South Carolina disgraces itself by lowering the Confederate flag

It is a sad day to be a Southern American.  WW~

Confederate Battle Flag Lowered In South Carolina

Confederate Battle Flag lowered in South Carolina after “compromise” is repudiated

In South Carolina, there were those who believed that they could “compromise” with the NAACP in 2000, and that it was possible to believe in “Heritage, Not Hate” and support both the Confederate Battle Flag and the Civil Rights Movement, as the two were not mutually exclusive. Those people were suckers.

The moral of the story here: THEY HATE YOU.


9 thoughts on “South Carolina disgraces itself by lowering the Confederate flag

    • I did also; like I said in one of my posts yesterday it was a sad day for Southern Americans.

      And the only reason “they” seem to be winning is due to the unconstitutional power and authority given them.

  1. The TRUTH is not always COURTEOUS! …and if you so decide to sensor my free speech, so be it!
    BUT IT IS CLEAR you are ALL COWARDS, and IDIOTS! Surely the Confederate Flag may represent a great loss against the Rothschild dyNASTY, but you seem to be more attached to a rag you have done nothing to back, than you hold yourselves accountable to helping those who are being abused!

    YOUR flag is USELESS if it has no back-bone behind it! Assuming the flag was NOT taken down, you prevailed! Guess what! You will bitch and bash go back to your couches and DO NOTHING! And rant and rave you won your battle! ..and the flag would be proudly flying, USELESS, while you would let the CRIMINALs continue to live/rule UNDER IT! Are any of you even half sensible to see this!

    You do nothing, when your JEWvernment is dropping BOMBs on top of human families all over the world! All of you are so traumatized it is sad! …the worst part hardly any of you really know what is behind that flag… and it certainly IS NOT what you have been told. …and the U.S flag is in no better in esteem…

    All these symbols are NOT of you, they are of the POWER STRUCTURE which only hold power because you let them… you use your rag of a flag as the excuse to show your TAILs, but like all good rednecks you will make a ruckus like the monkey in the jungle and that’s the extent of it!

    When this SHITE comes down on the people of the U.S. you will wish the black man was at your side to fight the REAL CRIMINALs… but you fall for that LIE as well and remain divided! yet you cal yourselves Christians! puhh!

    • Well, here once again you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      There were plenty of “black” men and believe it or not “jewish” men fighting along side the Christian Confederates.

      And my flag is not a “rag” thank you very much.

      Obviously, you haven’t read any of the material I’ve posted this week about The Civil War.

      And if this is the best you can do by belittling the last few proud Americans left in the country – go back to France.

  2. July 10, 2015
    NAACP President Arrested For Selling Cocaine:
    “It is sad that Mr. Miles had put himself and his family through this ordeal, but what is even sadder is that the NAACP has not been taken to task over some of its present issues and employees as has been given to the *Confederate flag issue, which is 170 years old!”

    *Freedom Outpost’s Confederate Flag Articles:

  3. If any of those poor, ignorant white people were to step foot in downtown Memphis, they would learn a valuable lesson. This isn’t about racism. It is about hatred towards white folk. Plain and simple.

    • This is what pisses me off madder than a wet hen; the blacks with the approval of the Jews don’t just want to wipe out the white race they want to deface our monuments, misconstrue our heritage and pretend as though white people never existed. Well, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings and I’m afraid some of our good ole southern boys are not going to let this go peacefully. This may be the start of a civil war that Obama has pushed for between blacks and whites since he was illegally placed in the executive office. And don’t you know the Jews will be absolutely elated.

      • I broke out my trumpet and have been playing Dixie (the Ole Miss fight song version). I can do a damn good charge for the boys to rally.

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