Has Jim Stone been compromised?

I have followed his website, jimstonefreelance.com, for several years and this past year has been particularly weird.

He recently admitted he now believes that U.S. missions to the moon were not faked but authentically took place.  However, you can find several of his former blogs that indicate just the opposite impression. 

Now, this week a strange, esoteric article has appeared indicating that he doesn’t believe he is living in his original timeline.  Whoaaaa!  He may be correct but it just doesn’t sound like the probing, pragmatic, ex-CIA dissident journalist that so many in the alternative news service admire and respect. 

Here is the entire article for your perusal –



I am now confident I am not living in my original timeline.

And I got strong evidence that millions of people, if not all people, are not living in their original timelines. I think something happened.

The very first thing I noticed was that 20 years or so ago, Nelson Mandela died in prison, only to discover 20 years later he was still alive with no record of any prison. The second thing I noticed a few years ago was that the Berenstein bears were suddenly the Berenstain bears, which hit my gut odd, and I wondered why they changed it. As it turns out, in this timeline it was never changed. All the books, going all the way back say Berenstain. This was successfully talked down But there are now TWO NEW ENORMOUS NUKES THAT ARE NOT GOING AWAY, AND THEY ARE SEX IN THE CITY IS NOW SEX AND THE CITY, AND THE GIANT JESUS STATUES OF PERU AND BRAZIL.

Ok, now I have cold hard proof of Sex in the City, in the form of intrinsic evidence which proves that EVERYONE LIVING thinks it is supposed to be “Sex in the City”. A simple google search that does the search in a way that denies Google the ability to correct the search results in a unanimous public consensus that YES, it always was “sex in the city”:

Note the locations of the publications listed here: We have publications in America, airline blogs, and publications in Israel that say it was sex in the city, and ADDITIONALLY, a pirate perfume company in China that thought it was sex in the city. This proves that this phenomenon was global, and not just a local glitch at the local station, where someone there titled it wrong. Yet when you do an uncorrected search on Google, all Google will say is that it is and always was “sex and the city” and when you do a google image search titled “SEX IN THE CITY” it auto corrects and only puts up graphics of “Sex and the City” even if you try to force it to only give results for “sex in the city” because in this timeline, only the public conscience has it remembered as “sex in the city” which will show up in text people have written, while the hard physical reality has it as “sex and the city”.

How big was the Rio Jesus anyway?

You know, that GIANT Jesus statue they have down there in Brazil, that in (at least my) original timeline dwarfed the entire town? I specifically remember that particular Jesus was over 300 feet tall, and that there was another giant Jesus in Peru that was just under 400 feet tall. How tall are they now? GET THIS: Neither are as tall as a 10 story building now! They look like ordinary large statues a big church might put up! And as it turns out, there is not a single Jesus statue anywhere in the world now that is over 120 feet tall when the base is subtracted!

And I do not know what to make of this.

All I can do is guess either something happened in our original timeline and a new one was created with errors in the details (which would pretty much prove we live in a simulation and not a real universe) or someone gained the ability to mess with the timeline and unwittingly change certain details in the recent past (which is as far back as they can go without risking their own time travel technology messing up their prospects of return.) It would make sense then that if they messed up the past, that would be our reality, but it did not go that way, something is seriously messed up.

One thing is certain, my memory is not messed up, “Sex in the city” proves it!

I can only hope it is the white hats messing with the timeline to give us a chance, like in the latest Terminator movie. I can only hope . . . . . because if it is the bad guys doing this, they already won and if no one is messing with the timeline, we might be living as a simulation in a CPU that had a crash, and merged us with a different but very similar parallel database.


Now, I ask you has Jim Stone lost his mind or been compromised in some way because as time goes on his writings are becoming more strange, and disconnected from what is actually happening today.  There is another possibility but I will leave that to rest until further proof is revealed.  WW~

3 thoughts on “Has Jim Stone been compromised?

  1. It appears that Jim has lost it…

    What he is missing is the fact that someone probably did a serious typo on the video release and rather than Sex In The City, put in Sex And The City….Simple reason and not due to “time travel”….

    But he may be onto something, for that horrible series was seriously destroyed when they put that ugly Jewess and serious poster child for birth control, Sarah Jewsica Parker, in the starring role… One look at her ugly face and you definitely feel like your mind has been warped…..

  2. Well, WAS it Sex IN The City??? I never watched it. Sounds like Stone thinks everything is a conspiracy. If so, then that means NOTHING ever really happens because it is a CONSPIRACY to begin with.

    Pardon me while I trip over my timeline………………………………………..

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