Readers and Visitors please vote in my Poll – Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Readers and Visitors please vote in my Poll – Thanks!

    • Unemployment, damn near poverty, physical disability, you name it and I seem to have the plague or a very bad curse that’s descended into my life.

      I just wanted to know if I could get very many people to respond to a very honest question. Is what I do here on this blog worth anyone’s time?

      • I did manage to read your other posts on this after I commented. I am so sorry, my dear girl. Your work is so much more powerful then my own poor scratchings. However, you must look to yourself first.

        If you’re worried about your blog being deleted, just copy your posts over to Word Docs and save them to your computer. I wish I knew how to help you. You can contact me at my email if you wish.

        There are many gov programs that can help you out til you get on your feet again. Stay in touch.

      • Thank you for your encouragement, Mr. McCloud.

        I am slowly coming out of the mental fog I’ve been encased in for many weeks.

        God willing, hopefully, things will get better.

      • My apologies, Ma’am. Thank you for informing me. I used to get that all the time myself. Even today a lot of readers think I’m a male. Nice to have another female reader. Most of my readers are men. Peace to you.

      • Haha! Not a problem; all you have to do is look at my icon. What real man would use the Fairy Queen??? And I knew you were a lady because of your long haired icon. Frankly, I prefer men, myself, even as bag boys at the store:P

      • I’ve noticed that on other sites, too. However, since you are following me, it is visible on my site.

        I hear you’re thinking of moving to the Mid west? I saw your comments on B’Man’s Revolt.

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