Un-Independence Day is over in the U.S. how about a little music from you guessed it – KINGDOM COME

Music-NotesAfter eight years writing about the horrors of the world I intend to make it a point to have a little fun now and then.  My drug of choice has always been music; it’s my natural high.

Now, what I’ve attempted over several years is to persuade readers to re-evaluate a situation, circumstance, or accepted political incorrectness through the avenue of music.

Music is, after all, the world’s universal language regardless of which country the language originates.

So, today is Monday, July 6, 2015 and I want to present a great video from Kingdom Come from 2009 called “So Unreal.”  Lead singer Lenny Wolf was 49 when he wrote and recorded the song.  He celebrated his 55th birthday this past March.

Lenny is originally from Hamburg, Germany and he is the main driving force behind the band.  Kingdom Come is his baby.  Other musicians come and go and have been for 30+ years, but Lenny remains.  He is KINGDOM COME.

The original line-up of Kingdom Come in the mid 80s were all Americans except Lenny.  They were only together two years.  In my opinion, that was the band’s best days.  Back then, Lenny looked like a doe-eyed angel he was so gorgeous.  I could not find a really good picture of him when he was young so here is the band’s first American video.

But as with us all youth fades and we become something else, hopefully something better and more wise.  I think Lenny has achieved that over his wide musical career.  He no longer has the baby face of a cherub, but the look of a mature man who knows the truth, I believe, about this rotten world, which I’ve been attempting to convey to my readers to listen to some of Lenny’s songs written over 20 years ago.  Even then, I think he knew the score, but was very careful writing the messages he wanted to convey in his songs.

Kingdom Come is still a great, talented band and their music should be mainstream on American rock radio stations.  But you will never hear their music unless you visit YouTube now.  Maybe their music is played in Europe because that’s where Lenny’s base is and they do a lot of European gigs.  They were in the states for a brief period a few months ago playing for some midwest festivals, then it was back to Germany.

As with all long time bands the music and the lyrics evolve and this is Kingdom Come in the 21st century.

Without further adieu here is SO UNREAL