New Directions for Pragmatic Witness

rb15_justanote_just_a_note_foil_greetingcardAs we speak, I am designing a new Pragmatic Witness blog over at Blogger so that I have the opportunity to use AdSense in order to generate some revenue.  WordPress does not allow AdSense on their free blogs.

I hope to have the first posts up this weekend and my final post on the WordPress Pragmatic Witness site will be a link to the new blog. 

I also start my new job, finally, on Monday and as I stated before I will not have the huge amount of time as before to post blogs on a regular basis.  If I can manage to post one blog a day I will certainly do so. 

I feel very positive about this move and the opportunities it provides.  Although not as template savvy as WordPress I am working on making the new blog feel like home.

I invite all my readers, loyal followers and newcomers to join me in this new endeavor.

As always, stay frosty and keep tuning in.  With me you never know what will happen next.


4 thoughts on “New Directions for Pragmatic Witness

  1. How great to see you again. I will certainly be following your new endeavor and best of luck on the new job. I would hate to work for commission only; I couldn’t sell a man dying of thirst a glass of water!

    • Thanks, BMan. I just hope I can make a good go of it since it’s a commission only position. I am used to a regular weekly paycheck, but this job definitely pays more than a 40 hr work week at $10 an hour.

      Wish me luck.

      How are things fairing with you? You did get another position, right?

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