A Brotherhood for the Modern Age

medieval_war_v_by_deex_helios-d3e7f7uThere are times when a man can be alone, and happy with his own company. Study, contemplation, writing and creative pursuits are all things that are often better done alone. However, when roaming the ruins that are the modern wasteland it is often better that the militant traditionalist has a brother in arms at his side. Wing man, battle buddy, oppo, call it what you like but we can all benefit from having a brother watching our backs.

The first advantage of a brother militant is purely physical. With a brother in arms you have somebody to watch your back. You have another pair of eyes to spot trouble before it arrives and he brings another gun, knife or pair of hands to the fight when it comes. And it’s coming.

The Modern Landscape

The ruins of the modern world are a dangerous place, especially in the cities. The modern Western city has largely been abandoned by us, the people who built them, and is now infested with the imported ethnic underclass preferred by our governments. Western cities are ugly deathtraps, what little beautiful medieval architecture that remains is dominated by the Brutalist concrete monstrosities that sprang up in the 1950s and 60s. The Brutalist style with its massive, grey, square buildings was a deliberate attempt by the socialists of that era to impose themselves and their ideology on the city, drown out the beauty of the ancient buildings and demoralise the people living there. They were essentially inside-out prisons.

The Brutalist style was designed to convey an image not just of domination, but of the immortality of modernity and socialism and its constant forward progress. How can one develop the correct mindset to revolt against the modern world if one is forever surrounded by square concrete slabs instead of the buildings made by our ancestors?


The modern city is designed to depress you into conformity, and offers you endless distractions to provide false comfort and lead you astray. Even a man with the strongest will can find himself dejected when living alone in our ugly and overcrowded cities. Many men start on the journey of questioning the world around them, but eventually become frustrated by the endless concrete and the ugly problems that congregate in our cities and they escape into its poisoned fruits: junk food, drink, drugs, sex and pornography, television and other frivolous entertainment. Many men try to fight modernity alone but become demoralised and give up, only to eventually fall into its clutches. These young men and women know that there is something deeply wrong with the modern world, but trapped in the midst of it, they eventually succumb to it.

If you gaze long enough into the concrete, the concrete gazes also into you.

A Band of Brothers

You cannot fight modernity alone. A brother in arms and spirit will help to keep you from falling to these distractions or becoming overwhelmed by the task at hand. A brother will remind you of the goal and help you stay on the path. When depression, frustration and fatigue appear a brother can galvanise you into action.

A brother will push you physically, to work harder in the gym and become stronger and leaner and to eat in a manner which produces a strong and healthy body and mind. When you are tired, demoralised or prone to temptation, your brother will be there to encourage you and keep you from the television and junk food that weakens us. When conflict comes, as it surely will, we are safer together, and we are emboldened by numbers. With strength in numbers we gain momentum, become more audacious and can seize the initiative.

A brother in arms helps us to police ourselves, our thoughts and actions. It is too easy when alone to allow ourselves to drift into the modern world. The modern world provides no moral guidelines, no spiritual direction, no traditional identity. The modern world only tells us to just be ourselves, and above us, just do what makes you feel good. With a brother at our side we will find the strength to resist and overcome the enemy and his subversive message. Do not just be yourself; improve yourself. Do not do what makes you feel good; do what is right.

We are poor judges of ourselves. In isolation, it is easy to dismiss our vices and weaknesses as trivial. With a companion watching out for us we will pay closer attention to our thoughts and actions. We can deceive ourselves, but not our fellow man. Being in the company of other men causes us to strive to better ourselves, partly through competition, partly through a shared identity and goal.

Brotherhood in the Age of Iron

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A man, even the Hyperborean superman we are building, is not a community on his own. A man on his own is easily surrounded and cut off from support. He is easily defeated. Two men can support each other. Two men can become much more by working together than they could be working separately. Two men can achieve far more by acting in unison. Two men are the beginnings of a community, and an operative unit. Men working together project strength and unity and a common identity.

We must fight the dispersal of our people and the atomisation of our society. We must draw together. As we do so we will generate an energy and a gravity which will draw yet more people towards us. People bet on the strong horse and people are drawn to strong communities, and it starts by finding our brothers in arms.

We need to form friendships with men. There are other men out there that think like us. Many more are deeply troubled by the modern world but do not know why or what to do about it because they are alone and lost in the modern world. Go out there and find them. We are the vanguard. Make a commitment to go out there and find one. Maybe he is already a friend. Maybe it is that man you strike up a conversation with when he expresses his disgust about politics, immigration or unemployment. Maybe he is a fully awakened traditionalist, maybe he needs guiding from a position of anger and frustration by a mentor.

Spend time together. Eat, work out, spend time outdoors pursuing masculine endeavors. Create male spaces; the enemy hates that. Cultivate a real life friendship of brothers and comrades, not a virtual one of idle internet chitchat. Support each other and grow as men and militant traditionalists. The modern world is at war with us. We need to regroup and fight back.

Find your brother in arms.

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