American Defense Party’s 2016 campaign kickoff

By Olaf Childress

Our people are finally discussing what they’ve seen all along, though acting until lately as if no elephant were parked in the room. Ordering that thing to vacate might hurt its feelings and label us as uncaring “humanists” or some such epithet, but it’s less terrorizing these days thank God.

So there you have the good news. And now for more on this joyful awakening. We’re getting tougher at calling a spade a spade. Once our mounting voices overthrow the Jewish mediacracy’s outdated lyrics, we’ll sing truer versions of the future. Indeed, there’s a new world coming, and anyone with enough spunk to join us can feel it without half trying.

Reviving the war department

Acknowledging that all things exist to a purpose, it becomes evident why we few keep ourselves in shape, ever ready to meet challenges, harbingers of opportunities at various forks along life’s road. Ignoring options for advancing this Aryan Nation toward increased virtue, morality, integrity and numbers while defending its inherited spaces, the default mode of inaction finds many a passive, no-elephant-in-the-room “Judeo-Christian” supporting the so-called Neo-Conservatives – which collaboration, whether they’ll admit it or not, is sending young Americans to kill and die, terrifying entire regions of the world with the ZOG’s deceptive wars “on terror.”

When did it come to this? The existing state of confusion didn’t begin in our own times. Over one hundred and fifty years ago warmongering Lincoln was locking up dissenting editors. But the bankrollers of his administration and later biographers who would not write sic semper tyrannis if they expected to get published described “Reconstruction” in such glowing terms as today’s “Diversity is our strength,” giving those victors credit for having fought their invasive war against “rebels” “to free the slaves” so that all goyim might be “equal.” How green was our Shenandoah Valley!

The bad news is that such chatter about equality comes from Jewish Supremacists whose media munchkins still shove it into juvenile faces. Black CEOs, White boobs, mixed-race and same-sex couplings all get the mediacracy’s nod – whatever stupidity today’s traffic will bear.

Good housekeeping

Beholden to Jewish campaign financing because it “elected” them, presidents and prime ministers in turn must name only “God’s Chosen” imposters as directors of the International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve Bank, World Bank, United States Treasury, et cetera ad nauseam. We can exile that elephant from our living rooms in the reverse order by which it came, i.e., when taking control of the creature’s nosey proboscis, the media, rather than wrestling with its fiat-currency bulwark. Such a long trunk could never have entered our domain except for the colossus behind it. So we grab onto its sensitive, foremost tip, which predictably will trumpet “Anti-Semitism!” and push the monster out; then, not letting all that thick hide go to waste, plaster some outdoor advertising across those expansive ribs and backsides: “With Jews you lose!”

The masses always await instructions, cooperating with whomever they perceive as actually in charge. Many people don’t particularly care for involvement, but let’s not get too uppity discussing “the sheeple.” That’s just the way it is. Our White Nation comprises various worldviews, numerous among which perceive no subterfuge in Rodney King’s “Why can’t we all just get along?” Each community defines its level of investigative participation. Those who watch and wait, the nonconfrontational, suffer merely less satisfaction than enjoyed by a Thomas Jefferson or Benedict Arnold at more elevated musings. If the originally European-stocked homelands should go under, it’s all one.

So what we’re considering here comes down to who commands the watchers’ and waiters’ attentions.

Two opposed forces compete forever in this world, and it was always so. Call them the armies of those who contend primarily for honor on one side and deception at the other. See both leaderships lampooned by that twentieth century cartoon in which they’re trying to influence this undecided fellow who hears a small angel on one shoulder whispering into his ear and a little devil at the opposite side doing likewise.

The former we may call positive and the latter negative. Honor wants a constitution of laws which condemns subversive acts; deception would keep every avenue open. Both speak of a lasting peace, knowing the while that what they’re really debating is whether it’s to be international bloodshed and short, nonviolent regroupings without letup or Jeffersonian contentions between ideas as they apply exclusively inside each separate community, State or Nation.

