Tom DeLay: Justice Dept. Wants to Legalize 12 ‘Perversions’

Just like what happened in post WWII Germany I guess America is also now going to follow suit and totally pervert and upcoming population of innocent Americans – I think I’m going to be sick now.  WW~

This came straight from Jim Stone’s site and Before It’s News even included an Ed. Note which stated – [Ed. Note: FRIENDS, none of this is by accident, it is by design. Satanists within our government and governments around the world are trying to usher in their ‘New World Order’, a Luciferian nightmare in which all levels of perversion are “legal”. Though extremely controversial, if you have not read the ‘Protocols of Zion’, at this point we must recommend that you do so.’]


Here is the article from NewsMax

Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay claims the Justice Department has drafted a memo that spells out a dozen “perversions,” including bestiality and pedophilia, that it wants legalized.

“We’ve … found a secret memo coming out of the Justice Department. They’re now going to go after 12 new perversions. Things like bestiality, polygamy, having sex with little boys and making that legal,” DeLay said Tuesday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

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“Not only that, but they have a whole list of strategies to go after the churches, the pastors and any businesses that try to assert their religious liberty. This is coming and it’s coming like a tidal wave.”

The Texas Republican’s bombshell claim comes four days after the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states — a landmark decision DeLay strongly opposes.

When Steve Malzberg repeated to DeLay his assertions that the Justice Department seeks “to legitimatize or legalize” practices such as bestiality — defined as sex acts between humans and animals — DeLay responded:

“That’s correct, that’s correct. They’re coming down with 12 new perversions … LGBT [short for lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender] is only the beginning. They’re going to start expanding it to the other perversions.”

He did not list the other nine “perversions” he said are mentioned in the Justice Department’s memo and did not share it with Newsmax TV.

DeLay, who represented the Lone Star State’s 22nd District from 1985 to 2006 and was Republican Party House Majority Leader from 2003 to 2005, said that with the high court’s ruling last Friday, “all hell is breaking loose.”

Just right here in Texas our Attorney General Ken Paxton has written an attorney generals’ opinion directing our county clerks that in issuing marriage licenses that they don’t have to issue marriage licenses if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. That’s just the beginning,” DeLay said.

“In just the last few days all over this country, [people] letting their elected officials know that they are upset with us, that the Supreme Court is out of control, that we are in a constitutional crisis. We are really in a constitutional crisis.”

“We have a president that totally disregards the Constitution, steps all over it. We have a Supreme Court that … [believes] the Constitution is a living document and whatever they say goes. And we have a Republican Congress that doesn’t even understand the Constitution and the fact that they have the most power and can stand up and stop the other two branches. We’re in serious trouble.”


9 thoughts on “Tom DeLay: Justice Dept. Wants to Legalize 12 ‘Perversions’

  1. I can save you some work; I just check half a dozen sites all referring to the Newsmax show with Tom Delay. There is NO original documentation or proof this Justice Dept memo exists. I’m not saying it doesn’t. However, I would never publish a repetitive rumour as the truth. Just because everyone says so doesn’t mean it’s true. I stand by my original post to you.

    • That we know of……why would Mr. DeLay disclose the information if there was not some truth behind it? It may have originated from Newsmax which is a gate-keeper site and only reveals a partial amount of some truth. I’ll send you my sources which were not affiliated with Newsmax.

  2. I understand that and I do as well, which is why I’m asking for your sources. If all your websites are saying the same thing, then what is the original source of all this? Other then Delay, I mean. Some well meaning person, if they have seen the actual bill, should have copied and leaked it to the public by now.

  3. Well, let’s not go off half cocked, (no pun intended) as at this point there is no proof of this. All we have are the rantings of Delay. No one else has come forward to validate this so-called memo.

    As for the legalization of gay marriage being a Trojan Horse, I wouldn’t be surprised. All the jews have to do is get one “minority” into the legal system and all is lost. Our individual freedoms to accept or reject (discrimination) our own morality is being quickly eroded away and we’d better step up to the plate and stop it instead of fussing behind an anonymous computer.

    That said, the uncritical acceptance of unverified rumours as long as they fit certain conspiracy agendas, does nothing to advance serious researchers work and makes us all look bad.

    • Cartier, hold on one minute…….I’m not a person who goes off half-cocked if you’re directing the statement at me.

      I cross referenced DeLay’s claim with a dozen other websites that all stated the same thing. And with what we’re witnessing in this country right now I have no reason to believe that DeLay’s claim isn’t authentic.

      My God, they are planning to place a demonic statue of Baphomet at the Little Rock, AR statehouse. However bizarre this situation is, it’s still the truth.

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