“Anti-Bullying” Is Code Wording For “Pro-Buggery” (alternative lifestyle conditioning)


A portion of this material is totally disgusting.  If it disturbs me, I can only imagine what it would do to my seven-year old grandson, or any young child for that matter. 


A few people thought I may be going too far to suggest that the pro-gay agenda might be something other than protecting 1.8% of the population’s rights. I pointed out that gay marriage will lead to all sorts of depravity in America (apparently enjoyed by our own Commander in Chief). I also wrote about the connection of the Confederate Battle Flag (and southern white people) and how the motivation is “obliterating normal, healthy, family morality and principles” culminating is destroying institutional marriage.

71BvBTr5GYL._SL1500_Unfortunately, Political Correctness makes many people support weird schemes. Too many people are afraid to speak out against these odious programs because they are afraid of backlash from their neighbors and friends, even when it is obvious that the plan is totally detrimental to their own well-being and societal norms, in general. Taking advantage of such an exploitable public, many nefarious organizations (think Planned Parenthood) use friendly sounding names to hoodwink the easily deceived, but well-meaning public into protecting the depravity that is actually promoted, while causing severe harm to  their own families and philosophical beliefs.

Case in point is the Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth. Who would deny youth (of any sort)  initiatives that the Governor’s office promotes? Because we all know that political entities always care for the children, right? Well, sadly, these criminal miscreants use words to mold your thinking and it is generally after the fact that people find out precisely what the real purpose is and what it isn’t.

Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth not what you think

(WARNING: Sexually explicit summary below)

The Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth claims to be the largest homosexual youth conference in the nation, but contrary to popular opinion, its purpose is not fostering understanding in the schools or preventing bullying.

“Get that idea out of your head right now,” one attendee of the April 3 event told The FAMiLY LEADER. “There were only two sessions [among more than 20] that had anything to do with bullying. It’s a conference teaching kids how to: how to be confidently homosexual, how to pleasure their gay partners – one session even taught transsexual girls how to sew fake testicles into their underwear in order to pass themselves off as boys.”

Even the conference’s purpose statement makes no mention of bullying.

“The mission of the Annual Governors Conference on LGBTQ youth is to a) engage and educate students,” the official program states, “and b) encourage networking and activism.”

So what actually happens at this conference?

An observer The FAMiLY LEADER sent to the conference reported several speakers highlighted horror stories of how outcast they felt as kids. They told stories of “coming out” and finding homosexual relationships. They reinforced the narrative that the world “hates,” but the homosexual community accepts. They repeatedly affirmed that it’s OK to be gay.

Several speakers also included elements some will find disturbing:

  • One speaker wore a dress made of condoms, so they could be easily detached and “used as needed.”
  • Another told a rousing story of how he used social media to find friends and accidentally stumbled into an orgy.
  • One session taught how to properly use “binders” to reduce the visibility of a girl’s breasts and discussed hormone treatments for delaying puberty, assuring kids the drugs were safe.

Our observer also reported on the day’s final speaker, a drag performer named Coco Peru, who delivered an expletive-laden presentation filled with song and a startling piece of advice for the hundreds of high school students bused in from around the state.

Peru’s performance included a song with the lyrics, “People suck. They don’t give a f— about you. People thrive on smashing our pride to the ground. People that suck, f— you.”

Toward the end of the performance, Peru told the kids if they see a car with a bumper sticker that reads, “It’s Adam and Eve for a purpose,” they should, “Reach down inside yourself and give them a blessing … then slash their tires!”

Peru’s performance was clearly a far cry from an “anti-bullying” speech.

The father of one Des Moines area high school senior told The FAMiLY LEADER his daughter was “absolutely distraught” by what she witnessed and, like several other students and teachers, left the conference early in shock.

“She thought she was attending this conference to learn how students can be supportive of their homosexual peers, how they can bring unity to her school. She went thinking it was going to be on bullying, and she wanted to learn how to be more supportive, inclusive and accepting,” he said.

“When she got there, it wasn’t really on bullying; it was basically a sexual education class for same-sex couples,” he said. “It was crude. One presenter told students who asked whether anal sex hurt that, as a lesbian, it really depended on how big the device is that their partner straps on.

“My daughter went to listen to the comedian, Sam Killermann, thinking it would at least be funny,” the father continued. “But instead, Killermann explained how pleasurable it is for gay couples to eat each other’s behinds and how to use different flavors of [oils] to make it taste better.

“It’s totally unacceptable, above and beyond anything we should have our children subjected to,” the father concluded. “It was over the line, especially for a conference supported by prominent Iowa businesses.”



You see how they do it. Promote anti-bullying (who could possibly be against such a thing), but then use the event to educate those bullied children on how to eat each others’ asses out. At least some parents see it for what it is and want to stop it next year (unfortunately, those in attendance this year have already been tainted)

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