This Is Why False Flags Have Gone Haywire Under Obama

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“NDAA Legalized Gov-Sponsored False
Flags So Obama Could Manufacture
Consent For Max Gun Control”
– Ex-Intelligence Analyst 


“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense


By Anonymous Patriots

Why would the government support false flag events?

This question would go through our minds every time we would see a new false flag event plastered all over the media.  Like many of you, we would think, “It has to be real, otherwise the government and participants would be engaging in treason.” But the narrative and the evidence never seem to match up.  How odd that at Sandy Hook and at San Bernardino there were so many responders from federal agencies and that other drills were already happening on the same day just a mile away.  Coincidence seemed unlikely for one event.  Totally unlikely for two.

It even seemed that the “official story” that was “fed” to the news agencies was filled with holes on purpose.  When 450 responders showed up in San Bernardino, including FEMA, ATF, Homeland Security, FBI, DoD, and all local agencies, within 14 minutes and had their lawn chairs and coolers set up while most of them walked around aimlessly with no worries in the world, we couldn’t take it anymore.  We had always known that “false flags” usually precede severe military action and we couldn’t really imagine military action within US domestic borders since the military is not empowered to act against its own citizens.

Therefore, we decided to WAKE UP and study the false flag phenomena. Don’t presume to think this is just another conspiracy theory article.  What you will read will chill you to the bone. We know this is a long article, but while you were sleeping much has been done to destroy your country. You need to see the immense work that is being done behind your back to destroy your beloved country. And, most important, when you get to the end of the article, we have a CITIZEN CALL TO ACTION.


We beseech you, our fellow Americans, to read this article and pass it along to others. Unplug your electronic tethers and read this very important article.  If not for you, then the children and loved ones in your life who will live like slaves in this hellish New World Order that is already here.  Our patriotic duty was to do the research; yours is to read and distribute to other patriots.

Like many of you, we believe that 9-11 was a false flag event. We don’t know exactly who, what, why and how, but we know that when overwhelming circumstantial evidence points in the opposite direction of the official story, something is wrong.  So when the Sandy Hook and San Bernardino events unfolded, we became very uneasy as these events seemed to be a new type of false flag.  In both events, the president was demanding that Americans give up their guns and constitutional rights even before the fake pools of blood on the steps of the Sandy Hook school dried.

Actually, the pools of blood on the sidewalk at Sandy Hook were the first indicator of fraud: two anti-coagulated pools of liquid blood without a trail of blood, without any victims ever coming out of the building to “make” the pools, and authorities ignoring them and not even treating them as part of a crime scene.  Every picture we saw or video we listened to was completely fake and looked more like a drill.  Nothing added up.  In San Bernardino there were ten different “black SUV” pictures released that are completely contradictory. An alarm kept going off in our heads saying, “Why are they purposely releasing contrary evidence as though they didn’t care that the evidence made them complicit with a crime, or even treason?”

We started studying the evidence. We were beyond the basic evidence—that crisis actors were used to stage both events and multiple government agencies showed up within minutes.  But one thing that totally took us by surprise is that San Bernardino was the site of the largest Jade Helm 2015 military maneuvers.  We asked ourselves, “Why would so many people, including so many U.S. government agencies, be involved in deceiving Americans?”  It took courage to look beyond the first veil of illusion.

If you have followed Sandy Hook and San Bernardino you realize that no one (except the patsies) are killed.  No one dies; therefore, no crime has been committed.  This knowledge gave us some comfort, but raised many questions concerning false flag events in America.

What is the goal of the recent (since 2012) false flag events?

Who gains from the appearance of insidious criminal events?

What mechanisms are used to silence so many participants, i.e. paid crisis actors, government agencies?

How do these agencies “get away with” using creating lies, distortions, and false flags? Wouldn’t that be called propaganda?

After pondering these questions relentlessly, we lifted another veil of illusion. We asked, “What if these activities to manipulate public opinion were legal?  Could there be a law that protects the president and US agencies (local, state, and federal) from conducting false flag event?  So we changed our focus and began to research false flags as being legal propaganda.  We found the answers in plain sight.  We were beyond disbelief when we discovered that the US Congress has passed laws, post 9-11, that makes state-sponsored propaganda legal.  Take a moment and think about that before reading on.

Our research lead us to discover the tenets of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 which makes it legal to propagate and broadcast propaganda within America.  We are all being treated like enemy combatants whose “perception” must be managed to come in line with presidential “national security” policies.  The Department of Defense may now broadcast propaganda with the approval and authority of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) both internationally and domestically.  Just Google it folks.  There is actually an agency with this name.

