Nothing We Do Is Good Enough For Blacks So Stop Trying

Just discovered this article over at The Iron Legion and even though I really hate discussing race relations this is a worthy read, then I’m including a quote from one of the commentators.


The Voice Of Black Celebrity

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

One of black America’s celebrities, Azealia Banks, has come out with a hate-filled tirade against conservative white America, and above all, straight white men.

This whining ingrate, made fantastically wealthy only due to being born American and by virtue of white technology has used her position of fame to launch an attack against the very country and people which made her fame and wealth possible. If such vitriol was turned toward blacks or gays the outrage would be scorching front pages around the world.

But there is no media outrage against her comments and this should sound a stern warning to white people everywhere.

Even after everything white people have done for blacks they still seethe with primitive rage. This is not disinterest. This is bile and hatred. They hate us, and nothing we can do will ever change that.

‘I hate… white people who live on their farms,’ she says. She hates the very men and women who feed America. She doesn’t hate the violent gangs of dysfunctional black America who kill inordinately more black people than anybody else. She doesn’t talk about the young blacks growing up without male role models or that in New York City black babies are more likely to be aborted than born. Not a mention of them. She hates the people who provide Americans of every race and ethnicity with one of their most basic needs, food. Society implores us to care about blacks, but they don’t even care about themselves and the issues that really affect them.

Her attitude to rural whites has worrying echoes of the situation in South Africa where white farmers are still being subjected to terror and genocide by the violent black majority, but about which the media is still silent. South Africa is a portent for what will happen to white people when they become a minority in their own countries.

South Africa: The Future for White Minorities

Apartheid is over in South Africa. The blacks run their own country. They got their wish but instead of showing the world that blacks can run a successful country, they turned a thriving nation into a hellhole and despite all the problems they face they still prefer to persecute and murder the last few remaining white people.

If you learn one thing from Banks’ comments it is this: no matter how much white people do for blacks, it will never be enough. They will always feel aggrieved. They will always want more from you. Azealia Banks says she hates America. What she hates is white people. She hates you. They all hate you. Progressive politics has not just failed to appease blacks, but has antagonised race relations even further.

America elected an African to President, a position once referred to as the most powerful man in the world, and yet Obama still whines about encountering racism. What hope is there for elevating the rest of the blacks to any level of self respect when that is their role model? What more can we possibly give them? White liberals who voted for Obama thought that they were ushering in an era of racial harmony but the Obama presidency has seen an era of worsening racial tensions.

Government Backed Thuggery

Azealia Banks talks about reparations. By that she means financial compensation paid to blacks from the pockets of hard working white people. What that boils down to is theft, organised and enabled by the state, with the implicit threat of violence and death if you do not comply. She wants the government to take money from you at gunpoint, and hand it over to rapidly multiplying dysfunctional black America. A lot of blacks are already involved in this business, and they’re doing it for themselves, cutting out the government leviathan. We call it being mugged. She, and many other blacks like her, would like it to become mandated and enforced by the government.

White people everywhere, in the United States and Europe, are already held hostage by blacks. Your income tax is essentially protection money. It is taken from you, and given to blacks in the form of welfare payments so that they don’t smash up thousands of years of white civilisation. White people are working hard and forgoing having children of their own in order to pay money to the swelling ranks of a violently ungrateful mob. Our governments are running huge deficits in order to pay off the violent blacks and in doing so burdening the whole nation with a debt which even the next generation will not be able to pay off, just to keep blacks from rioting in the streets. But to many of them this is not enough. They want more. They want reparations for slavery.

Societies Have a Right to Self Defence

Nothing we do for them will ever be good enough. They will always resent us. The shifting, darkening demographics of the west means that a shrinking white population will be working harder, and paying more, to a swarming mass of orcs that hate us, are constantly demanding more from us, and are barely held at bay by an increasingly frustrated police force. We must separate. Not only is nothing ever good enough for blacks, but nothing ever seems to work either. No amount of white taxes seems to improve them. The language from them is becoming increasingly hostile toward white people. They are a failing society and like a drowning man, they will take us down with them.

Just like all people who have been instilled with the notion that they are victims, making concessions to them only emboldens them to demand more. We must stop sacrificing ourselves for people who are ungrateful, hate us and who are not improved by our sacrifice. Banks says that she knows that she isn’t supposed to be speaking English, or worshipping Jesus. “All this shit is unnatural to me,” she says. If this is the sentiment held by blacks in America and Europe then how can we possibly expect them to be invested in our communities, and to have our nation’s best interests at heart?

People are beginning to notice the problems within black communities but the answer is not to keep helping them if it means destroying ourselves in the process. Societies have a right to self defence just as much as individuals. If we want to survive then we must separate from people who hate us.

Comment: Blacks are very adept at one thing, cultural appropriation. It’s a jewish trait and they have learned it right well.


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