I’m sorry I could not follow up with the second video……

My bronchitis became twice as bad as what you heard in the video and eventually I lost my voice for several days.  Needless to say, I’ve been a very sick puppy most of this month.

The other drag is my ongoing depression because I am not able to find suitable work for my age and experience.  I have so much left to offer the business world but I can’t seem to locate a company that wants my expertise and experience in insurance, finance, and customer service training.

I’m taking the rest of November off to get completely well and hopefully will be able to F/U with the second video the first week in December.

I’ve been watching France’s false flag attack and it’s an utter abomination how it’s being treated.  Oh yeah, lets blame another rag-head Muslim for crimes against humanity when previous experience should have clued everyone in that this was government orchestrated from beginning to end.  And the pawns in the game are the same just like 9/11.

Visit Northerntruthseeker’s site for an in-depth breakdown of this hideous false flag.

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving not in the traditional spirit but for the fact that not all truthtellers are sitting underneath every jail in the U.S.  For that, we can thankful in this new police state.


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