Legitimate Americans complicit in the destruction of the United States

Since the September 11, 2001 attack by the United States and Israel there is no reason why every legal adult American does not know the truth about this country.

The very next day underground journalists like Christopher Bollyn of Spotlight Magazine were writing that it was a terrorist attack by the Israeli Mossad with the complicity of the United States government.

And there were ordinary Americans that already knew the truth about what was happening in the nation long before the 9/11 attack.  Why did not one of you act to stop the evil you apparently saw happening in plain sight?  That’s a question I would love to have answered.

Unfortunately, I did not become wise to the conspiracy until around 2003, which I’ve mentioned in former essays.  But when I began educating myself I could not believe that Americans much older and wiser were not acting to remove the enemies from the government.

Over the years we’ve heard bizarre rumors about just who and what these “things” are from lizard people to aliens to however you choose to define them.  Let me show you who you’re dealing with in my opinion.

Alien_Isolation__1_Over the years I’ve used a lot of Hollywood images as metaphors to shock people out of their comfortable unreality.  The Alien creature which first appeared in film in 1979 was the most frightening monster the American public had ever seen.  If you notice the Alien appears to have no eyes or ears.  It seems to act on instinct by what is in its presence.

Well, that’s what’s been in the U.S. government for years.  They don’t care to notice the suffering that they and the corporations have brought against ordinary citizens, nor do they hear our pleas for limited, honest government.  The Alien creature appears to only consume whatever it can get and that’s what Washington does.  They are consuming us in every way whether through fiat debt which we do not owe, outsourcing our jobs, starving us from basic needs due to runaway inflation policies to the point that most have nothing left after taxes and insurance including Medicare are deducted from our measly underpaid checks.  This cannibalistic government is literally eating every American from the inside out.

Yet – no one does anything to stop the madness!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate preaching to the choir but I’ve said on many occasions that as long as most Americans have a new car in the driveway, a nice house, plenty of food, and the option to take annual vacations they will not lift a finger to help the rest of their American brethren who are starving on the street or been locked in a FEMA camp because they’re poor and are not able to find work.

There are no more good Samaritans in the country just crooks and bandits what the medieval ages called “Highwaymen.”

But whatever these “things” in the U.S. government are they are not human in any shape or form, or, they’ve sold their souls and I suspect 99% have done so because they are not willing to fight back either.  How absolutely pathetic, unpatriotic, and cowardly.

I’m ashamed to be an American as I’ve also stated many times.  I’m living beside clueless, cowards that care nothing about their neighbors or even themselves.  Maybe it’s because I hail from a military background where there was honor and decency at one time.  But not today.  The military and police forces are nothing more than the U.S. government and corptocracy strong arms willing to shoot first before asking questions because we’re all guilty now, regardless.

But for all those that still have a pretty comfortable life in America you won’t be spared and don’t think for one minute you’re safe, because you’re not.  You’ll be taken down too when everyone else is.

America is not free or independent.  All the evidence of this fact can be found on the sidebar of this blog.  The United States is still part of the commonwealth of Jewish Great Britain. 

This means nothing –

flaglibertyThese are nothing more than false empty symbols to hypnotize an entire nation.  The flag nor the stature secure American liberty.  Liberty is a way of living that every man has to forcefully take for himself and his family from the tyrants of the world.  The age of tyrants never actually ended since we are living under more than type of tyrant in the 21st century.  Every man has the obligation to resist tyranny in all its various forms if he calls himself a decent man willing to defend the innocent and those that cannot help themselves.  He should be a modern day chivalric Knight in service to others especially women and children.

There are three city nation states in the world, first the Vatican was established to control the masses through religion, The City of London controls every financial transaction in the entire world except for a few countries in the middle east which as we know they are attempting to destroy utterly.  Then there is the City of Washington which has nothing whatsoever to do with the United States as it’s a complete separate entity which Americans owe no allegiance to.  It’s main purpose is to be the military arm for the other nation states using American citizens to fight their wars for dominion over the planet.

Everything you ever thought you knew about the creation of America is a lie and a falsehood and has no validity in the real world.  We are nothing more than cannon fodder for the 1% which are mainly Jewish corporations that have been doing their very best to decimate the white race and create a scorched earth policy to eliminate the remainder of their enemies that they perceive are standing in their way of total world domination.

Unless we find a way to organize and take down this evil in our world there is no hope for a future for us or our children.

On the other hand, if you choose not to act to change what is, then every capable American man that knows the score is complicit in the nation’s destruction which will most likely mean total annihilation.

Do you really want that on your conscious and your tombstone?