MUSIC BREAK – More Kingdom Come – Religion Needs No Winner

music-breakThis song went right to my soul because it’s so true. 

Since discovering that this glam rock 80s band was still in circulation after 30+ years their music and especially Lenny Wolf’s lyrics have grown in grace and maturity.  Lenny was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany and I think his knowledge and the terrible past of his country speaks highly in his lyrics. 

serveimagen10909Lenny Wolf is in the middle of the picture. 

Now, this video I don’t believe is actually one that Kingdom Come produced.  It’s looks like a re-vamped TOOL video although I don’t know what song it was from but it feels very familiar.  A Russian fan produced the video for this particular song by Kingdom Come.

The song is from the 2002 album/CD Independent.

Kingdom Come - Independent (2002)Whitewraithe~

Lyrics –

Being burned by the flame
I believe it’s not the same
A sign of the time
It’s a very dangerous game
I simply can’t ignore
What’s causing so much war
Religion’s no excuse
For all the damned abuse

We’re shedding blood in vein

So intense, so much pain
The truth we cannot see
An illusion of being free

Believe in something good
You definitely should
Wanna change it, make a deal
Get back to what is real

Cry out – start to conquer your doubts
(Reach out – love is showing you how)

Religion – needs no winner
White pigeon – can’t be the sinner