How one man rebels against the modern world

I stumbled across this guy’s website and felt I had stepped back into the past of the early 20th century when men were still real men, even honorable American men.  If this guy is the real deal then we have an American male fossil roaming the country that still believes in the morals and values of a long forgotten America because it definitely does not exist today.  This man follows his heart and head even though he’d be labeled politically incorrect today.  


From the Deringer Files – warning, he does use some harsh, offensive language

The modern world is a fucking disaster – I look around and I see misery, anxiety, fear, anger… division… and hatred… the modern world and its new normal… good and beauty is bad – evil and ugly is good… you fucking fell for that shit… you abandoned tradition for this bullshit… well you can keep it – because when I look around in my travels and see happy people… they definitely are not part of the modern world… traditional  old fashioned men and women of strong morals and values… I see, are happy well adjusted people… they have not fallen for the con game being sold by the media… by these pundits of the modern world… you keep  your bullshit thank you – I am opting out… 

How I rebel against the modern world:

– I wear suits several times a week, though I don’t have to –  because that is the world I want to live in.

– I open doors for women and hold them open, though they may hate it – because that is the world I want to live in.

– I seek out male only spaces, barber shops and pubs… and pool halls – because that is the world I want to live in.

– Sometimes, I just go to the barbers for a trim and a shave… and a shoe shine – because that is the world I want to live in.

– Sometimes, I go to the horse track  – or the dog track (in a suit) just to hear the thunder… because that is the world I want to live in.

– I hang out in underground dens and parlors – where men can be men… where the people that work and gather in them know more about the world and it’s workings than the sheep on the outside – because that is the world I want to live in.

– I go for long walks – in cities and in nature, because that is the world I want to live in.

– I travel by train when at all possible, because that is the world I want to live in.

– I go camping and hiking and sailing when I can, alone… for lack of friends that enjoy the things I do, because that is the world I want to live in.

– I collect books and stamps and old photographs, because that is the world I want to live in.

– I write and compose and draw and offer no explanations or excuses for it – because that is the world I want to live in.

– I cook, I clean, I iron… or pay a woman to come to my home and do it all for me – because that is the world I want to live in…

– I do not use a cell phone – my phone conversations are of actual importance and the world does not need to know about it… because that is the world I want to live in.

– I tip generously – because that is the world I want to live in.

– I exercise… for obvious reasons, because that is the world I want to live in.

– I live a simple life with little material possessions and uncomplicated distractions, because that is the world I want to live in.

 – I prefer to court women… in a traditional old fashioned way… because that is the world I want to live in… but… I have been known to use many a modern girl like a whore and forget about her… for I will treat ladies like ladies… and whores like whores… because that is the world I want to live in.

– I believe in traditional families and in Christian morals and values… and I acknowledge and respect it when I come across it, because that is the world I want to live in.

– I believe in honor and dignity… and I acknowledge and respect it when I come across it, because that is the world I want to live in.

– I enjoy and admire feminine, gentle, kind, simple uncomplicated traditionally minded women… and I acknowledge and respect them when I come across them… because that is the world I want to live in.

– I give thanks and am grateful for the things I have… I find that when I focus on the things I want and the people I wish to surround myself with… I find it… and I am grateful for it… and the more I acknowledge and give thanks for these things and the people… I see and am surrounded by more if it… I don’t know how it works… I don’t know why it works… I simply only know that it does work… sometimes the modern world overwhelms me… but the flow shifts and I am back on top… in the world I wish to live in…

– I believe in “the Golden Rule” – and I try hard to live by it… but sometimes… just some times…  I have to kick a man in the dick – I have never… ever, started a fight… and I don’t get involved in other peoples problems…. and I don’t give a damn about the way you live your life… don’t tell me how to live mine… you do you – I’ll do me… because that is the world I want to live in…

when fathers ruled the world
don’t try to convince me that the modern family is more
 appealing than this image here…

3 thoughts on “How one man rebels against the modern world

  1. I grew up watching westerns and other TV shows in which the implied message was that the measure of a “man” was determined by how he fared in contests with “bad guys”.

    Much to my dismay, I had to face the fact that if this was entirely the case, that there was absolutely no way that I could ever meet the standard. It was plain enough to me, even at an early age, that there were an abundance of people whose strength exceeded my own.
    There was no way that I could ever contend with them and expect to come out on top.

    Practically speaking, even the mightiest don’t remain there indefinitely. Lions, tigers, and bears, elephants, gorillas, and hippopotami are majestic and powerful animals. But they can all be snared.

    It seemed apparent to me that at least in most instances were the balance of power was grossly lopsided, that the outcome of such a struggle was pretty much assured. Regardless of opinions as to who was in the right, natural laws would prevail.

