Important News Update on CERN – A MUST READ!!

CERNlogoSScadreVeterans Truth Network just posted a few weeks ago new information on CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) and their Large Hadron Collider purpose-built particle accelerators and detectors. Accelerators boost beams of particles to high energies before the beams are made to collide with each other or with stationary targets. Detectors observe and record the results of these collisions.

I have no doubt that the entire organization is totally conceived and operated by mad Jewish scientists who are engaging in what I describe as science-fiction come to life.

The article from VTN ties in a myriad of information and articles over the past few years that most probably thought were separate situations not affiliated with CERN.  No so, it seems.

CERN is not attempting to locate the God Particle, they want to destroy what they believe may be God and his Angels.

Furthermore, CERN and their nefarious activities are largely due to satanic occult ties with CERN dating back to Egyptian times or even before.

These crazy scientists are going to attempt to open a portal in September 2015 in order to bring through demons from an alternate dimension on Saturn which they believe are trapped in a black hole on the planet.

JADE HELM and it’s activities also correspond with what CERN is involved in, the last of the Blood Moons, and several Jewish holidays.

And this year CERN discovered an unidentified particle-

In March of this year, CERN started up the LHC again. A strange unidentified particle appeared. The particle is stable and seems to have been brought in from another dimension and seems to be remaining in this dimension. On March 3rd, the story stated that there was a short circuit, but Anthony Patch said that that was just a cover story, but didn’t elaborate further.

This is science run amok with no oversight.  The Particle accelerators are being used for DNA research, DNA manipulation and the creation of hybrids and the ascension of man to a higher level of existence. It’s not just looking for the God particle; it’s playing God.

According to Anthony Patch we have covered the dangers magnetic fields and the Strangelets being produced at the LHC. Could this be the false flag that the powers that be need? It’s possible that with these collisions, we could see major fault lines being set off with destructive earthquakes along the New Madrid and the San Andreas faults. The volcano of La Palma in the Canary Islands erupts, creating a mega tsunami wiping the East Coast. And then there is Yellow Stone.

These are just a few scary and dangerous highlights from this extremely long article.  In earnest, I advise all my readers especially those that understand this advanced science to read and study this material.

Over and above what the Jews have already done to utterly destroy our world this article may be the final piece of the puzzle regarding what they intend to do with all non-Jews and the future plans for “their” planet.


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3 thoughts on “Important News Update on CERN – A MUST READ!!

  1. First, thing you notice in that article is its religious bias… booom, I stop reading! …and this type article serves the JEW, because essentially it mixes truths with fantasy, and that generally results in much of the truth the public should be made aware of to become ridiculed along with the senselessness of the fantasy. Why can’t you GOYim simply go after what is in front of you, the CRIMINAL JEW, the JEWSURER BANKER, and the associated secret societies that rot your midst!?(FREEMASON/CIA/JEWI/MOSSAD/FBI,…) Why always throw this senseless garbage in the middle, perhaps for the same reason you accept a GOD that is described by those who INDOCTRINATE you! What is clamping on you now, is the FINANCIAL System because you see not that you can survive without it! …and you surely do not weight the magnitude of the rape it commits against you! Thus, you cannot see that you are being RAPED, yet you see the fantasy in the sky! JEW or NOT, mankind will always want to know and increase the level of understanding of our cage(the Universe)… and surely, one can hope no idiot human gets a hold of the secret that keeps it all glued together, as that will be a guaranteed pricked balloon! Though I do feel certain the Universe is smarter and cannot be dismantled all at once from a single start point of a chain reaction… perhaps remodeled in a locale but not destroyed… MASSONs are the evidence for that!

    • Why don’t you follow your own advice?

      If you put the real truth in front of most people they cannot comprehend it, however, they may open their minds to an article such as this one from Anthony Patch.

      Niq this is why you and I disagree on most everything, it’s either your way or the highway, or everything must be black or white, no shades of gray in the middle, no compromise, no quarter.

      There is more than one way to reach people and it’s not by ramming the truth down their mouths when they don’t even understand what that truth is.

      Subtlety is definitely not your forte.

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