Virtue vs. venality

Unassailable honor, ever beholden to its heritage and checked by that debt, always seeking our advancement as a people, is less about personal safety and thus wills us to take necessary risks on the way toward a virtuous future; whereas insecure venality, equally aware of its historic place, keeps reaching, ever covetous for more, greater sufficiency, impossible finality – resulting in endless wars by deception and whatever means. Brave men die but once, cowards many times.

While the less decisive are content with mundane lives, active antagonists regard each other as whetstones upon which to sharpen their vital wits and resolutions.

Honor would call the undecided masses at minimum away from what we may now plainly see is a failed social experiment, i.e., miscegenation, multiculturalism and the equally-absurd search for gratification exclusively in material things. Inconstancy among the if-it-feels-good-do-it befuddled victims of venality, prizing here-and-now physical security above all else, somehow never find it.

Two different worldviews

Those who don’t play that game know how it works, but newcomers to alternate news experience cognitive dissonance; it’s incompatible with what turns their circles on. They long for love instead of “racism”; acceptance, not “homophobia,” and open borders rather than “xenophobia,” along with other tunes the just-following-orders media munchkins sing to them from all sides. Aryan Nationalists don’t mind being noticed and “labeled,” catching that little quiver in the so-called journalist’s voice when he intones, “Your side lost; get over it!” Sticks and stones may break our bones, but such clichés tell us we’re making good progress. Therefore let’s catalogue, that is, profile, all these innocent White victims of infotainment that we meet – they’re either salvageable or hopeless – then spend our reeducation time and effort wherever that indicates the greatest return on investment.

New recruits must hear from the start that we’ve no fixed program and our entire movement is based on the love, acceptance and vigilance which loyal members of any successfully cohesive society pledge one another. It’s not hate for a Nation to study and practice what works best.

As things stand, today’s infotainment victims get shocked by fresh deviances from the traditional norms daily, yet insist that each titillating new oddity rhyme with everything the “mainstream” colossus has heretofore supposedly authenticated. Thus they’re turned off by White Nationalists singing a dissonant tune.

Facing the reality

Which development, painful to recount, is alternate news at its saddest. We’ve lost them. Not each and every one, but far too many of our people are hopelessly beyond redemption.

What to do? Get down on our knees and pray for guidance, then perform what that wisdom dictates. So long as even a few stalwarts make themselves seen and heard out on the streets demonstrating, flyering, postering, organizing, shoving literature at the brainwashed masses, it’s just possible that today’s challenge may become Aryan man’s finest hour.

For surely he’s the ultimately observant, can do specimen of humankind who sees divine purpose – ab aspera ad astra – in all these tumults, recognizing necessity as the motivational mother of invention, Zionist histrionics notwithstanding. Without that elephant squatting in every Nation’s midst instilling fear, daring any authority to call its bluff until Germany’s Reichsführer and scientists actually did, this world might’ve waited another millennium before Jules Verne’s submarine and Buck Rogers’ extra terrestrial space ship became realities.

What this tells us is that false flags and disinformation, no matter how cowardly, are the sine qua non provocations keeping our people wide awake to the Mossadniks’ scheming. We owe them, and vice versa, in a contest without enduring victory, defeat or finality. The adversaries stimulate each other, dividing the spoils (those who labor, pay homage without complaint and await instructions) constantly.

Therefore, during our lifetimes let us get busy where we’re most needed, laugh off such silly words as “homophobe,” “racist” and “xenophobe,” ourselves calling the shots much more often rather than letting some munchkin name us reactionaries, a favorite shtick from Bolshevik Jews still on the offensive.

Indeed, evil is a prime moving force in the world, defending against which being one’s duty. But action doesn’t have to wait for the enemy to commit such a blooper as we’ll consider here before capitalizing on that mistake. Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s Crimson Tide knew “The best defense is a good offense.” And yet we must presently continue on the defensive by pointing out what absurdities the media are flinging our way. Take, for instance, “homophobe.” It’s a non sequitur, since homo means “man,” whom (assuming he’s logical and honest), we’ve no cause to fear, whereas our word “perversophobe” were more correct. Once we’ve forced those Zionist overlords and their puffed-up munchkin team back a few yards, Aryan Nationalists will have gone on the offense and brought to the playing field some better-understood rules.