Perception Management

Any presidential policy may be accompanied by broadcasts that use subliminal programming as part of perception management.  These mechanisms that squelch dissent have been used since the Reagan Administration to shape public opinion to support administrative policies.  Wars require domestic support and these “black ops” programs started to use the “psy-ops” tools of the military.  DARPA, the research and development arm of the military, has created many tools to control the enemy through media that shapes public perception, which we will elucidate later in this article.  It is called perception management and has been used legally in advertising since the late seventies in electronic warfare throughout the world to “brain-wash” our enemies and shape their perception and opinion of America.

The only question left was the issue of what the goal of the president (or the real powers behind him—the Council on Foreign Relations) might be, besides the obvious one of having few people who disagree with his policies.  We then studied the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which Obama signed in 2011, but couldn’t get Congress to ratify.  In this treaty we found the goal Obama is driving towards — disarm America, with the help of the United Nations.  But two things have to happen: 1) we have to give up our guns or have them taken from us and 2) the UN has to have a military presence in our country.  Keep in mind that the United Nations cannot have a military presence in our country, unless invited.

Have you already started connecting the dots? Remember seeing all of the images of all that UN military equipment that was distributed throughout America during Jade Helm 2015?  It seemed that besides the San Bernardino exercises, moving UN heavy military equipment throughout America was the only thing that we noticed happening during Jade Helm 2015.  Another veil lifted.  Obama’s job was to go for a gun grab, either by Congressional action or UN treaty.  But patriots started waking up and our elected officials in Congress could not ratify the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.  So Obama and his political minions began to manufacture false flags, hoping that our horror to Sandy Hook and San Bernardino would cause us to lay down our rights and guns.

Keep in mind, that false flag incidents and state-sponsored propaganda could not be considered treasonous acts against Americans as Congress (through the NDAA) had made treason–legal.

Congress Does Not Ratify Gun-Taking Treaty

Congress would not, and has not, ratified the UN Small Arms Treaty, nor would they vote on Second Amendment restrictions.  So false flags were used to create conscious and “unconscious” support of a national gun grab.  Sandy Hook was the most heinous “example” of what “guns do.”  Incredible anti-gun sentiment was created by Sandy Hook and people still reel from it with anger and hatred for “people on drugs” and “gun lovers.”  San Bernardino happened right before the congressional vote on gun control. And even with images of San Bernardino a day before the congressional vote on gun control, Obama lost his attempt for gun restrictions.

Now do you see why he has taken things into his own hands and signed into effect 23 Executive Orders that move his gun control policies send in contradistinction to the fact that Congress rejected such ideas? The motive became quite clear once you read the UN Treaty – to dismantle the Second Amendment and disarm America.  Since Obama couldn’t use the United Nations or Congress to get his way, he just wrote his own laws and pretends like Executive Orders outrank congressional law.Obama is behind the UN timeline of disarmament, since the other nations who signed the treaty have already begun to disarm its citizens.

Controlling the Human Domain

Once we understood the goal and the legalization of propaganda, with its insidious DARPA electronic war devices, the rest fell into place as one Internet search after the next revealed the truth before our eyes.  This is shocking and almost inconceivable.  But it is law (NDAA) and Congress did not stop this law from being passed.

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WW~Postscript:  This is a very long article as a result of the dedication and determination of the author to bring the truth to light about the ongoing false-flag events in America and around the world.  I urge readers to take the opportunity and read the entire article.  This article is the most comprehensive study I’ve yet to come across that explains the significance of false flag events under the authority of the last two U.S. administrations.  

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  1. Great find. This detailed analysis is required reading for all. This is my take on FF from a comment I posted on Incogman:

    Flanders says:

    December 30, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    Here is a great comment by McCloud that needs to be brought forward from the preceding post so that everyone can see. If you can read it and NOT have an understanding of it’s importance, you are in dire need of more education. THIS is where ALL of the jews activities are headed, and concentrating on preventing the massacres that are planned by the jews in the not too distant [historically speaking] future. My Bold type is shown that was not in the original.

    Cartier McCloud says: December 30, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    allovertheplace says: Look at that ridiculous, stupid Sandy Hook hoax!

    Yes, I understand; however, you don’t really know the jew. Hoaxes like Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing are deliberately done sloppy so researchers like ourselves will be kept busy pulling it apart. While we’re looking the other way, they’re busy getting ready to slaughter us. The Russian Bolshevik’s killing of over 66 million White Russians is the blueprint for us. We need to study how they did this. Remember, they’ve had 90 years to perfect their techniques and agenda.

    In order to understand what’s really going on, you have to think like a jew. How would YOU eliminate the white race? You know what a criminal profiler is? They have to become the criminal in order to predict his next move and stop him. I am a jew profiler. I try to go beyond their activities and get into their minds. WHY they behave the way they do, what is their inner life? WHY do they hate us so much?

    This is what my other site is all about:

    I rarely go into the Holocaust lie, etc. My goal is to understand them. When we understand them, we can stop them.

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