    So there was the problem left in the adolescent mind, of how to achieve “manhood” in face of the fact that I was no “Lone Ranger”, nor would I ever be.

    Despite the prattle of some teachers who would say things like “It takes a bigger man…” and all the episodes of televised violence where the “good guy” always won the battle and rode off with the leading lady, you could see more youths acting in ways which would emulate the villains in these films.
    Life was typified by the decorations on pin ball machines.

    It was puzzling to me how so many people, boys AND girls, could sit through these films where the proper code of behavior was just illustrated, and the moral consequences for violating codes of ethics and honor were confirmed by the outcome, amd then go straight forth and behave as though the virtue was with those who initiated the use of force, deceit, treachery, and maliciousness in order to get their way.
    Did crime pay or didn’t it?
    You were supposed to treat people nice or else take your lumps like Brutus.
    Did they not get the message or was I just confused.

    Similarly, the idealized lives of “decent” folk in film, presumably presented to us as role models, didn’t seem to correspond very well to the practical life which myself and others around me experienced.

    Somewhere along the line, at least some teenagers of my generation must have realized that when people get shot or injured, that they bleed and that often the consequences were even worse.
    People in real life lacked the resilience to spring back to action after grievous insults to body, mind, and spirit, the way some Hollywood heroes could. Ordinarily, people who get their heads clubbed with pistols hard enough to render them unconscious may sustain serious concussions and so forth. It hardly seemed realistic that they should spring into the saddle so soon and present without so much as an egg on their noggins.

    Furthermore, the problems posed by insufficient incomes which plagued most of the people I grew up around didn’t seem to exert the same weight on these idealized families. I bet ‘the Beave’ never had to get his tennis shoes at Pic ‘n’ Pay. He probably wore PF flyers.

    Those of us who had a hard time distinguishing between what was possible in cartoons and what was possible in real life had special difficulties in sorting all this misinformation out. This would be especially true for those who were reared by parents who were not much more than children themselves.
    Some kids were fortunate enough to have had fathers who were not too young (or married with kids) to experience the realities of WWII. Others had to settle for Pops who were simply slaves to manual labor all their natural lives.

    Therefore, the ground was fertile for an eventual rebellion to all those misconceptions.
    As is usually the case with people who are distressed over one thing or another, “For every action, there is an OVER-reaction”. Hence we were ripe for the “Tune in, turn on, and drop out” philosophy which the Neo -Bolsheviks were fomenting in our impressionable and immature minds.

    All it took to tip the boat over was the introduction of drug abuse which offered the prospects of a panacea where previously nothing existed but ignorance and a spiritual void.
    Remember, we were of the mind set during all this experimentation, that if anything went wrong, that we could always tune in next week for a new episode in which everything was restored to normal. Little did we realize in a pre-computer age that there was no such thing a reset button for some disasters.

    So, I would caution those who look back to the signs and emblems of former times, against believing that all was entirely well, or that it was all as it was made to appear through advertising.

    Prevailing social mores at the time demanded that advertisers and movie makes conform to certain standards which more less conformed to the consensus of opinion, which at that time was influenced more by the doctrines of Christianity as they were then accepted among so many denominations, hypocrisy not withstanding.

    Now days, although the fabric of reality has not been altered in the least by the personal dementia which certain drugs induce in the minds of those who perceive it, those universally accepted standards which arguably emanated from the pulpits is now under direct and indirect assault, both from within and without the churches themselves.

    People are more inclined to conform to popular standards than principles of which no immediate profit is easily discerned.

    We must learn to distinguish between principle and practice, the ideal and the actual.

    We can all work to create a better world and better lives for ourselves.
    But at no time should we deceive ourselves into believing that some form of nirvana can be created on earth by simple social engineering. Progressives believe they can legislate it, communists believe they can force it with bullets and bayonets, and Talmudists believe they can attain it through usury.
    I never hoped in any of those methods. And I long ago stopped believing it can be entered into through the mystical doors of drug induced apostasy

    We can make our lives more pleasant by working according to principle and striving towards that which is idealic.
    But sadly enough we must also come to terms with the fact that as long as we remain in these mortal coils, that sickness, toil, and danger will always be distinct possibilities.

    “The best laid plans of mice and men.”

    • Again, not sure where you’re going with this philosophical diatribe, no disrespect intended.

      So, are your comments to mean that some men can live their lives as they choose and others cannot for various reasons?

      I don’t believe that, men are still the masters of the world even if they are blue-collar workers. They still have the ability to make choices for the good of others and their families, and that’s what this blogger was conveying. This blogger lives according to his rules and choices which seemed neither nefarious or egotistical.

      I found that very refreshing because most men do not live by any code whatsoever.

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