your site out. The only way to beat the Jews is by using an all-volunteer army. You are deluding yourself if you think telling blunt truths about those that rule us will bring in the bucks. Why do you think people should support you may I ask? I run my own site, I don’t ask for money and I don’t have a pay pal link. You come to the table self-sufficient in this movement and if we ever organize, the only reasonable way to ask for funds is through proper channels, no each individual going his own way but anyway, like you said, no one gives a fuck so that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

    • You don’t know one goddamn thing about me, yet you just suppose that I’m begging for money for people to read my site. You couldn’t be more wrong.

      This site is going on its ninth year, where in the hell have you been????????????????

      And not that it’s any of your business but my PayPal link was only added last year after almost 8 years. Why? Which is none of your business either but I shall inform you regardless. I’ve suffered numerous lay-offs and unemployment over the past five years. I strictly asked for small donations to buy medicine and pay for doctor’s visits because I have a chronic pain disorder and just recently was injured severely nearly falling through the rafters of my attic. Go to the contributions page and see for yourself the generous amounts on a small scale that people have provided me just to keep me going on living.

      This site was never a paid-to-read site like Benjamin Fulford and many others. At one time The Rebel was a paid-to-read site.

      I don’t appreciate your tone, or insinuations that I’m out to make money by telling the truth about the way of the world.

      Get your facts straight and do a little research before you start accusing anyone of something untrue.

      This is a grievous insult and I don’t appreciate it one bit.

  5. WW,

    Times are very tough right now (for me and a lot of people). I recently was told I will be laid off from work (last day June 5). I have few opportunities, but like you, continuously trying to find a new position.

    I am a 25 year professional in my area of expertise (and an overall work history much longer than that). I have worked since I was 13 years old (I am 53). I am in a profession that most people would think should have plenty of jobs available. But it isn’t true. The last job I took came with a 40% cut in pay. Insurance doubled the first of the year. It was their “toe in the water” to hire me (they were a long time customer of mine, so they knew my abilities). But the market is bloated with companies doing what mine does. Many are dying on the vine. Competition is fierce and many “buy” the projects just trying to keep afloat.

    It is becoming as bad as the aftermath of the 2008/2009 financial debacle. Some say it is becoming as bad as the Great Depression.

    I am certain that many people are finding themselves in similar situations and cannot offer any financial assistance (I have supported your efforts physically by reading/spreading/listening.)

    I wish I could do more.

    I believe that more people appreciate your blog than you realize, but we don’t have the Jew money. They are squeezing every bit of wealth from this country making it more and more difficult to keep our heads above water.

    I hope you keep the blog, post intermittently when it is most important, and continue with the show as long as that gives you an outlet to speak your mind. But if you don’t, I can fully understand the frustration.

    I have never and will never ask for money on my blog (even though there was a 2.5 year time frame I was unemployed). I do this because I never want any Jew to erroneously make the claim that I am gaming the people for money. However, in your case it is about survival, which is totally different circumstances.

    For those who can give, please consider her need for help at this time of her life. WW is sincere and a very decent person who supports her elderly mother. Her needs are real!

    (If you ever decide to delete the blog, you can always share at my place, should you fancy such a notion.)

    My hope is that you will take a break. Concentrate on your life, work, etc. Post as needed (important info, updates about your situation, let some steam off, your radio show/podcasts, etc). Then, when you do hit the workplace again, come back as you see fit.


    • I should have replied sooner, B’man, my apologies.

      Thank you for your comments and positive inspiration.

      Guess what, I found out that the blog doesn’t expire until 2025 or some far off date.

      I’m actually afraid to delete over 2200 articles.

      The blog will stay up but I’m not putting anymore time into it until I become self-sufficient and independent again. And with the injuries I just suffered nearly falling through the attic I will be forced to make drastic changes. It’s been more than a month and I can barely walk still. I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow. I’m wondering now if I have a small hairline fracture in my pelvic bone.

      Anyway, thanks again.

      I was very sorry to hear about your job loss. What a bitch – it’s so unfair. But I know you will find something soon with your talent.

      • Wraithe,

        We are both strong and talented. Those years I was laid off taught me a lot, even though it was difficult on my family. One is resolve and to focus on the important things like caring for myself and family.

        But your situation is much worse (I own my home and 2 rentals). I have a small amount coming in monthly and my prospects for work are probably a bit better due to my profession.

        But it is now time for your break (and not in the pelvis).

        I keep positive thoughts and prayers coming your way…


      • Hey,Whitewraithe, I know I don’t know you all but why not instead of making a commitment to not post, just post when you feel like it as opposed to feeling obligated, just a thought and let everyone know accordingly. It sounds like the number of articles will keep visitors coming in whether you frequently update or not. I have three sites running and really only focus on one but for some reason the others keep doing ok and at some magic moment you get an inspiration. Commiting not to be inspired I’m not sure is a good idea. Obviously you had to have loved the work to put 8 years into the site. By the way I am Jew-wise inclusivist trying to work with focusing on the Jewish question. This is my main site if interested to gander
        Actually, I do something rather unpopular. I go after ppl I think are infiltrators, not way off in Alex Jones land where no Jew-wise person goes, but right in this community. The biggest obstacle to making progress is cleaning out the infiltrators who actually are controlling the stagnation by orchestrating distrust sessions and focusing the trusting followers into unproductive preoccupations. I got a weird sense of humor as you will notice if you read anything by me but I’m totally serious in my commitment and the fact I don’t try to belong to anyone and keep the suspected infiltrators at arms length allows me to critique their behavior in ways you can’t do with friends
        As an example I believe that the Delaney- Fuerza fight (Who is now Brandon by the way and loves everyone he used to hate) was a WWE fake fight to allow Fuerza to switch roles. There was clearly a movement to accent to lower race focus away from the Jew and obsess with the other goy so Zander had to go and IMO was replaced by Anglin. I cover all this a lot by the way if interested and no one else will. Chow for now and get better! 🙂

  6. Whitewraithe:

    I am so sad to learn that your website will shut down July 1. I understand and respect your reasons for wanting to shutdown – I wish that you could/would not. I believe that most of America (including myself) is feeling pretty much the same and experiencing the same issues that you are.

    This is probably one of the Cabal’s greatest dreams come true.

    Perhaps before July 1st, I hope, that you will reconsider shutting down and find some way to supplement your work with affiliate marketing of some type — some of the affiliate marketers also help with directing traffic to your site. A new webpage design may also help and refresh your vision or mission for your site. Most bloggers I know are at the point where they just need a break and some time-off to “re-group” and “re-energize”.

    Well, just a few suggestions, however I believe that I understand where you are coming from. I wish that I could afford to invest in all the sites that I read – I have a limited budget and must pinch pennies. I’m sure that you’ve heard reports about unemployment, some people have just given up on even looking for a job. But there just has to be a way to continue to fight for our Freedom and survive whatever the heck is coming at us.

    Thank you for your work and, take care.

    • no, you must reconsider and find a way to continue, please. Those of us who understand the the subject nature have been placed into penury just as yourself. Most who have anything give do not make it to this site…….why would they care yet. It is all in your mind.

  7. Sad to hear that… I hope that you are merely on a low, and will bounce back soon. I have no means to help anyone, hardly myself. A roof, keeping someone out of the elements is all I can offer, and I know you already have that, so a moot point. The awakening is slow but steady, I have applied some basic measurements and I can tell you compared to even 4 years ago it took a major leap. On a random exponential process, the math always starts very slow and then at some point, the so-called ‘critical mass’, it literally blows out to high numbers fast… my calculations and that of others in my group estimate that point is not very far. When you resurface, you will see me at the front. Take care.

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