A renewed confederation

Grabbing the elephant by its proboscis, we concentrate all available resources on exposing what started as the United States War Department in 1789 and became the Department of Defense in 1949. Our war department must do a J. Bruce Campbell reverse play on words, calling ourselves the American Defense Party while openly stating we’re out to destroy the ZOG. This non-voting political drive is dedicated to ending the disastrous federal system and private central bank, having its sense of identity, camaraderie and communications plus a common declaration and agreement of purpose: an organized “defense” against aggression.

Bruce Campbell declares that “America is a presidential dictatorship abetted by a cowardly Congress and a corrupt Supreme Court. It has masqueraded as a democracy and as a republic and as a nation guided by ‘the rule of law.’ But the law is only for us, the people, to obey and be controlled. The lawmakers and law enforcers make and enforce the law on the orders of our deadly enemies…

“There are two political philosophies in America. One philosophy is that government is necessary and as such deserves to be voted on and validated periodically… by electing ‘good new people’… But, as we all can see, with untold trillions of dollars of government debt to the private Federal Reserve, Communist China and others, the government is out of control and has been for a hundred years… All of this and much more were made possible by a hundred years of voting … exactly how long it’s been since our elected representatives voted to make the Federal Reserve Act into ‘law’…

No more ZOG

“A non-voting political party dedicated to the shutting down of the suicidal and catastrophic federal system would give Americans an actual means to unlatch the homicidal parasites from our veins and bank accounts… The new party wouldn’t put people in federal office because we want to do away with the federal government and you can’t do that as a part of government.

“The political climate in America is ripe for radical change. The Neo-Cons who took control of the Bush and Obama administrations have brought only chaos and hardship to America and mass death and misery to the peoples of the world. The Neo-Cons have plotted to rule the world for decades, but once in power demonstrated only ineptitude and failure at everything other than destruction.

“The American Defense Party would replace the Constitution with Articles of Confederation – a modern version of the original. There would be no central government to enforce the private central bank, both of which would be abolished forever. The one legitimate function of the remaining Treasury Department… would be to create and distribute debt-free currency (Kennedy’s 1963 U. S. Note). That would be one of the first principles of the party platform…”

A positive new direction

What the world needs now is not love, sweet love, but trustworthy media – that is, responsible White men in control of those physical narrows through which their own daily tradings of ideas, services and things must pass. And, following such reforms, even though meddling into everybody’s business remains none of ours, still, the more alert non-White Nations might study how we’re doing it and act similarly.

Today is an opportune time for grabbing that bluffing bulwark aggressively by the nose and – one, two, three – shove!

Indeed it’s happening, all across Europe and hereabouts. Just when the Chosenites thought it was safe to produce a Holohoax movie again, nobody’s buying. In today’s information age, neither the revisionists nor those whose eyes we are prying open fear their “hate laws” transparently crafted to bluff White Nationalists out of poking about that elephant over in the corner.

For the young European of a hundred generations who loves his inherited space wherever on earth that State be established suddenly realizes the present danger and will perform what such wisdom dictates.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

The First Freedom


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  1. Well, right on, sister.

    “The bad news is that such chatter about equality comes from Jewish Supremacists whose media munchkins still shove it into juvenile faces. Black CEOs, White boobs, mixed-race and same-sex couplings all get the mediacracy’s nod – whatever stupidity today’s traffic will bear.”

    This is how they hedge their bets.

    They can push the envelope by degrees sufficiently small enough to escape notice.
    But in the event there is ever a back fire, they have already created an escape route by which they can then say, “See! WE told you so. WE were always took this position.”

    After all the “Nazis” and “anti-Semites” become are reassured, everything returns to normal.
    They become willing once more to “Share and share alike”. The cycle quietly begins again and the “long march” is resumed.

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