So, no one wants to help me stay alive, so this blog will go on hiatus tomorrow

I will not post one blog from now unto the forcible future and only if I have a lot of time.

I put in hundreds of hours scouring the internet for the most truthful information out there but no one can post a $10 or $20 donation.  How pitiful.  I know everyone is not out of work and hasn’t been out as long as I have.

Up until last year I had never asked for one dime from anyone, but push came to shove and I was forced to asked for funds just to keep myself going.  I’ve already over-explained my situation so there is no need to do it again.

If you don’t want to help me, why should I put in all the man hours to keep you, the reader, informed.  I’m sure you can go somewhere else but you won’t get the honest perspective that I can give you because I have nothing to lose nor anything to gain.

The continuation of Pragmatic Witness is up to you – the reader.

Good bye and farewell,


10 thoughts on “So, no one wants to help me stay alive, so this blog will go on hiatus tomorrow

  1. It seems to me you promised to quit months ago and here I see you whining again how no one gives you anything. Reminds me of John deNugent. The fact is there are many places to get news from and you got no agreement before starting that someone would fund you in this endeavor so quit trying to make readers who honor you by caring and reading what you have to say, guilty because you come to the table broke.
    If you need money, make 85% of your material subscription based and then see if people think what you have to say is worthy of the cost. Here you are complaining that ppl are taking advantage of you so find out. Will they pay for your insights. If they won’t, that pretty much tells you that what you are offering isn’t good enough to get paid for.
    No offense, but ppl fighting the JWO do not tend to be the richest people in the room. Of course we know the only ppl that make money are either Jew compromised or race baiting sites. Truth is always suppressed by whatever means works, often financial hardship

    • Since it didn’t work for The Rebel it sure as hell won’t work for my little no nonsense site.

      I see you’re the type of individual that just loves kicking a dog while it’s down. Real Jewish mentality you have there.

      I’m just trying to make a way in this world, but people don’t care and that’s 90% of the problem since they won’t even help one of their own.

      • He makes a good point and calling him a jew only shows how pathetic you have become. And your last sentence proves it as you are still whining since you accuse everyone who hasn’t given you money “people that don’t care.”

        I don’t care if you post this or not since you haven’t bothered to answer my 3 emails to you, especially asking you about your falling outs with Mark Glenn and John Kamanski.

      • How quick we are to judge from a loftier perch.

        You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        I’ve explained my falling out with both but at this point why should you want to know my standpoint. It’s a moot point.


    The JEWISH BIBLE, the SEWER of BABYLONIAN, was used by PARASITES to BRAINWASH & BLEED the people dry!
    From the time of Constantine, the ROMAN/JEWISH CHURCH used TORAH tactics against the people.
    Remember, both the leaders of these evil Cults, use the yarmulke.
    The Roman church (pre-Vatican 2) was designed on the pattern of the Jewish Temple.
    The inner and outer court – the altar – the sacrifice – the tabernacle – the priesthood and the Highprist, aka the Pope.
    Romanism is Gentile Judaism, with all its Daughters in Protestantism.
    Like a crap who leaves its abode in a shell, it moves to a more secure one!
    Talmudic Pagan Romanism is the other side of the BABYLONIAN coin.
    The history of Europe and America is based on the teachings of the GENOCIDAL Torah!
    We need to REJECT Christendom, as much as we need to REJECT Talmudic Judaism and Talmudic Islam.
    They are the CANCER of the World.
    All bloggers need to START over again and come at the problems of the World from a complete different point of view!
    So maybe, you need to take a break and start studying the JEWISH BIBLE, JEWISH TALMUD, QURAN and the PAPACY.

    A study of JESUITISM would also be a great help! It will show you how they have the same spirit of Talmudic Jews. They are the SS of the PAPACY and check out their schools and universities in the Western World.

    “Give me the child and I will give you the man”, is a Jesuit saying!

    • Already done the necessary studying of all the cult religions, and I agree with you.

      But you’re not on point.

      What does that have to do with the precarious situation my mother and I are in??????????????????????????????????

      Can you make a donation of $10 or $20? If not, then I don’t need to be preached at.

  3. Well there you go, let me guess the worse your situation gets the less so called white friends you have, this is a bigger problem than black crime or the mexicans or even the Jews & it makes no difference how unfair your circumstance is to people they just come up with reasons I can only assume in their head why they can’t afford to care, leaving each other to get taken down one by one.
    It seems like I will have to become homeless soon just so my partner & children can get government assistance because they will receive nothing as long as I am here.
    After all that I went through to heal myself from cancer & a broken back just to go straight into building outdoor kitchens & wood fired ovens that would normally require a work gang just to get ripped off by people that take advantage of you compromised circumstance never letting you get your head above water just so they have you at their mercy & then carry on like they are doing you a favor while using you as a cash cow.
    I’m white & I have nothing good to say about whites, I’m sorry
    The economy here has hit a sudden brick wall.
    The worse thing I ever did was to bring children into this shit, I just wish it was only me that will have to pay for that.

    • I am well aware that there are many that are in far worse condition than I am.

      I am sorry for your situation. But I’m in the same boat to a certain extent, if my mother dies I’m on the street. And being a woman I wouldn’t last long with the medical problems I have, unfortunately.

      I have taken a job but it’s commission only, which I’ve never been to great at, but this seems like a good company and the ability to make a lot of money is there. I’m going to have to concentrate and work really hard so I have no time for this blog anymore.

      After I lost my domain my readership dropped off exponentially.

      I’ve never asked for money in my entire life, but when I do it’s legitimate.

      Maybe I can send you some much needed funds. Stay in touch.

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