Donations: Dear Friends and Readers

just_a_note_to_say_blue_feather_pen_card-rc9460a9e99d44a8fbe51669a42a06677_xvuai_8byvr_512I could really use some small donations from friends and readers out there.

I’ve been looking and applying for jobs since recovering from my fall in the attic in April, but have had no success at securing either interviews or a job.  That is one of the reasons you’ve seen very few posts at Pragmatic Witness but I am trying to rectify that at the moment. 

My mom is drowning in credit card debt.  We have to purchase everything on credit and one day that credit will be exhausted then I don’t know what we’ll do.

The fall took me out of commission for two months.  I’m doing all that I can to secure work but I desperately need your help to alleviate some of the strain on my mom. 

Any amount you can donate will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you,


3 thoughts on “Donations: Dear Friends and Readers

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. Does your mother collect social security?
    While applying to industry, why don’t you market yourself? Put up posters offering your neighborhood baby sitting, dog walking and house cleaning services. Do you have a car? Run errands for those too sick or elderly to leave their homes or people working long hours and can’t pick up their drycleaning and groceries. Place an ad in your city paper. Offer to teach English to any immigrants in your area. Offer private tutoring to kids falling behind in reading and math. Are there any temp agencies around? Plenty of work there.

    It’s not much money but it will keep the lights on and food on the table and relieve some of that cc pressure.

    • If I were younger I could do all those things you mentioned. I had my own house keeping business in the 90s.

      We are now down a vehicle with my 96 Camry LE laid up in the garage due to repairs I don’t have money for so it’s not drivable.

      And there is one slight drawback to all of your suggestions, Cartier. I live in an area where I am the minority, the majority are mainly African Americans and they have most of the jobs. I would be putting myself in harms way working for them on a personal basis like taking care of their children or their elderly. Even though I don’t consider myself prejudiced, they are against most whites. I cannot afford to put myself in a position where I could go to jail because of some trumped up charge against me regarding their children or elderly, say for instance that I mistreated someone. It’s a sad state of affairs but that’s the way it is now.

      Right now I’m working with three employment agencies but doing most of the paperwork online.

      I’m not asking for a handout so I can sit on my ass and do nothing; I really do need financial help but there are no government programs for people like me unless I was indigent and on the street. If I cannot secure steady work I could be facing that nightmare and it scares me to death.

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