A dangerous trend to multiculturalism and diversity for European Whites

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The New Crime of Noticing

There is a very real feeling that crime is rising, especially violent crime, and this perception, and ability to see patterns is important to people’s well being. There is also something else that people are beginning to notice. It is something forbidden to notice, and illegal to talk about. There is a rising but largely unvoiced feeling regarding the nature of crime pervading Western society today, and more specifically, about who it is that is doing it.

Noticing Trends in Crime

The town of Rotherham, England is now synonymous with gangs of Pakistani men who rape underage English girls on an industrial scale. More recently we have heard a similar tale from the cities of Birmingham, Oxford and Derby. This has been happening in every city in which gangs of third world immigrants congregate. It is obvious, everybody knows it, but few dare notice it.

On February 19th sixteen year old Becky Watts disappeared from her family home in Bristol. She was killed and dismembered in a horrific crime by her own step brother and his accomplices. Very few details of the suspects have been released, but as is so often the case with crime today, one only has to read down the list of names of those arrested to get an inkling of what has happened here.

More recently, on February 27th fifteen year old Alan Cartwright was knifed and killed on a busy street in London. When the story first broke, there were no descriptions or CCTV footage of the suspects, but the story seemed eerily familiar to many people. A young kid, set upon by a gang of youths, is stabbed and killed in the street for his bike. For those with eyes that can see, just that sentence alone tells a bigger story than just the sum of the words alone. The killing happened on a busy London street, surrounded by witnesses and cameras, however no description of the attackers was given. None was needed.

When stories like these are reported on mainstream media outlets, the comments section is often closed. Where the comments section is open, one can sometimes spy amidst all the usual self-loathing ‘there is good and bad in all races’, a lone voice asking for a description of the criminal. We all know the subtext behind this. Somebody has committed the crime of noticing.

Years ago, when the West was largely homogenous, the police would run detailed descriptions of suspects, including hair and eye colour, distinguishing features and even the clothes they were wearing. There would be an artist’s impression or a put together photograph. Once the case came to court, newspapers would be illustrated with artist’s depiction of the defendant in the dock. Now in the West, with its much vaunted ‘diversity’, the police blandly describe the suspects as teens or youths and make a disinterested plea for witnesses to come forward.

Racism is Just the Crime of Noticing

Violent crime is increasing and the statistics show that it is being disproportionately carried out by non-whites and third world immigrants but the overwhelming message from government and the media is that the real crime being committed here is the crime of whites noticing that they’re under attack by an imported ethnic underclass. Imported by the left, by their own admission, to rub the right’s nose in diversity. To rub your nose in diversity. It is a hostile act against you and your family by the government, police and media and they will resort to anything to obscure the facts and put up obstacles so that you do not notice their crimes against you. This is not mere negligence. It is an act of violence perpetrated against you, and the authorities at every level have doubled down on this with a conspiracy to prevent you from finding out about it and shame and criminalise those who speak out about it.

To the politicians and the left it does not matter how many schoolgirls are gang raped. It does not matter how many young men are knifed for their mobile phones. These poor victims are not merely collateral damage, an unintended consequence of kindhearted but shortsighted liberal policy, but a sacrifice to the cult of equality.

If it was merely collateral damage, then there would be some acknowledgement as such. Where it was discovered, those responsible would accept blame for their part, or bear some punishment for their negligence. There would not be a culture of turning a blind eye to these attacks on our people at every level, from the police and the courts, to local councils and social services, all the way to the governments in the European capitals. If it was collateral damage, then somebody, somewhere in the huge body of elected representatives of the people, or the magistrates, or somebody at the sharp end in the ranks of the police and social workers, would have expressed even some slight concern at the patterns they were seeing. But there has been not a shred of regret or remorse forthcoming. Not a single politician or public official has admitted culpability, nor have they been sanctioned. Nothing is being done to rectify or reverse the situation.

Racism is Not the Problem

The only conclusion we can draw is that massive third word immigration into Europe is a deliberate policy, and that the corresponding increase in violent crimes, rapes and murders against native Europeans is a deliberate and acceptable consequence of those who have engineered the immigration.

It is a deliberate policy, the consequences were predicted decades ago, and they have come true. The fact that nobody in any position of authority dare speak out against it is because of the great fear of committing the greatest crime of all: noticing.

Worse than rape, worse than murder, worse than seeing our teenage girls gang raped and forced into prostitution it seems, is the crime of noticing that there is an ethnically based crime wave sweeping Europe and people would prefer to see the fabric of their country, the heart and soul of it, ripped out than to commit the crime of noticing what is happening and thus be declared a racist.

We must decriminalise noticing. I don’t wish anybody ill merely on the basis of something as simple as their ethnicity but no longer am I scared of being branded a racist. The charge of racist has been unfairly hurled around so often now it means nothing.  It’s now no more powerful than a schoolyard insult traded by bespectacled nerds. It’s a tired and shopworn word that is used too often by little crybabies I have no regard for. Racism is the justification for continued violence and victimisation against whites and the cry of the weakling. I don’t care about these people, or their opinions of me. I will not waste any of my valuable time defending myself from the charge of racism when something much greater is at stake.

We notice.

We think for ourselves.

We don’t debate with the left.

We’re not interested in the opinions of those who hate us.

We attend to our own people.

We’re on fatal ground. We have nothing left to lose.

This is why we’re dangerous.

Source: http://www.thisblogisdangerous.com/the-new-crime-of-noticing/

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